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Good morning! I never did get a chance to post this. In case you haven't noticed I have been terribly busy these last few months and that has caused a bit of neglect on my blog. Lately there are not a enough hours in a day. It's a busy couple of months full of kids, vacations and outdoor fun. SO pardon my absence!!!! I promise I will be back and much more dedicated in about. Not the real kind. I actually have two Chinchillas that live in my house so I don't need any more rodents in my life. I mean sewing guinea pigs. I'm working on a new quilt pattern and I'd like to ask a few of you skilled sewers to review the pattern for me and, if you'd like, sew a version of the quilt.

You don't have to sew up the pattern to review it, just make sure that the directions make sense.

In return for your hard work and sage advice, you'll get the first draft PDF of the pattern and, eventually, the final draft PDF for free. Last week I finished the story of what happened when I got too busy. The lessons I learned stay with me: wisdom to say 'no', willingness to rest, and an awareness of my warning signs of burnout - things like anxiety, discouragement, lack of perspective, loss of motivation, and the inability to relax. Am I still too busy? At times this year, I have been, with the usual consequences. It's a little disheartening, after all God has taught me, to still battle the same temptations: perfectionism, ambition, people-pleasing, my drive to fix things, my longing to do everything in one lifetime, and the superwoman syndrome. I've made some helpful changes. You see, the issue isn't really my circumstances - it's my heart. But God has been at work in my heart. I'm less driven. Instead of grabbing every ministry opportunity, I hold my dreams more lightly, trusting God's timing. Today we blew out of the water all previous "longest day" records. The lock-keeper at Keadby had said there was a guide to the Trent with charts and advice, which could be useful, especially on the last stretch where there are dragons submerged islands. He lent us one to read and see if we wanted to buy it. m. so they brought us into the lock at that point, through the carpet of duck-weed. by TimelessMusicChannel. The Hennepin County Law Library offers training on using technology to find law and legal materials. m.

Niraj Chhabra Speakers will be discussing the use of long-term care insurance to provide for care and preserve your estate.

Title: Winning in the Second HalfSpeakers:Niraj Chhabra, Financial Planner with Ameriprise Financial Jonathan Schwartz, Regional Vice President of Genworth Financial. m. m. m. Writer's block. Does it exist? Or is it just a lazy writer's excuse for laziness? At first I thought so. Then I spent a week staring at a word document, typing in some words, deleting them, typing in some words, cursing the screen, and giving up to watch early Simpsons episodes. Okay, maybe it's been more than a week. GET OFF MY BACK, DUDE.

Today is my aunt Sara's birthday, and this weekend we had a super fun birthday party for her.

It was such a great time. and Mr. m. Department staff flew an aerial survey of the Togiak District today. Weather conditions were poor with low overcast and turbid water in some areas. We did observe many large schools of herring entering the district, but no herring were seen in the shallow areas of bays. The fleet is building and there are several dozen vessels in the district. Danger is imminent when Desert Dawg turns her nose up at a Polo peppermint candy. Other times, though, she would be very lethargic and sleep a lot. So, back to IVH yesterday where they began a regiment of barium dye and x-rays to determine where the blockage is. Her first x-rays on Thursday revealed that she didn't have any gas in her stomach, so the blockage wasn't severe, however, her intestines were full. She wasn't dehydrated, so they let me take her home. Nada. Yesterday afternoon I got busy and made Hot Chocolate On A Stick. I saw the link to the recipe on Peas In A Pod and had to try it. First I made the Marshmallows. I had never attempted that before. It looked too scary. Besides, what's wrong with store-bought. After some thought, I caved and decided to make them from scratch. Jeans: Refuge. Wine Croc Heels: Charles David. I found this gold knot bracelet on my cruise trip to the Bahamas. I love that it is a clasp bracelet because the normal slip on bangles never fit my smaller sized wrists. There are always good and bad things about finding thrift items. This strikes me as possibly the world's only yearly Film Festival dedicated exclusively to Fantastique.

