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Indigo-dyed fabric by Jane Frenke, Fiesta Fibers Print Studio. Photo by I. Peterson. " Pictured at top left are a set of Enduro wipers that came off a Fox fork that required a bit of hosing down. Enduro does many things very well, but in our experience these fork wipers can cause more problems than they solve, and some people try use them as a substitute for regular service, which doesn't work. In fact, it often does just the opposite. You can plainly see the dirt that has collected under these, which through use and additional neglect result in stanchion damage like you see below. Now, instead, dirt has turned the damper oil into a gravelly, nasty mess which is certainly doing bad things to the old TerraLogic damper in this fork. So now this customer faces a tough decision: have us put the fork back together and make it work as well as we can, but know that it won't work well for long. The announcement from the Alaska Fisheries Conservation Alliance Inc. Joe Connors, owner of an upscale fish charter service and lodge, is president of the Alaska Fisheries Conservation Alliance. Connors is also a member of the Kenai River Professional Guide Association, and Kenai River Sport Fishing Association. The fear test. This is the trigger for a potential bullish market move. pics I can't help. white is one of my alltime favorites serene, still and soothing a beautiful scandanavian all white interior styled by Bemz designs - they give IKEA furniture a new life - clean and fresh love the beauty of simplicity see more here have a wonderful Sunday! pictures via limestone by the sea with thanks!. source via. I am so thankful for the rain and sunshine that God sends so we can enjoy the fruit of the land. There is no better food than what is grown on the land. Then most of the family joined in with stemming the beans. Even my mother-in-law graciously came over to help for awhile. By mid-afternoon I started steaming and packaging the beans for the freezer. What a joy it will be to pull out a bag of green beans for a family meal next winter.

We love to cook them with some garlic, minced onions, a few herbs, and butter.

When you live in little cottage, space is limited and must be carved out wherever possible. In between playing nursemaid and doing chores, I found the time to change the mantel from a Valentine theme. The problem was - where to put things? I use this cupboard on the porch for outdoor tablecloths and napkins, garden tools and supplies. What if I use it to store my everyday linens and out of circulations vases, pitchers, etc. ? I moved some pitchers around and edited the contents of the cupboard. It is beautiful and HOT today and if it wasn't so windy, we would have eaten lunch outside. The windows are open and the sun is shining down on Steve as he rests on the sofa. I cannot clean inside for fear of disturbing him - darn! I am forced to work in the garden. I have fluffed and fixed and found space for all my linens. And now, it is time to find a home for these lovelies. Orvis Battenkill Then & NowWhen I first arrived at the office of my new job, I quickly noticed that everyone was carrying Orvis briefcases to work. FYI: Orvis doesn't make the smaller briefcase anymore. The new Battenkill briefcase is bigger so it can double as an overnight bag Details from old bag. I like the leather and the details on the old bag. Others prefer to work for an employer. Would you rather be self-employed, work for someone else, or own a business? Use specific reasons to explain your choice. You may lead a more spontaneous and free-style life.

In spite of this, personally, I would like to work for someone else.

Gina got a lot more motifs done while babysitting but very few ends hidden because she hadn't packed a suitable needle. W!O!W!i just said WOW. Van. Van. Van. These programs are presented in coordination with the Washington County Bar Association, but membership in the Association is not required for attendance. m. N. Alan Tam is still full of expressions while carrying Jaime ChikAlan Tam kicks backward while carrying a doll doubleJaime Chik risks lying on the streets despite being a neat freakAlan Tam keeps joking around on the set courtesy of on. He carried Chik Mei Chun while dodging the attack of rivals. After several takes Alan remained agile as he turned around and kicked. The doll has quite a sharp nose, which hit me in the forehead a few times. I was fine though. Sam Soh had to lie on the ground. Normally when I see her at dinner she has to wash her chopsticks several times.

"I am now seventy-eight years old, and have seen so many, many things during my lifetime.

