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I'm calling it done at this point. After cleaning and repairing the bonus Kurt vise I acquired with the Clausing drill press its ready for use. I built a special base and anti rotation arm to make quick work out of clamping the vise to the drill press table. The vise base is a. I had the material left over from another job and it made sense for this application. Its strong and durable and wont mark the table. The start was in Backbone State Park. Well. I ran into our first rider, Derek, as he was preparing to get ready for the day, and I was excited to see who else might show up. Zach McCaffree is a great Los Angeles based photographer. Instagram.

She had not, she confessed, served the character of Bertha, the mad woman in the attic, very well.

She had made her a monster, instead of a real person with real concerns and feelings. “It made me certain that I wanted to make up for that,” says Sally Cookson, whose thrilling new version of Jane Eyre for the Bristol Old Vic theatre in the UK will be performed here next week as part of the Hong Kong Arts Festival. “Charlotte Brontë felt she hadn’t given Bertha a voice … And I realised that just the word ‘voice’ had triggered an idea. Why not give her a beautiful voice, I thought …” So she cast jazz and musical singer Melanie Marshall in an extraordinary role that makes the mad woman in the attic one of the voices in Jane Eyre’s own head, as well as letting her express her own pain and relationship with the story. “I remember being stunned by it: the music in particular was so extraordinary. ” Then she read the original book, recalls the director: “And he got it so wrong. ” He had, she says, somehow missed out the voice of Jane altogether. Raised by her Aunt with cruel indifference at best and sent away to Lowood School where starvation, frostbite and typhus are part of the daily curriculum, Jane is ostensibly on course for a brief life of misery and depravation.

But Jane Eyre is special.

Her nature strong, warm, unique: her sense of self unshakeable. She will not be defeated. After eight years at Lowood – two as a teacher – she applies for work as a governess and is offered a position at Thornfield Hall, occasional home of the enigmatic Mr Rochester. But all is not as it seems, for Mr Rochester conceals a dreadful secret within the walls of Thornfield, a secret so sinister, so damning, that its exposure can spell only devastation for Jane. So far, it has not been as cold this winter in Texas as has been the case in the past. However, we still have one full month to go before spring and my guess is many of us will see snow and ice before this winter is over. My favorite time of year in Texas is spring. Just two more months to go. In fact, you may yourself be one of those nurses who's suffered a UTI or other negative sequela as a consequence of poor self care. There are apparently similar suits erupting around the country, and hospitals can rest assured that this issue is likely not going away any time soon. A study in the UK showed that a significant number of clinicians may experience cognitive deficits while on the job due to dehydration. Despite the fact that patient satisfaction surveys may not always reflect patients' actual experiences in all cases, such surveys are now a bottom line driver for hospital administrators and bean counters. Sailing the Wine- Dark Sea: Why the Greeks Still Matter by Thomas CahillPaper details Book ReviewSailing the Wine- Dark Sea: Why the Greeks Still Matter by Thomas CahillWith this book, the author has set himself the task to make the ancient Greeks accessible to a modern audience. By most accounts he succeeds and in a highly readable and entertaining fashion. Hey Everyone,"First of all Wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Anyways, since its a Christmas day, I wish Santa gives very best of gifts to you for you all being very nice this year. lolzzHere is the sketch for today for you to play along and show us your lovely creations. And here is my card. I twisted it a lill' bit with back as front and front as back. We're back in the Hannah Maclure Centre at Dundee's Abertay University, a superswish penthouse plaza address that will house the latest of our exclusive soirees. See you then!. Me thinks Piers enjoyed some fine Spring libations.

This is where I parked myself for part of the weekend.

The tall grass to my right. During my Summer Home Tour last week, I showed my new entry hall, but I never had a "BIG REVEAL". So even though technically the new entry has already made its debut on the blog, I still wanted to give it a true reveal.

I hope that even though it's already been seen, you might be interested enough in the details to give this post a read.

Without further ado. the new entry hall. And just for fun, here's a side-by-side BEFORE and AFTER. We're in September now, however, so we probably can't expect many more big catches as the season draws to a close. Just not enough pink salmon showed up to achieve such a lofty total. They are so closely intertwined that people often don’t realize the difference between the two. Have you seen all the special rulers out lately? I’d love to try them, but hate spending money on a ruler that I will use only once. The other day Chris gave me the Wedge Ruler by Creative Grids and told me to play with it. So I did. Much to my surprise, I found that there are lots of wonderful patterns for using these various rulers in the shop. I chose this pattern above. However, after the first couple blocks I decided not to make an entire quilt and made the table topper in the first picture. It made a nice table topper. I liked that pattern so much that I got some brighter fabrics and made another table runner. I really like this one. Then I thought, what else can I do with this ruler? I made the wedge square and then placed wonky strips across the bottom of each block and came up with this cute block with the star in the middle. I think being a farmer would be hard work. Sometimes just caring for our flowers, shrubs, fruit trees, small vegetable garden and all the other things we have growing can be tiresome. But the reward is amazing. My husband just decided to buy a blueberry shrub then realized that we need to buy one or two more because they're necessary for them to cross-pollinate. Ugh.

