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Just a quick update. The Superior is one of my all time favorite bicycles and this black one is one of my all time favorite restorations. I wanted to post them for two reasons, first I wanted to show I work on more then just old stuff, I work on everything. Who am I? - Changing the question "Who am I?" to "Who am I?". A profound post. Encouraging group members to serve and Rest and renewal for leaders - Two great posts for leaders. Young pastor, obscurity is your friend - Why it's good not to have too much ministry success too soon. Keep digging where the ground is hard. Keep praying for those doing hard yards in hard places. This is a thorough study of how we won the Vietnam War militarily but lost it politically, explaining how Nixon brought the North Vietnamese to the conference table by ratcheting up the war, all the while bringing the troops home. It has JFK's speech on why we needed to be there and excerpts from the notorious Pentagon Papers. Finally, it details how the Liberal Democrats in Congress betrayed the Free Vietnam by not providing the Naval and Air support promised to defeat the invasion that was successful two years after the USA had exited. A very good intro book to the war with a thorough bibliography at the end which, of course, leads to more reading. There have been used horns going for that much or more on eBay.

“There are six things the Lord hates, seven that are detestable to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a man who stirs up dissension among brothers.

Lying is in the list twice. However, I want to draw your attention to the last phrase. “A man who stirs up dissension among brothers. ” Think back to your years in junior high. Were there kids who were expert in stirring up dissension? They seemed to delight in it. How about since then? Have you ever been in, or observed a church fight in a local congregation?“See to it that no one misses the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many. The instruction is to see that no one misses the grace of God. This dissension has to be stopped. Here are two verses with the same solution. Now, I think that is one liner is from a old country western song! God help Us! Try not to act shocked! Just smile and pray! I will not be self righteous and critical over every shocking thing! Okay, I am shocked! But I will learn to be kind and not Gritchedey. Or maybe it's a real word and I just think I made it up. It appears the "third of a third" wave down is playing out. The intensifying market internals matches that outlook. Another look at the rising bearish wedge. I considered DREAM BLOOM LIVE and countless others, but when I thought about what I really needed to do this year, I realized that I simply need to I have reached a point in my life where I actually have my act together. I need to CONTINUE what I am doing because I feel that I've got it right. I take on too much working full time as a teacher speaking at conferences teaching a night class coaching volleyball I rarely say no. But, I keep it in balance and have learned not to stress because I always get it done and I know I will CONTINUE to do so. We have our financial life in order. I have everything I could want. Living in a small house has taught me to buy only what I truly need or love. I will CONTINUE to spend and save wisely. I have my physical fitness regimen down. You've probably heard you could reverse your diabetes if you lost weight. And if you have lost a lot of weight and kept it off, you've probably learned this claim is bunk. Despite the intensity which which this claim is made by doctors, my experience and that of dozens of people who responded to my weight loss poll has been that weight loss, even large amounts of weight loss do little or nothing to change our ability to metabolize glucose. You might wonder then why there is so much data suggesting that weight loss prevents diabetes. I have never seen a prospective study in which people positive for the genes associated with diabetes were able to prevent diabetes by losing weight. But even though losing weight will not heal diabetes, weight loss does have some benefits beyond the obvious vanity ones. One reason that weight loss has these benefits is because of its impact on leptin, a hormone that has a major impact on whether our body stores or releases fat. Your biggest asset is people and the number one key to ensuring that your business runs like a clockwork is to secure the loyalty and trust of the people on your payroll. The days of people working for altruistic reasons have long passed. People want to feel appreciated and emotionally connected and without loyal people at your side, your business will go nowhere and die. There are very simple ways to keep the loyalty of your workers and co-workers. A fight at a Marathon bar sent one man to jail and a second man was airlifted to a Miami hospital with multiple facial injuries. m. today to a report of a fight. He had blood all over his hands and clothing, but had no visible injuries. Stories from the suspect, victim and witnesses indicated the suspect and victim were both in the bar with their girlfriends. where we've been for the past week?First hint: it's not Canada. All month long I enjoy going to my mailbox to see what cards have been sent. I especially love the photo's everyone sends. For the last couple years I have just taped them to a column in my home. This year I wanted to create a better and more fun way to display them. I had this frame laying around for some time now. The glass broke out of it, but the frame was still in good shape. So I covered a piece of cardboard with some Cranberry and New England Ivy cardstock. I adhered a strip of B&T across the center then laid strips of twill ribbon in a grid pattern across the entire surface. The grid is not perfect, it's meant to be a bit crazy and whimsical. Cumulus, which owns a lot of radio stations in this city and beyond is about to try country music in the big apple. It hasn't exactly been a successful venture, but when you need music and content, few options exist. And now the rumor mill is awash with stories about Cumulus doing the same in SF. Country music hasn't been a plus venture. The Wolf lasted four years. Other stations even less. This from one of my radio spies: Cumulus is thinking about going away from rock on The Bone and going to country. Nothing is concrete but there have been discussions. And there's a million rock stations on FM. On the other hand, to program a country outlet, Cumulus would need an available station. The Bone could be option one for a country format. ' JH. Well, at least it used to mean working. Now it means the political act of protesting the "establishment" which is taken to mean anyone who is self-supporting with a job. Bloomberg Getting Tougher or More Understanding Soon Personally, I've contacted a lawyer to bring suit against OWS for defamation of character and slander.

