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at the drive in, at the hop

Okay, I already know this is going to be an excruciatingly embarrassing post to write.

Perfectionist that I am, growing in godliness easily turns into a self-improvement program for me. I can spend hours peering into my guts, working out why I do things, trying to change the way I think and feel. Some of that is useful, some of it isn't. What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? by The Orioles. In this I presented a picture of a tall rock column with petroglyphs carved into the surface which had been erected vertically by someone in the past. In the text I mentioned that although my photo showed it with the top broken off, the broken portion of it was found at its base when I first visited the site.

Southeast Colorado obelisk.

Photo: Jim Whitall. View of the bells from above. You’ll also be able to see the high-tech alcove which is home to the peregrine web-cam hub and recording equipment and, if they’re around, watch the peregrines live on the monitor.

You can then climb the rest of the way to the top of the tower to get a peregrine’s eye view over Derby and the surrounding countryside.

Jane continues working the edgings from Teiko Fujito's book with these classic ring and chain designs.

It looks like a winner to me.

Marie tatted the "Heritage Cross," by Dee Powell. This cross can be found in Tatted Bookmarks, by Handy Hands. Another favourite cross is from Wendy Durell, called "Split Ring Cross" is quick and easy. Muskaan worked on Eighteenth Day of December Snowflake by Lene Björn, but something wasn't quite what it should have been, which is why she has the original and a variation done in reverse colours. Cool shots from Deluxy. A Cuban doctor in Havana exposes poor conditions in a Cuban hospital. The infrastructure has been steadily decaying for decades, even when heavily subsidized for decades by first the Soviet Union and then until today by Venezuela. Happy Friday!!! Ashley here bringing you the newest Freebie Friday Blackleaf is graciously handing out!!! After seeing Chris's post on gift tags. I wanted to get a start on mine since I love making each one different and unique and for some reason time just keeps slipping away from me. Hat: H&MIt feels weird not having to go to school for the summer. Too bad the weather has been so rainy lately but at least it gives me some extra time to wear jackets. ". We would love your participation and would appreciate your time. Career Day consists of groups of students rotating to various speakers to get a range of options for their future. We know your work time is valuable and would appreciate any time you can provide us. If you or someone you know would like to be a speaker, please send this form back to the counseling department. Recently I read this post at Nathan Bransford's blog about lacking confidence in your writing. An interesting thought. I think it's good"? I propose this: in our attempts to be humble, we writers often act falsely self-deprecating. And it's a little annoying. First it was Wisconsin. We've been watching it for a week and about an hour ago I gagged as I watched FoxNews interview the president of the Milwaukee WI teacher's union studiously avoid the very simply question about whether or not "doctors" providing fake excuses and then teachers lying to administrators about their whereabouts for the past week. The talking points told him to whine about democracy and process and having a voice and the will of the people and the teacher's concerns for the chillun's education. He missed all the parts about elections and legislative majorities and constitutional process and debate on the issues. He missed the essentials that parents and non-union teachers and school boards have plenty of motivation to take care of educating the children without a union. It was pathetic. Then Gov. Happy Halloween! Linkara defeated the evil spirit! But how else could it have gone? ‎. I made these images a few years ago when Ironman was about to open in theaters. Can you believe that this is the very first take of me doing that song? Just.


Incredible. ALEXA: Hello, and thankyou for agreeing to do my Interview. ALEXA: So, you changed your name to protect yourself?GANESH: Yer of course! I just said that!ALEXA: Umm, I believe that you have called yourself a Vagabond. GANESH: I have a V on my chest and a C branded on my Cheek. ALEXA: Yes well, did you ever think that we would find out about you being Sebastian?GANESH: I did, because I didn’t realise that a stupid little child would know about my secret plan…ALEXA: Lastly, when you were the NICE Ganesh, why were you so fond of Warvold and i?GANESH: For my plan if you were actually smart and not stupid like if thought you were, I thought that I would get you and Warvold closer to me and I mysteriously kill you and Warvold so I could invade Bridewell!ALEXA: well… thankyou again for helping with my interview you MAY go. I don't have a garden—or a green thumb—so I wait all winter for the flower people to return to the greenmarket so I can feed my addiction for fresh flowers. My pick though, is a nice version of Love's Theme, with flute, brass and voices being used instead of strings. Mexico is filled with magic moments. It is like anyplace in the world with its warts and carbuncles. One of my pet peeves continues to be garbage. Paints and Threads, Inks and Glues, Burlaps and Ribbons are out in full force.