But I know the kids are going to love eating the blueberries right off the plant like they do with our other fruit growing out in the yard.

Everything is blooming and growing.

My favorite time of the year is right around the corner. Spring. The market will fix healthcare the same way it has fixedhousing, employment, energy and starvation. Touchy: The new Pakistani government has told the US that it doesn't appreciate having missiles lobbed at its citizenry.


If, But, Then: The Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight - don't you love the name? - is Fannie and Freddie's Nanny. Rather than use beef or chicken stock, I used vegetable because it's Friday.

I think beef stock is original, but I've used chicken before.

It did stick to the grill a bit, so it wasn't so nice to look at, but it tasted great. I had a little left over which I ate, with eggs and leftover broccoli, for a late breakfast. Ever since her parents stepped out on the national stage, I have felt sorry for Chelsea. I am thinking something like, "Chelsea caught in the act of using alien mind powers on a super delegate. Not seen at Target tonight:a. any single "hot new leather stud"Seen at Target tonight:a. one single woman using her hijab for hands-free iphone use.


one single hot old leathery stud. Within an hour of mentioning Chris Snowdon's book yesterday, it arrived in my morning post. which was delivered at lunchtime. It's such an engaging read that I've finished it and will review it here in due course. One of the topics touched on in the book is that of the War on Drugs in all its forms. As Chris points out, these were notable as being the first bans on consumption of a drug in American history and, although probably more motivated by a distrust of Chinese immigrants when the whole picture is studied, the official reason was of course public health. Mike and Janice Aria with "Chloe". Just in from a night of chores under the full moon.

It's so big and bright out there that I could see fine without a lantern.

The sheep are eating their minerals up and seem well, but a few Blackfaces are still too thin. I called the vet tonight and she said older sheep sometimes need new types of dewormers, since both the wormers and the sheep have grown tolerances to the medicine. She gave me some names of injectable types she swears by and I'll order them soon as I can. He had picked them up at a wholesale market and they were waiting for me in their barn. I was so happy with them, all fat and round, my truck is still loaded up with them. Open Letter to the Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC: Conditional Invitation to Attend Powershift Central and Eastern Europe we would like to respectfully invite you to attend our conference – but only if you do not attend the coal summitPhilippines envoy says UN climate talks are "fight for country's future"Sano acknowledges it is currently hard to attribute single events to climate change. “Climate change means we face a future where super typhoons will no longer be one-in-one hundred year events… and we refuse to accept a process that will allow a future where Super Typhoons would happen every year, and that’s what happening. ”. Miam. Blanche n'est jamais loin. La Coqueta. I can't say I have a great deal of time for Mr Samuels even in the best of circumstances, but after a couple of minutes of hearing his opinions I found myself shouting at the windscreen "How did you ever get elected, you rambling, incoherent fuck?!" I guess it's no surprise Samuels sounds like one of those angry, irrational old codgers you occasionally run into at the pub, because I suspect he is one. Still, I did appreciate one thing he came out with - he says he didn't abandon the Labour Party, the Labour Party abandoned him. Given his role in the appalling Bill Liu affair, I fervently hope it's true the Labour Party abandoned him, in fact I hope it dropped him like a fucking hot potato.

National has got corrupt dealings with dodgy Chinese businessmen covered, we don't need Labour doing it as well.

In this two part workshop, we will learn how to mix perfect greens. Day one, lecture and lessons, day two. put it into practice and paint all day. . by Youngballs Andy's freshman year in high school had just started, and he was still desperately trying to absorb everything new. Of course, he would never let anybody know that.

Socially, however, Andy knew he would have more problems.

For instance, he had never had a girlfriend or kissed a girl in his life, and he never seemed to meet any girls that understood him. In his last mod study hall, Andy had been placed beside an attractive, yet dark and brooding, senior girl. Andy was in the far back left-hand corner of the room, and the girl, Christina, was to his immediate right. FINALLY, I got started on Ande's t-shirt quilt. She graduated this year and I have had the shirts for a month or so. I haven't quite decided on the sashing for these, but when they are all spread out, I'm sure I can figure it out. I also made a test block last night for Marcia at quilterscache. These were supposed to be lobster, bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches but my store was out of lobster. So, I thought, why not shrimp?I fried a bunch of bacon. I rarely make these so when I do, I want a lot of bacon on them. I scampied some large shrimp quickly in a hot cast iron skillet. I like to salt and drain my tomatoes so they don't make the sandwich soggy. The bread from yesterday. Mayo and bibb lettuce. Stephen asked for a few reasons car collectors might be interested in motorcycles. .