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Their mother keeps a close watch on what's going on around them, so this isn't the best picture as I didn't want to get too close to the window and scare them off.

They are adorable!. Problem description:Given a directed graph, find the shortest path from a given source vertex to all connected vertices. Use Dijkstra algorithm suppose all edges are non-negative. However, Kingfisher was happy enough on the dike with a few Mallard. Towards dusk Tawny Owl and Water Rail called and Little Owl was on his usual perch. drhawass. At Lischt, a famous site containing the Middle Kingdom pyramid of Amenemhat I, looters have broken into tombs many times, and there are illegal excavations taking place at night. In Dahshur, antiquities inspectors were able to recover two large blocks with colored scenes from the funerary temple of Amenemhat I. They are also struggling to prevent people from moving onto archaeological land and digging illegally at night. I received a report on Saturday from inspectors saying they had found looters inside of a tomb! In Saqqara, I had previously reported that magazines and tombs had been broken into. "It is the only evidence of ancient Egyptian royal footwear. It is an amazing collection.

Reboot Christianity is a blog dedicated to putting Christianity back on the right path.

Christianity has reached a point where, I believe, a reboot is necessary.

Most churches spend far more time worrying about minor theological differences than about the mission assigned to them by Christ.

At Reboot Christianity, we will re-examine all aspects of Christianity in light of the essentials of the Christian faith. The summer, however, is an entirely different story! Luckily, the dry versions provide for a few fun activities, including land sailing. Yeah, I had no idea what it was either but it sounded like fun, so Matt and I decided to give it a try last summer. It's like a tricycle hammock with a sail, and you steer it much like you would a sailboat. That's my kind of activity, for sure. Check it out:Untitled from Christian on Vimeo. That video was put together by my brother Christian, of course. And for the picture version:We went all the way out to the crashed plane site and felt a little bit like we were on LOST. They took me shopping in Dallas while the team practiced on Tuesday morning, and then that afternoon Matt and I hit up the Fort Worth Stockyards. One of the first things we saw was a mechanical bull that you could pay to ride. Maybe I'm easily entertained, but that seemed like the best thing you could ever do while visiting Texas. Not bad, eh?Matt took the first turn on the bull and put the hat to good use. sayomg. Forced!Anything for my students. I don't even own a dvd player at home, just my little laptop. Anyway here are the films I've seen from them thus far, my "queue", as it were. Over the years, I have collected a few pieces of blue and white porcelain. Some are newer like this lidded ginger jar and candlestick. Some are much older like the vase in the back left. One of my best friends brought the cute little teapot back from China. It is ironically, sitting next to a wooden box that my old boss brought back from his trip to China! They did not go there together. at least I hope not - lol. And these lovely sunflowers were part of the centerpiece at my niece's wedding this past weekend. EVERY NOW AND THEN someone falls overboard. What happens after that — whether they’ll live or die — depends on a lot of different circumstances, including the time of day or night, the state of the sea, whether or not their disappearance was noticed, the temperature of the water, the number of crew available for rescue, what the victim was wearing in the way of safety gear, and so on.

Every episode of a person overboard is so different from every other episode that it’s impossible to drew up a fixed set of actions to deal with the situation.

Clearly, the crew remaining on board will have to make a lot of spur-of-the-moment decisions, and just as clearly, there will be a lot of luck involved in a successful rescue. Hey Friends! I am super excited to introduce Jules Madden to you! Jules is an artist, illustrator and maker living in Victoria, Australia with her husband and two crafty girls.

She loves color, creativity and connecting with other like minded people.

My two girls have seen me making these and they really want to make some themselves! They really are quite fun to make.

Place your template over the clay and cut around the body shape. Reserve your paper template pieces for later Mark where the hole will go in the top of the ornament and poke with a wooden skewer or similar. Oh that Lesley is at it again! She has started a new challenge site called Seize the Sketch. The first sketch is delightful and I just had to play along using the colors from Pals Paper Arts this week.

These colors are so tropical and "retro cool" at the same time! And yes I am old enough to remember when a typewriter like this was modern and kitchen sets came in these cool colors.