Oh yeah a bit of GLITTER Birds, stars and pine cones are always around oldgreymare.

OMG, OMG, OMG!!! THIS IS WONDERFUL, THIS BAND NEVER LETS ME DOWN. I took this photo from a helicopter. Yes, the person who gets nervous in planes actually flew in a helicopter!This was before I had kids though.

As I'm counting the things I'm grateful for, my precious daughters hold an extra special place.

We've been home from our mission trip a little over a week now. I can honestly say, I have never been more proud of them. Serving on the school team with some of favorite ladies and my daughters was incredible. Precious memories were made. Honestly, my heart is undone and I can hardly speak of this trip without tears. Here are just a few pictures from the week. Emma hanging out before dinner one evening. Laurel Lake Camp was the beautiful place we called "home" while there. I would love to escape there for a few days and write music. Bryan and Shannon have been friends for almost twenty years and were groomsmen in eachother's weddings. We always love hanging out with them, including little Preston, who always has tricks up his sleeve. Now that most of our backyard project is finished we have been trying to decide on an outdoor table. and Forest Glen Ave. Global Warming and Our Inconvenient Minds - NYTimes. mark in the video, Richard Alley says "The people who are benefiting right now are rich people in cold places who are burning a lot of fossil fuels. The people who are getting hurt are poor people in hot places who aren't causing much of the change, or people who haven't been born yet. Richard Alley, received the Nobel Peace Prize for work on climate change Dr. Christmas tablescapes are especially fun to create. There are so many moments when one just wants to sit down with a cup of tea or coffee and savor the season. Taking time to read Christmas cards from dear friends by a sunny window. Any and ever place in your home is an opportunity for a fun Christmas tablescape. Such as serving barbecue on the patio …. well, this is Texas after all! Getting cozy by the Christmas tree. There are several different types of Social Security Disability benefits/programs. When most people refer to Social Security Disability benefits they are referring to SSD. In addition to having enough work history credits, an individual must prove that they are disabled. amistadresearch. wordpress. We hope you enjoy the interface and updated look! You will also be able to subscribe to our new blog via e-mail. Thank you for your patience and cooperation in making our new blog just as successful as our old. Sincerely, The staff of the Amistad Research Center. about the overreach of the federal government. Anyone, who in their wildest imaginations, thought they would have to endure the federal government nattering on about bathrooms and who gets to use which one please raise your hands. And now if you don't uphold the "rights" of Bob and Bill, you will be slandered, sued, and possibly spat upon. Is this a state's issue? No. Because it shouldn't be an issue at all. I have much outside work to do. via Nice Deb - and we thank her. This is excellent. Off to work now. See you all later. Clap on, clap off, the Clapper. Talk about a guy they ought to be looking at for private servers. Him and Brennan. Our home is solar powered and we have gravity flow spring water. No power lines, no bills! what a great way to live! This is our garden shed in our main garden plot. We want to grow even more! We have also started selling select seeds from our gardens. Be watching for future posts about our seeds! The larger building is our shop. It is Home-Made-Home's home base. The smaller building is -yes, an outhouse, but it's the cutest one you will ever see! A pretty view of our garden fence and rosebush. Dustin does round log construction, and built the fence. I wish I could tell you these shots were all taken in the early morning fog. Alas, they were snapped during the early morning steam. That is steam over top of the huge Weeping Beech. You see, we finally had something that I hear is called rain. Not much mind you, just enough to cause steam. And let me be very clear about this, it did not cool things off! It made it hotter, thus. co, gisnai. .