Thanks for reading.

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For stakeholders in the largest peacetime carceral apparatus in the history of the world, the opportunities for profit add up.

For analysts like Sommer, the system also offers a safe, government-secured investment. Consider the prison-phone industry. For inmates, especially urban felons shipped to far-off rural sites, calls to the outside are a social lifeline and a proven method for reducing recidivism. Last night, after the Vigil Mass for the Immaculate Conception, I was reflecting on how this great feast fits in with the Advent and Christmas season. Last night, I surprised our veteran altar server-cum-sacristan when I opted for a gold vestment, instead of a white one. Consider this quote from Saint Anselm, which is part of the liturgy of the hours for today: "The universe rejoices with new and indefinable loveliness.

Not only does it feel the unseen presence of God himself, its Creator, it sees him openly, working and making it holy.

These great blessings spring from the blessed fruit of Mary’s womb. The Courtyard Deli Specials for Nov. blogspot. M. Colts v Saints, it's hard to pick a favourite.

Every figure has a COA card which is signed and numbered by artist.

vtsstoys. I picked two green peppers one morning and knew immediately what I wanted to do with them!I diced one up and spread it on a baking sheet. Storm Troopers. Two more Gents out standing in their field!. Kamen Rider X paper toy from tjaizue. Mini Loki paper toy with removable helmet from Gus Santome. This packet is kind of cool which takes you through the process of how Pendleton wool fabric is made from the raw material through the finished product!. Recently, I put together these "busy bag" sticks so that the kids would have something to do while we are waiting at places like restaurants or doctor's offices or just because it's spring break and I have heard "I'm bored" more often than I should. This was another brilliantly simple idea that I saw on Pinterest. These were easy to put together one evening while watching "The Voice" at the same time. That is enough for both kids to play with and both kids have enjoyed these! We did lose a handful of the sticky tabs, but it has not made much of a difference in the entertainment factor. Anything that both a three-year-old and a six-year-old agree on is all right by me. Materials:large craft sticks scissors self-adhesive Velcro tabs bag or bin to contain craft sticks Directions:If using circle Velcro tabs, cut them in half to get more bang for your buck. I couldn't be happier with the wonderful woman my son is marrying. I can see and hear the love in their hearts when I talk to each of them. I will be sure to share photos of the wedding as soon as I receive them. Their engagement was in printed our local paper, the Journal & Courier, on Sunday. I believe it to be an LATG record. As you may know, Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno is next in line of succession, and I'm not being macabre in bringing that up. I have a thing for brooms. It's a witch thing. This lamp sits on my desk in the kitchen. Sometimes I pin one of these on an evening bag. This is one of my treasures. The end screws off. OK, maybe an occasional mini album here and there, but for the most part. LOTS of cards. So, I thought I'd try something different, and I encourage you all to do the same. It's almost Christmas, which is the perfect time to treat yourself to some new ribbons and trims from the AWESOME selection at Really Reasonable Ribbon to get you started.

My card was made with some lovely patterned papers which I machine stitched for that "home-spun" feel.

A couple of new sites to visit:. Bonefish Grill was just that restaurant! Since it was my birthday weekend, I wanted to experience something that I had not in the past. After a while, you start returning to the same old, same old and it was time to make a change in my dining patterns. The first thing that I though was. oh, it's probably just another corporate chain since they also operate Outback, Flemings, Ray's et al. OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC has changed my opinion of "the chain". Fleming's remains my favorite steak house and we enjoy that restaurant as much as I can. A friend suggested that if we go, we need to make reservations. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. In your attempts to bring yourselves into a higher frequency state, you often employ mantras and visualizations. These are meant to trigger the higher vibrational states within you. And certainly you can have a very high vibrational experience with a visualization, a fantasy, or a mantra that you repeat and that is self-affirming. We want you to use all the tools that you have at your disposal, including actions, to raise your vibration. .