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I recently came across a clever article on how the Republicans could nominate Trump and then elect someone else. The Republicans nominate Trump, the Democrats nominate Hilary. The anti-Trump Republicans run a pair of third party candidates, say Kasich and Cruz. They get on the ballot in Texas, Ohio, and perhaps a few other states where both major party candidates are sufficiently unpopular. They stay off the ballot in any state where their presence might help the stronger of the major party candidates, probably Clinton. They get enough electoral votes so that neither Trump nor Clinton has a majority, which throws the election to Congress. The House chooses the President, the Senate the VP, from among the three leading candidates. Take advantage of this great deal and get yourself one today! Flag is sold separately. Copies will be on the shelves in newsagents and model shops from Thursday. Learn the basics of loco lining with a bow pen in the latest issue of Model Rail. This was mostly slick ice. We didn't have studs on,so we turned around. The plan was for NY Roll and I to head up to Ingawanis Woodlands and check out the groomed single track there on our fat bikes. Most of them were hard packed, slightly icy surfaces with a good amount of outright slush to go through.

Fortunately the temperatures weren't cold.

Getting sprayed by the slushy mess wasn't that big of a deal then. I still got my eye on you. Like Apple, BIDU may be a working on a significant long term peak. Jessica has finally finished the tatting part of the Star Doily from the Priscilla book, but not before she made a couple of mistakes on the joins. Fortunately she only had to cut and re-make small sections to fix it. Orsi has turned a simple motif into something more interesting by adding an interwoven outer row and ending it off with a large central pearl. Wanda prepared for a baby shower by tatting Jane Eborall's Stork pattern and attaching it to a photo album for he daughter. Fox is making progress on her newest edging. and she laid it aside to work on a different project. She also shares a delightful gift she received from Miranda, a not with a charming little flower and butterfly accent. Isa has a new necklace in progress from a Turkish web site. My mother, affected catastrophically by an EHR-related medical error last year, passed away yesterday evening. May she rest in peace, and may my efforts result in others not having to suffer similar mistakes at the hands of IT. The inscription atop the bench reads "Owners of Lumar Pharmacy. I recently received the announcement below. It announces a briefing to herald the release of a new edition of Health Affairs dedicated to healthcare IT. C. /Semi tongue-in-cheek tone ONSubstantial dangers from Health IT? Dangers as in - possible adverse effects? I'm stunned. Who knew?. This sounds a lot like what I've been writing and taking heat for, for the past ten years:While clinical IT is now potentially capable of achieving many of the benefits long claimed for it such as improved medical quality and efficiency, reduced costs, better medical research and drugs, earlier disease detection, and so forth, there is a major caveat and essential precondition: the benefits will be realized only if clinical IT is done well. For if clinical IT is not done well, as often occurs in today’s environment of medical quick fixes and seemingly unquestioning exuberance about IT, the technology can be injurious to medical practice and biomedical R&D, and highly wasteful of scarce healthcare capital and resources. "Davon Keeylen was arrested by detectives of the department's violent crimes unit. " Other Suspect: Black male, Davon Grady. Adapted from Spin, Oct. The Evening Whirl—East St. " I thereafter considered it the second greatest newspaper in America, after the Times. Likewise, I would personally rank its founder, Benjamin Thomas, third in the pantheon of St. Louis greats, after Chuck Berry and Miles Davis. He was nicknamed “the Baron” since being dubbed St. Okay, I don't know what that subject header means but I like the sound of it. Anyhoo, here are the beans that were grown on our farm this year. On the right, soybeans destined for a life as tofu in Japan. On the left, otebo beans destined to became Branston Baked Beans in Britain. Our Leopard gecko Kartini died last night. She lived in four provinces and crossed Canada in our car twice, and was a good little pet who never caused us any problems. I think it was just her time to go. She stopped eating Thursday and that was it. Everything just shut down and she died quietly under her heat lamp. I took her out last evening to see the sun one more time, because I sensed that she was ready to go. I'll write a bit more later, but here's a toast to a wonderful little pet who will be missed very much. She had been with us for all the years of our marriage. Howard Stern's proxy somehow makes it through the CNN wilderness. Again. Oliver Stone has made what Nancy Pelosi would refer to as "obscene profits" if Stone were in a product delivering business such as providing health care or home mortgages to people with actual ability to repay them. You see Stone is going to do a series for the History Channel, that translational service for the illiterate American couch potatoes, which will serve to explain to us the full context of life which good people like Hitler and Stalin lived. They weren't bad, they were simply misunderstood by we stupid proles. Stone has demonstrated his skill previously in his critically acclaimed docu-smears of Nixon and "W" so we should have a good idea what to expect. Yet, not all of the media is sipping the same Kool-Aid on this effort:The Brits Were Closer to the ActionI would suspect that there are enough Brits who are old enough to recall the tales their parents and grand-parents told about the Blitz and the sacrifices of two World Wars that crap like Stone produces would not be as readily accepted as it is by the mouth-breathers of America. Gov. Sarah Palin's office sent this out today:Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute board of directorsGov. Palin reappointed Barry Collier and Mark Palmer to the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute board of directors. Collier, of Edmonds, Wash. , has been president and chief executive officer of Seattle-based Peter Pan Seafoods Inc. Palmer, of Fall City, Wash. Google Translate somewhat mangles it but may give the gist. Formó parte de las tropas de Tutmosis I que lucharon contra Nubia. Luego fue nombrado gobernador de la Casa de la hija del faraón, es decir, se convirtió en el maestro y preceptor de la princesa. No tuvo ni esposa ni hijos. Picture, for a moment, Michael Scott & Co. getting kicked out of their office and moving in with Darryl at the warehouse.

