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A Candy Affair is a sweet little Halloween short from Oddbot studio, directed by Crystal Stromer:HT: Cartoon Brew. Rom. This steward, in a crisis, about to be let go, was decisive and resourceful, and the interpretative saying at the end of the Gospel makes sense, “make friends for yourself through the use of this world’s goods, so that when they fail you, you may have a lasting reception. Violette Hall, Truman State University. Photo by I. Peterson. This is a little sneak peek of a card made by Tiffany that is over at the Simon Says Stamp blog! Make sure to go check it out. Chase Lsibon is an american photographer. Chase Lisbon at ModelMayhem.

I promise to stop with the baby pics soon, but.

Here are a couple of indications that I was destined to be a farmer:. or perhaps a rodeo star. YEEEE HA!. Far Guy asked me today if the bears were out of hibernation. They are… Maddie saw one in a tree on a school field trip. We were in a snowstorm last evening. Going from one daughters to the other, it began to snow and the roads turned icy. Minnesota weather can do anything in April. It is cold, it is snowy and the wind is blowing. it looks a lot like Christmas. Old Man Winter is not giving up so easy this year. It was dark when we got here. and I did not take any photos of any of the accidents we saw on the way. Here's a video clip from the Wiener dairy/goat farm in rural Elrosa. A story on their farm was printed in the February issue of Country Acres, a publication spearheaded by the Sauk Centre Herald. Never a dull moment on a farm! Labels: country acres, minnesota agriculture, sauk centre herald. This year, during May, i started my Zumba class as i have heard a lot about it and have wanted to sign up. Had a gathering with my Primary School schoolmate whom we have not metup for a long time. My Zumba Instructor has been selected to be part of the Wushu Chingay which is taking place this year during Chinese New Year period and has been looking around for volunteers. My Zumba kaki keeps telling me it's fun as she has take part in it before and keeps persuade me to sign up for it. You can read about it here. Blocks from this BOM will be taken from the Quilt Block Cook Book by Amy Gibson. Cathy and I decided to play around with some of the blocks. She gave me three blocks for me to set however I liked. I decided to try an on-point setting and placed the green triangles around this first one. For the next block, Cathy had some leftover purple fabric and I used it to set this block. The last block I had to use orange. There was a touch of orange in some of the fabrics in previous blocks, so I thought it would work. A favorite past time around here is watching the new washing machine go around. Strange, I know, but throughout the day, as the little ones pass by her, you'll be sure to find someone at different times throughout the day enjoying it as if it were real live entertainment. Cool.

Are vests still in? They were all over the place about a year ago, but now seem to be dying down.

It also showed off my floral top which always reminds me of a garden. A few pink accents for some girly glitz and I’m out the door! . A few snapshots of March.

My little vacuumer extraordinaire.

Jake took this during church. Awesome. Time for prayers!Sometimes a bear needs a bath, too. Mini girl's getaway!Daddy's swim cap is a funny little thing.

Green shirt, eggs, pancakes and milk for St.

Patrick's Day! Watching March Madness with GrandpaWe shall conquer this laundry!. We have always wanted a big family, which God has graciously already given us, and we have always wanted to adopt, which we have never managed to make happen. When we heard of the plight of special needs orphans in Eastern Europe, where they do not have the resources to care for these little ones, our hearts were moved, and we decided to bring three to be part of our loving family.

We have never adopted before, either, and it is as intimidating as it looks.

Again, though, we are willing to learn, and although I am scared of making a mistake in all this paperwork, I realize that these are God's children, as he is the father to the fatherless, and until he places them into our hands, we will have to trust him to lead us through this journey. It is probably good practice for trusting him to help us raise these children after he does give them into our hands!International adoption is also as expensive as you have heard, and it will be a very large undertaking. feliz cumpleaños señor Roger ♥i've got a great surprise this morning when i saw my favourites Roger Hargreaves's characters,Mr Men and Little Miss on Google home page. G. A. P. This week, I've continued working on the the new version of the Garden/Tool Shed. I scraped the entire exterior. What a job - I hate scraping peeling paint but someone had to do it! I washed it all down - with a bleach solution trying not to get it on the plants. Then I primed and painted the entire thing in an exterior basic white paint.

What a job.