"So many young people have died, so many people of my own age have died, so many old people have died. So many people that were low have risen to be high up. So many countries have changed. There has been so much turmoil and tragedy, so many wars, and plagues, so much terrible destruction all over the world. "And yet all these changes are no more real than a dream. When you look deeply, you realize there is nothing that is permanent and constant, nothing, not even the tiniest hair on your body. " DILGO KHYENTSE RINPOCHE. If you needed a plastic vomit at midnight—look no further than the Funny Store, pal. Some time ago I posted about designing a bridal tiara for my future daughter-in-law. I was playing around with some motifs, but had to put them aside while Christmas and New Year came and went. I only have to stiffen it, but I thought I would photograph it first to show a before and after.

I promise to post a double-size version of the Fan Favorite and my Frugal Round-up next week.

So without further ado, let's get this party started. You know "da rules". Please link directly to your post and not just to your blog. But, in the last few years, the Wawa goose has fallen into a state of disrepair. The town has hatched a plan to replace the goose with a brand new model. A rainy day in Rome: In this crowd at the foot of the Spanish Steps, taking photos of each other and Bernini's Fontana della Barcaccia in the Piazza di Spagna, I count nine pinwheel-design umbrellas. Do you suppose they were all staying at the same hotel?. I feel like one of the long line of Union generals who failed to carry out President Lincoln's military plans. A month ago I came north to get my house ready to put on the market. If you have been following my posts, you know I have been busy. But not busy enough. The house is still not on the market. I would still be sorting my worldly goods in Salem, but I have a couple of projects that need tending in Melaque. So, here I sit in the Portland airport waiting for my flight to Manzanillo. For some reason, I was whisked through security this morning. Whatever the reason, from the time my shuttle pulled up to the front of the airport to the time I checked my bags and made my quick run through security, only fifteen minutes had elapsed. That may be a record for me. Change is in the air. The type of change that is really in the air. The temperature and humidity will gain far more momentum in a few weeks. Making summers on the Costa Alegre akin to spending time in a River Kwai punishment box. The weather is pleasant enough to attract a breed of tourists we seldom see here. White tourists we have aplenty. At least, of the senior variety. This week, though, a new group showed up. Last summer, you may remember, I curtailed the planting of the giant sunflower field because something had to give. Although we weren't growing a giant field of sunflowers, I still grew plenty of colorful sunflowers here in my garden in front of our farmhouse. I also spent the entire spring and summer growing sunflowers of a different kind. They were made of yarn and they grew from my knitting needles and my crochet hook. Martin's Press in the USA. A new image of Stevan Jovetic was added to his page in the brieflines archive. Enjoy!. Observation: When King Josiah read the law of the Lord and figured out why his people and land were under the judgement of God, he turned to the Lord with everything. He was never a halfhearted leader. When he went after God, he went "All In". With him, it was all or nothing. Application: If you are going to serve God, it is best to go "All In". Lighten up. Back to the old me. Andrea here to post this Monday's KOTM inspiration! But first.

I have a confession.

well hello there, unity friends. i am going to show of a little ippity today for ya. next to the SMAK kit, i love these the best. this here film strip stamps CAN NOT be beat! the event ticket pretty much rocks, too! and for the record: that layout is NOT crooked. but scanned that way. this is from josh, a first grader in my classroom:"i saw the new twilight movie. This is the original NL ERA Leader card.

The card above is what I think it should have been.

When I finished writing may last blog about the Pythouse Walled Gardens, I was browsing their website and I came across their own blog A Year in the Life of Pythouse Walled Garden. The blog is being written for them by Sally Page. When I saw the first book "The Flower Shop" - A Year in the Life of an English Country Flower Shop, in the National Trust Shop a few years ago, I knew I had to have it.

Sally has a passion for flowers and flower shops, which is very obvious from her book.

A quote from the sleeve of the book: "If you have two pennies, spend one on bread and the other on a flower, says a Chinese proverb. listen to the bad news. A trillion here, a trillion there - pretty soon you're talking about real money. Darlings, here are a few of the beauty products that CC is currently smitten with. Hanae Mori Butterfly Eau de Toilette, at nordstrom. John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo and Conditioner, at johnfrieda. - So, a reader emails with respect to the last post to say that the sentence from NY Times' columnist Michael Powell that I cited as being false is actually true. And also, part of the investigation involved big bets cashed on the horse. which I know is often referred to as "race fixing" or "rigging of bets. It's cashing a bet on a juiced horse.

But I'll have to retract the assertion that the statement was false and apologize to the writer.