For three months.

Someone please send in this storyline because you can't make this stuff up. "Christ was born on earth below that we might be born from heaven above. "Unknown For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

når man åter oppdager plantenes skjønnhet og lar dem komme tilbake inn i varmen.

Eller, takk og pris for den skråningen bak komposten hvor uønskede planter blir depotert!! One has to be excused for changing ones mind … when anew awaked for the beauty of certain flowers and aloud them back in to the warmth. The udpate to the brflines site today was the addition of a single pic to Dan Nestor's page. Dan Nestor is a doubles god and has a pretty pert booty to boot. No need to browse to the site to check out the newest pic, as I have attached it to this blog post. I love to wrap gifts and love to create unique containers for someone special. I think it adds to the excitement when gift giving. I created a card and matching pillow boxes.

I used chipboard pillowboxes and embossed them with an embossing folder for added detail.

I wanted an old time victorian look. Dickens style! I simply diecut layers of papers and felt and added ribbons, greenery, and of course a couple of metal charms. which were perfect to adorn the boxes. My father with the John Robinson Military Elephants. I’m very lucky to have made the cut. Enjoy. I accept that this is the word we are going to use and, frankly, ought to use. What I'm thinking about today is what we mean by using this word.

I realize, btw, that I am on something of a year-long rant about the church, off and on.

We should all worship Nicki Minaj! I really adore her. seriously! I don't think I've ever been treated to a more dynamic rapper, ever. She has the ability to go from gruff and masculine to sweet and feminine, from smart to vapid and back again in a stanza. Haters gonna hate on Nicki's style, like she's copying Gaga but making it black for awhile. Truth is she's just expressing herself, and since when was colourful theatre a Gaga trademark? I for one will soak up all her words and do just what she says. Consider me a sycophant eager to be her personal assistant. My daily ride is a truck. but it's all shiny and semi-new. Listen to Dr. Alexander talk about the human wildlife interface in Botswana and the research and outreach program supported by the National Science Foundations CNH program. I can't believe that she is a year old already. What a beautiful little girl she is! She started out so daintily eating her cake, but eventually leaned over and took a bite. Of course, Nana made her a birthday bib to wear. I certainly should use my embroidery machine more often. Her birthday quilt and the cakes matched her decorations. Andrew enjoyed some cake and ice cream, and I can't believe how fast he is growing up.

If truth can be said, President Trump has declared a war far more dangerous to himself than if he had declared war against Russia or China.

“It will be a real blow to the racing industry. I believe it’s important that we resolve this issue. The point to Lost and Found is to level the support playing field. When LFCA works correctly, the newest blogger with the smallest readership can receive the same level of support as the oldest blogger with the largest readership. Please support the list as well as anyone posting announcements below. Question: Miss Conception has just experienced a failed donor embryo FET with two grade one blasts. There are three remaining frozen grade one blasts from the same batch and she is trying to decide whether she should cycle again with these. I made these for Really Reasonable Ribbon using the BEAUTIFUL ribbons, laces, and seam binding that Bonnie Carries. On this treat bag I used a pink lunch bag and decorated it with Sard Stock, Design Paper , Gingham Pink ribbon, Lace, Flowers, and CottageCutz Pennants. The Darling Bunny image is from Victorine Originals Stamps and is colored with Copics. Ribbons Used:Gingham Light PinkNoelle White Crocheted LaceI used the Noelle white lace across the top fold down piece, kinda like a border for the bag. I think it was a perfect fit for this bag. The gingham pink I used to hold the pennants across the bag and then added bows and some flowers. Lastly I tied the top flap to the bag using the gingham and then adding a bow and tying it closedOther Supplies:Design Paper, and H, and Letters are all from paper packCottageCutz Pennants diesSpellbinders OvalsWild Orchid flowersCopics to colorHere are both Treat Bags below. Evan Centopani & Roelly Winklaar have a workout together. I begin with this delicious tribute to the woman-worshipping lifestyle from Robert Louis Stevenson, than whom no one crafted more elegant English:". Harry was transferred to the feminine department, where his life was little short of heavenly. Nor could he think enough of his existence from a moral point of view. Over six and a half years ago I helped successfully implement a Bring Your Own Device initiative in my school.

Not only were we the first to do it in my state, but there weren't many great examples to pull from at the time.

Thus, many lessons were learned the hard way. It is important to remember that change has to be treated like a process as opposed to one single event. The success of mobile learning relies on proper planning, reflection, and evaluation to improve. .