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Consider Senator Lieberman's qualifications for the Democratic nomination. In the most recent election, he demonstrated an ability to attract Republican votes unmatched, so far as I know, by any non-Republican candidate in recent history. Connecticut is not, it is true, a Republican state. Odd though it may seem in the light of the religious conflicts of past centuries, his status as a deeply believing Jew probably makes him more attractive to the Republicans' religious hard core than any other Democrat. The lights would dim, then suddenly brighten. I've thrown every breaker, but that's not the issue. Need to check power to the oven, but my multimeter is dead. Turns out that the double-walled stovepipe stuff that I had wouldn't mate to the extant stuff, so I don't feel too badly about not being able to do it. The guy who did it for me used some skills that I was unfamiliar with heretofore. Youtube or original player ETA: First part of the interview from a different angleYour browser does not support frames. These evil acts must be prevented where possible, stopped when underway and the guilty party brought to justice. However the humanity of the perpetrator cannot be denied because it only diminishes the horror of what has been done. Dehumanization, according to Genocide Watch, is the third of the eight stages of genocide. What is shocking about this dehumanization of the other, viewing fellow human beings as subhuman creatures and treating them accordingly is how easy it is for people to do it in large numbers. Worse yet according to David Livingston Smith in Psychology Today the dehumanization leads to look at the perpetrators and the victims as non-people not worthy of our interest. There is also the rush to take action for the sake of taking action without first looking at what would actually help and what might actually make things worse. In the midst of the horror today in Orlando the call immediately rises for additional gun control regulation, but in this moment it is also worth looking at existing gun laws and how they are or are not working. CSW’s investigation showed that government agents continued to employ more brutal and public tactics than witnessed in previous years. Week after week, scores of women affiliated to the Ladies in White were physically and violently dragged away from Sunday morning church services by state security agents. Most were arbitrarily detained until after the conclusion of religious services. There were also increased reports of threats of forced closure, confiscation and demolition of church buildings, including historic, registered churches. Some of these threats were carried out. This CLE will discuss issues related to representing children and parents in child protection cases in Ramsey County, including the importance of having an advocate for the child and the parents. The new Child Protection Clinic at William Mitchell provides students an opportunity to represent parents whose children have been removed from the home. Presenters will include discussion of pro bono opportunities in this area, as well. Please register using the Teleconference Rate option. If sending an email, please specify that you are registering for the teleconference. Instructions for accessing the teleconference will be sent prior to the CLE.

Paco Wong, Stephy Tang and Wilfred Lau courtesy of on.

The film's lead actor Si Hing yesterday returned to the location and got sentimental. He said, "It's like early psychosis!" He admitted that he wanted to work with Sum Yau on a romantic film. Would he tell his girlfriend Joey Yung Cho Yi about his intimate scene? He said, "We don't talk about that. " Earlier Sun Entertainment Culture downsized. The film and the book is about a middle class Jewish man, who is searching for an intelligent voluptuous real “negro” woman. He is a typical rich kid who was educated at the Barleaus Gymnasium, an the elite grammar school in Amsterdam. His mother is a lawyer and his father is a well known television presenter. He has a girlfriend named Naomi and they both live in the posh district Amsterdam South, where 'only decent people' live. The word 'decent people', which is also the title of the novel, refers to people who are not 'allochtonen' and especially not Moroccans. ‘Allochtonen’ is the Dutch word for non-western foreigners. But, as IDTV wrote in the synopsis, " David discovers he has a craving for black beauties with huge boobs and bum from the suburbs. He dumps his girlfriend and sets out on a quest for his dream, drops out of college and woman. An apolitical and irreligious film about the clash between social and cultural classes, based on the novel by Robert Vuijsje. " In a column Anousha Nzume wrote about some of the offensive passages in the novel. A tense situation at a Grassy Key home Monday night was resolved peacefully. m. Deputies arrived on the scene and took up safe positions outside the house. Over the next hour and a half, a hostage negotiator and officers on the scene attempted to talk him safely out of the house. During that time, he said numerous times he wanted his family safely out of the house, but said several times he would not give up his gun and at one point said he would return fire if shot at by deputies. You can bookmark this page URL. "Nine," a desk lamp by Aldentro—a. k. a. via. Happy Thanksgiving!. State fishery managers have released their summary of this year's Togiak sac roe herring fishery, and the bottom line looks considerably sweeter than last season. This collection includes pieces from the ancient Egyptian, Graeco-Roman, Coptic and Islamic eras. "These two things gave us a vision of how the antiquities trade in Egypt was rum at the time, especially that antiquities trading was legal," Abdel-Bassir said. Yes, baby Pauls is growing, and doing very good as far as I can tell. He/she is moving now and really enjoys poking and kicking me. Thank you all for you continued prayers!. From an article in The Telegraph: I’m holding a soft piece of fleecy fabric, mottled dark purple with poppers at the bottom. "This is the minky,” says Heather Finlay. “You can see how soft it is. ” She’s right. But actually, it’s for the other end of my body. A. band fronted/started by childhood tv star Felix Alanis. The band didn't really sound like many of their other LA punk brothers. They had a more rockin oi skinhead sound. Yesterday, the two seminarians helping out over Christmas break and I went to see True Grit, the remake by the Coen brothers, starring Jeff Bridges in the role made famous by John Wayne. I was both interested in the new version, as well as how the seminarians, younger than I, saw it. While they enjoyed the movie, they were less taken with it than I, whatever that means. He did a great job, and I can't argue with the reviewers who said he out-did John Wayne. To Mr. Bridge's credit, he paid respect to Wayne, saying he wasn't going to try to fill the Duke's boots. That was classy, and takes nothing away from Bridges. fuks. This is Dennis reporting from Bukit Panjang.

