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"By "demographic," I mean the Muslim world's high birth rate, which by mid-century will give tiny Yemen a higher population than vast empty Russia. For all I know many of his claims about the implications of high birth rates in the Muslim world and low birth rates in Europe may be true. But his claim about Yemen and Russia struck me as sufficiently surprising to be worth checking. A few minutes of googling got me to a page of summary demographic data from the U. S. Census Bureau. Since last week we dealt with a statue that has been attributed as being either Zeus or Poseidon, I thought I might continue the theme of mis-attributions of the sea god with a look at the ancient Greek temples at Paestum, in Italy. On the left, we have the large structure identified as a temple to Hera. On the right, we have another temple, for years believed to be a temple to Poseidon. Makes sense, to have a temple to Poseidon, given the fact that the town was named Poseidonis, right?Turns out, however, that this temple was yet another temple to Hera. What? Another temple? I mean, I know Hera was a very important Goddess, but she got two temples, right next to each other, and poor Poseidon gets none?I find this very interesting, especially because there are many myths wherein Poseidon vies with another god for dominion over a particular place, and strangely, he always seems to lose. The above, by the way, is a shot of the full moon taken by yours truly from the altar of the contested temple. Pretty cool, huh?Finally, a sculptural representation of Poseidon himself, or rather his Roman counterpart Neptune, as sculpted by the great Baroque artist Giovanni Bernini. This image was sent in by reader R. Clancy, who photographed it himself at the Victoria & Albert Museum in the UK where this sculpture resides. Part of this still was posted here, now here's the full image in HQ. source. I especially love her Outfit of the Day series. I'm definitely taking notes for Avery in the future. The ruffle on the top is darling for little girls and will keep them cool at the same time. I love how the outfit also not one piece. That allows for other mixing and matching while all still going together very easily. I really LOVE this quilt! It will be a longer term project for me. The pink fabric I'm using for the blocks is from Charity "collection for a cause" by Moda. The rest of the fabrics I chose are primarily Jo Morton prints. This one was a bit challenging for me when it came to matching up the background bead-chain stripes. A non-directional print would have been much easier as the sewing itself was fairly simple. While Health Care Renewal's bloggers are at the moment all Americans, and hence tend to focus on the wild and crazy US health care system, we have suggested that many of the issues we discuss have global implications. Link here. Today Bloomberg reported, UnitedHealth Group Inc. , the biggest U. S. My blogger friend Gina over at CodeBlog has posted about my new blog, "The Adventures of Bob the Nurse". I recently submitted a photo of Bob to an edition of the nursing blog carnival, Change of Shift, and Gina has been kind enough to champion Bob's cause! Additionally, Bob has been invited out West for a vacation where he could experience a needed change of scenery. So, please visit Bob's world, and also pay a visit to Gina's post about our friend Bob. He truly gets around, and we hope to send him on a lovely vacation some day soon!. Thank you very much for your attention and for following us during these last months. It is the last post of our blog. We hope you enjoyed our work on these two historical brand. Ok I know its been a while since I last posted on my blog lots has been going on. Hope you can stop by and say hello. Then on Monday we have a Retailer Summer Fete at a hotel in Leeds where we are going to show our latest designs and ideas off to other retailers. We have a fun filled day in store for everyone and we are all busy working on bits and pieces to make the day a success. More from Friday night's volleyball playoff opener: Labels: Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa Jaguars volleyball. Look what I found: and as i look deeper. But. E. g. The key of the DP solution is to define the dp array as well as the transit equation. Nofretete und Echnation. Das Geheimnis der Amarna-Mumien. – Leipzig, Koehler & Amelang GmbH. Die Geschichte der Amarnazeit und das Wirken der verschiedenen Charaktere, deren Namen Echnaton, Nofretete, Tutanchamun oder Aja II. Well. I’ve really missed blogging especially since it’s main purpose for me is to record memories for my family. Very unenjoyable. And this whole phone thing drives me nuts. imgur. While checking out the latest Misadventures of Hello Cthulhu, I ran across an add for THE WORLD'S LAST CHANCE. Hence, impersonating him makes the most sense for Satan, who is intent on deceiving the whole world. Yup, promoting Sunday, that is the devil's work alright. Apparently one has a longer face or a mole or whatever. Anyway, I added one new pic of a brother to their page on the brflines site. Enjoy. when the government expected you to be a little bit responsible for yourself. Frost Much like the fox buried deep in his den or the robin tucked up in her twiggydown nest, I am exactly where I should be. An icy wind blows through the windchimes, those cathedral bells of the morning that dangle throughout the thorny rosebush scrambling over my window.

They are calling me to rise.

I burrow further down, in no hurry to partake of the coldest day yet this season.

But eventually, reluctantly, I open one eye.

Yes, it is just as I thought. The flamboyant Jack Frost has been at work through the night, I can see his artistic flourishes on the borders of my windowpanes. He will have painted the garden with silver, for his colour palette never alters. A nomadic soul, he travels the globe hand in hand with the cold, an itinerant painter of polar renown. Enjoy. I use those words rather than fluffy spiritual words because we are talking about practical matters and not matters of doctrine. Having said that, you ask an interesting question. It can't generate enough transactions to make wholesale buys. Inspirational Quote of the Day: "Faith is taking the first step when you don't see the whole staircase. " - Martin Luther King, Jr. The tide is low and keeping most away waiting for more water. Few ponder but none catch. The sun is on it's way out but traffic seems to stand still. CHANNEL: Low tide has the channel empty, but with a few more minutes of paddling you can find yourself an ankle biter or knee chomper. Carol Brademas, Indiana Greetings, As temperatures start to fall - we all begin to gather around the fireplace. Sipping hot chocolate. Telling stories. And basking to the glow of these beautiful mantels all decorated for the holiday season. Just a sample of the entries in the Tartanscot Holiday Decorating Contest. I'm so glad that I don't have to judge these entries. They are all so wonderful. All the details are here. Cristin Bisbee Priest, CaliforniaMaureen Coates, OttawaKelly Farwell, CaliforniaPinky, Pennsylvania Sherry Hahn, IllinoisUntil tomorrow - cheers, Scot. The bird was near the far end of the woods which are north of the banding tent. Doug Brown relocated the bird but it was moving too fast to be photographed. This is the second record for the station. I love how intricate this image is, yet it's still so easy to work with. Stamper's Dream carries a wonderful selection of Holly Berry House images done in this same style: three different crosses, bells, a butterfly, treasure boxes, a snowflake, and a poinsettia. All I had to do for this look was stamp the cross in VersaMark ink three times onto two different Indian Summer patterns, heat emboss with glittery gold powder, trim down the three different layers, then assemble them back together with foam adhesive. I ran a VersaMarker along the edges of most of the panels, then dipped into the gold EP and heat embossed. Hello Frilly and Funkie friends. Linda here this week with our Saturday StepxStep post, sharing a shabby chic card. Sorry this post is running a bit late but I have been packing and shipping order like crazy. The Gift. Some will say it simply represents a unit of exchange, or energy. In some way, this is true. But why should anyone need such a thing just to have what they need/desire. In a place of Unity, in God's World, abundance just is. It is there for the One and there for the All. Even as we strive for "fairness" by creation of asset-backed currency to ensure each nation is equitably valued. .