" See the very end of the three-page bill for the key language.

The sponsor is Rep. Charisse Millett, R-Anchorage. We're also entering another season of generally reduced catch limits, as the halibut stock continues to decline. Here's an announcement from regulators laying out the various quotas and fishing restrictions for the season. The fishery for black cod, or sablefish, also opens tomorrow. The U. S. Coast Guard is urging safety among fishermen, and so is Deckboss! Good fishing, everybody. This Lor Mee stall at Bukit Purmei is quite famous for their Lor Mee. It's located in a coffeeshop at the void deck of a housing estate. O. B. O. Wow, three days into the New Year and I can report I have stuck to both my quilting and my healthy eating resolutions. Neither was easy! Goldie. now dubbed "guardian of the quilt-top pile" I went to my Guild meeting today. So no cookies or fudge and no mystery quilt.

Sadly a bit too late to celebrate the excellent Rio Olympics, this is a fine British-made tribute to the Brazilian latin sound.

Mostly instrumental, but with some tracks featuring nice vocals from Madeline Bell and Simon Morton, this album has been out there before, but not for some time. You alternate rows between small and large needles, resulting in an open and lacy look. knit one row. With larger needles knit one row. Continue alternating needle sizes. … at jeg forundres over naturen og dens livsvilje. Klematisen som jeg trodde dødt forrige vinter, som ikke viste tegn til liv, begynnte vokse kraftig i vår, på utsiden av pergolan. Når jeg ikveld av en tilfeldighet stakk nesen innefor såg jeg denne skjønnhet, tenk, jeg har ikke en gang oppdaget blomsterknoppen. Hvorfor den velger å blomstre på skyggesiden aner jeg ikke, men der var hun. … at jeg må flytte på stauder. I begynnelsen av våren tror jeg at det er for tomt i beddene og planlegger nyinnkjøp. Siden begynner det å vokse, denne blå vallmosøster hadde jeg satt forran Rhododendron på baksiden, siden plantert en liten anemone forran. Didn't get much sleep last night and I don't know why. m. Jean Marie Vianney, my patron and whose relics lie in our altar, I gave it the old seminary try. Afterwards, the blessed caffeine hit my system. You can read my "unedited" version of our Adoption Story HERE. The video starts with a small clip of myself & Max in the orphanage and then starts at the beginning of our journey to Russia. Our church family was the best when we returned home. Meals, babysitting, supplies. you name it, they supplied it. I get asked this question all the time. "Now what do you do for a living". If it is not, I fix it. I love my job. This is for self reference only.

Below shows the STI index.

Poised for a retracement.

Could be significant. The chart below is for HSI.

Same pattern as STI.

What a great room! We wandered through the Walt Disney museum at Hollywood Studios today. It is called One Man's Dream. I love how they change up on of the exhibits.

This room caught my eye as I am an avid Mickey Mouse collector.

I love the bookcase that holds all things Mickey.

It also has books in with the other collectibles.

I am thinking of changing my collection to include other items. This picture will help me remember how much I like this exhibit. We were at Hollywood Studios for the morning. Steven has this habit that always reminds me of Mammy in Gone With the Wind, where if he has something a bit sassy to say he mutters it under his breath, just loud enough that we can hear him, but not loud enough to understand. Somehow this is supposed to get it out of his system without getting him in trouble. My treatment for this is making him say it three times, very loud. Steven muttered something, and I told him to say it loud three times, which is why he hollered, "YOU'RE KIND OF TOOTING YOUR OWN HORN" three times. I admit, I was. I'll toot it again and tell you that there's a nice post about me here. I met this gentleman at my reading at the Springfield Library last evening, and when he posted about the evening I told him I'd link him back. Manuel Canovas fabric -Marie Amelie-from the little augury post Curtain Call HERE. Tea cups, demitasse, cups and saucers in all sizes are treasures I love to hunt for and to collect. You will be very busy greeting all the kids as they walk by our cottage on their way to school! Hugs, Susan and Bentley. " Charlie Pierce on John Thune's lying liar Obamacare tweet. Driftglass runs the Chuck Todd interview in total. She is Ms. Kim Hill of Radio New Zealand, to whom I now owe a rather large beer. Alexander McQueen iridescent leather pumps. Brian Atwood Loca studded pumps. Camilla Skovgaard Saw Plateau leather pumps. Carven suede pumps. Charlotte Olympia Margo python pumps. It was shown to be non-inferior in regard to stroke prevention. However, questions have been raised about the devices used to measure to monitor warfarin therapy. It has been alleged that the instruments had a tendency to give falsely low values for the INR. If so , one wonders if the physicians whoever monitored it would then increase the warfarin dose to reach the target INR and that might account for the higher bleeding rates in the warfarin group or a relatively lower rate in the rivaroxaban group. The warfarin control arms of these trials can be problematic. There is always the issue of what percentage of time were the patients in the target INR range. Further ,heaven forbid, there may be even opportunities for stacking the deck.

Some has also expressed concern about the current leading candidate for the head of the FDA since he was a prominent investigator in the trial.