Here are two articles which are simply too good to leave till Saturday. The studies I have cited are carefully referenced and use advanced statistical techniques. But sophistication of method is used to torture data to reveal conclusions that do not obviously follow from them, but which fit either the researchers’ preconceptions or the sponsor’s policy objectives, or both. Happy Friday everyone!!! It's Stephanie back to start off Friends with Flair with you this week. This is just a little sampling of what they will be making. If you have a kidlet who would like to attend just email. i'm not one of your many toys. can't remember the words. Last year, Artist and author Diana Trout began a feature on her blog called First Friday Artist. To date, Jane Davies, Tammy Garcia, and Jeanne Handley McLaughlin has been in the spotlight. Today it is my turn. I am sharing a tutorial on making stencil resists using a product that is new to me but that you may already have in your stash. And yes. you have to head over to the post to see what product I am talking about. He has gone through a charade of penance and The PM has accepted his wrongdoing with the sanctions he may face in place and refused his tendered resignation from his portfolios one of which relating to Civil aviation he has relinquished. If security at that Airport was deficient then has Big Thick Gerry not done all who travel by air a service in that the security was far too easy to breach. I mean, slipped through an exit door, rushing to catch a plane, hurrying through the airport, gimme a break. 'Straight Razor' Key by Alexander Pakis. Shining bright ! Actress Olivia Newton-John sparkles at the Divorce premiere as she dresses in shiny blazer and leather pants She has been on the move this week, jumping to and from events to promote her latest album. And on Tuesday, Olivia Newton-John took a break and enjoyed a night out at the Divorce TV series premiere in New York City. change, choice and principles. " - Stephen Covey There is no doubt that our nation's security and defeating terrorism trump all other priorities. Atmospheric river flow continues and associated carnage follows. Mudslides, flooding, trees down and debris are once again the norm on the roadways of travel. Use caution and alternate routes as needed and only if necessary. CHANNEL: Small lefts getting destroyed by the SSW winds and the currents as no one is in sight for this damp and dour Monday. The temps will increase, but not quite to the glorious nature of the previous days, so be mindful. The wind remains the guiding force, though she is not unleashing the chaos we had feared. Though far from the conditions of magazine covers, there is something to enjoy today, just as long as one tempers one's expectations and has a panther's patience.

CHANNEL: As was the case yesterday, only the strong will survive and slide in this direction today, although what a slide it can be.

Sets are few and far between, but Mali-Bo is providing rare gems, including highly unusual height, all be it with gaps of contemplation in between. If you find yourself in need of some place to shift some mental luggage with slides inter-spliced, the Channel may be the place for you.

I remember going to the auction preview a couple of days before these Mann Originals and other rare artifacts were auctioned off and I regret taking any pictures.

I found these online today and they definitely bring back some memories. The prices seemed pretty fair for the historical significance of these paintings. Martin Panza, NYRA's SR VP of Racing Operation, seems like quite the chatty guy. He sat for an extensive interview with Bob Ehalt which appears on ESPN. My three French hens. I had quite a dilemna trying to decide which colours to choose for these little ladies, but decided on a scheme that wasn't quite traditional yet not quite modern either. My kids had a bit of a play and came up with some wonderful alternatives that will look fantastic on any number of occasional cards. Have a go at making one of these Continental Cluckers into a little ornament for your tree or as a surprise gift inside a card. My grocery store had a BOGO sale on chuck roasts last week and we were having one of the last snowy days of the year so I decided to make stew for the after school kids. I don't make stew all that often so the recipe turned into an add a bit if this and some of that. The end result was a delicious stew. Hello! I just LOVE how all white cards are so every elegant looking! What could make it even more elegant then ruffled white satin ribbon from the Really Reasonable Ribbon Store!! The Hydrangea image is from Our Daily Bread Designs. I layered it on a lacey circle and lacey square nestabilities. I then embossed the base with an embossing folder. To finish off the card, I added some half backed gems and a crystal bauble from Tim Holtz wrapped around the stain ruffled bow tied with a bow easy! Thanks so much for visiting! Have a wonderful day!Connie. .