Next I had to tackle the front porch section. This is what the floor looked like before. Good day but a busy one for The Farmer. I have not been much help since I have been trying to tie up lots of loose ends before I leave for VKLive in NYC Friday afternoon. I'll be back on Sunday but you know how it goes - get odds and ends done before a trip because even three days sets you back. Kate, our new Border Collie pup, has settled in nicely. Julia thinks she is a terror and is a bit jealous of all the attention she is getting. It's a lot of work having a puppy in the winter - all the in and out but we're falling in love with her spunky personality. All signs point to her being a great sheep dog. Every day, she goes outside with Phoebe, Ness, and I to feed the chickens. It's the highlight of their day when there isn't any official sheep work going on, like most of the time in the winter.

Today in the snow, it was especially pretty.

Ok you guys I have a fresh batch of pottery in the shop HERE. These little bowls are perfect for jewelry, loose change, little snacks or anything small. Hung out with Ricky today in Belcarra. That's Ricky not Kyle. You might have heard me mention Ricky before. As in every time I say my name is "Kyle, not Ricky. " Ricky is my cousin Carmen's husband. That same day I put the red paperclip up for trade. Well, Ricky's shirt inadvertedly became my trading uniform and when Bruno from Cintas saw me on the cover of Le Journal de Montreal last November, he knew he had to get involved in the project by trading the trip to Yahk for the cube van. So here we are, Kyle not Ricky, and Ricky not Kyle: We shot a fun video too: It'd be pretty cool if Ricky and I formed some sort of advanced specialized trading duo. The kind of duo that could take out other duos in trading duels. This is important, because I often find myself in trading duels with other duos. My favorite leaf stamp is a retired one called Magnificent Maple. I love to use it every fall and Nance's CAS leaf challenge let me do just that! I stamped a sentiment from Watercolor Wishes and I was good to go! Hope you join us this week at the Paper Players! . Freedom Hangs like Heaven Over Everyone: Iron and Wine. When was the last time you had a really good laugh? The kind of laugh that makes your eyes tear and your nose run. A really good belly laugh that happened so often and so easily when you were a kid? I was talking to a friend the other day about dramatic programming on TV. We discussed some great dramas on cable that we both enjoy and she shared with me that one day she told her husband that they were not laughing enough. It's important to laugh. Life is hard and as adults we have to live with lots of stress. Sometimes we just have to let it all go with some giggles. Chief Executive Officer Howard Schultz said the U.


economy is in a "tailspin" and the coffee-shop chain will offer discounts and new drinks to lure back customers. "We are dealing with things that we haven't seen before in terms of how people are responding to how tough it is. promoted lattes and cappuccinos. When Paul says "all", what does that refer to? Depends on the context. This crops up in Calvinist/Arminian debates. S. . It made an indelible impression on my youthful mind. C. S. Lewis discussed the value of rereading good books, and Leland Ryken has discussed the inexhaustibility of good literature. As you age, you change. When you reread a good book, it has newer significance, not because the book has changed, but because you have changed. There's a dialectical relationship, where literature can influence your outlook on life while life can influence your outlook on the literature. Same is true for great movies. The Garden of the Finzi Continis isn't for everyone, but it struck a chord with me. The artwork is incredibly detailed, and since all the shadowing is drawn in as part of the illustration, it's super easy to color. The patterned papers are all from Basic Grey's Wassail pack and the card stock is Prismatics. The sentiment is done with the Times New Roman font from JustRite Stamps. The white decorative border that peeks up from that striped pattern is the Fiskars Lace Border punch. In my home garlic is not something that we depend on to enhance the flavor in our food but there are certain things unarguably that taste better with garlic. Like the garlic chutney which is a signature Koli style. Well but garlic cloves taste quite different than Garlic greens. The greens are milder and impart and beautiful mellow taste. Here is what I did Take planter plate. For further information on these Scams, please Read . Slightly earlier than I had incorrectly calculated, the crowd funder for the Vintage Shetland Project closed in the early hours of Monday morning. This is the agonizing part really, knowing you have raised the funds but not yet having them in the bank! The money will go a long way. It will pay for a bigger print run than originally planned, some photoshoot expenses, additional research expenses, tech editing and proof reading costs, image licencing fees, pr and marketing, the little extras such as project bags and lapel badges and much, much more, including additional samples. .