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and we might get some truth as to why they fired Ralph. That's why we've got you covered with stats, studies, and the latest info on different forms of contraceptives. We're also all over the latest in women's reproductive rights, so you always know where you stand with your birth control access and coverage. Drafting if you have not figured out is a very imperfect science whether you are a New York Ranger or a New York Islander fan. Trying to gauge what either team is going to do is never going to be an easy chore no matter how well you think you do your pre-draft homework. There are a couple of things though that we just never see when we look at other people's profiles. The first one is how will the player fit in with what you already have or are planning to do? Another which happens a lot is looking for reasons why not to draft someone who otherwise would be a very good prospect. Sometimes just because nobody lists a prospect's warts means there are or aren't any. If you are going to look at a prospect do not look first at where he is ranked but rather does he have the skill set you are looking for.

Ranking players like drafting is a very imperfect science but in this case a lot of what leads to where a prospect is ranked is personal likes and dislikes.

A lot of times rankings are not as up to date as they need to be as you almost never get the full picture of a player reading somebody's scouting report. Do you know when the prospect was scouted? How many times was he looked at before the judgement was rendered? Has anything changed for the prospect or his team? Someone like one of the prospects we will suggest for the Islanders missed most of the season because of an injury. It's been a jolly week here at House O'Samurai. So, lots of sleeping and nose-blowing and all that fun stuff. The Goober was silent for a whole day because her 'froat hut'. It was creepy. She just sat there. We're all doing better now, though. I was unwilling to track the killer germs through my local yarn store, so I hit WEBS and purchased the yarn for my sweater. I'd thought to knit something in a light peach-pink-orange sort of color.

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you heard me right.

I said it. Today's Entree section in the Register-Guard features yours truly in this story along with four other RG writers. Next thing you know they'll do a profile of me on the sports page. Thanks to Lolita from Poland for the original Cheeseburger Soup recipe. Hand towels, anything embroidered, table clothes, pillow cases and more. I love it all! It's always a favorite with me. It's been extremely hectic around here.

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