Support Gundam & support Bandai! Roger out!I hope I won't have to work that day cos my wife and I had make plans to eat Hagen Daz fondue and watch Kungfu Panda.

Of cos with princess Wenzel! Would also ask Wenz' Godfather along.

This trailer is definitely funny. Today’s word is pericope. So, here I go looking for a pericope. SnowThe Snow Man sat on the edge of a cloud, swinging his feet in the darkness. Puffs of smoke drifted up from his pipe and hung in the blackness like little cartoon thoughts, and occasionally he knocked his black boots together, setting loose snowflakes that fell as warm silky rain showers over unsuspecting parts of Australia. Although winter was only a babe on the calendar, The Snow Man had been busy for weeks, spending a great deal of time wandering through Scotland and over certain parts of France. He had chuckled to himself to see the snarled airports and highways - good to know the importance of his handiwork was still recognized and respected among men. Of course the dogs and the children only saw him as something in which to play and frolic. "Well", he thought, "tis the season, after all". He was feeling quite jolly, satisfied with himself, sitting there on his cloud, when he suddenly noticed a cottage below. Lit from within with a colourful glow, each window was ringed with a mosaic of frost, each pane casting a warm square of orange out into the grey of the Christmas afternoon. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Der erste Schnee in diesem Winter. Alles ist mit weißem Puderzucker überzogen und wenn ich aus meinem gut geheizten Wohnzimmer, eine gute Tasse Tee in der Hand, hinaus in die kalte Winterlandschaft schaue, fühle ich mich so behaglich und wohl und in meine Kindertage zurückversetzt. Früher - so kommt es mir zumindest vor - waren die Winter kälter und schneereicher. Tagelang sind wir nachmittags mit dem Schlitten nach der Schule auf die kleinen Hügel in unserem Viertel gezogen und erst im Dunkeln wieder nach Hause gekommen -durchforeren, aber glücklich und zufrieden. Today's featured Store Kit is Ticket to Life by Joslyn Nielson. I love it! I don't know what it is about tickets that I love so much, because real tickets, don't do it for me, but stamped tickets? That's another story. As I was making this layout for the post today, I was thinking that the stamps really didn't stand out that much.

If this project was a card, the stamped image would be the focal point, but on a layout, it's the photo that should be the star, followed by the title, then the "stamped" embellishments.

It's a totally different way of using your stamps, they assume a different purpose as the side kick. This worthy brother thought that this made the Word slave to experience, as if to say that Spurgeon's experience made him effective, not the Word. It was one of those situations where I thought a good brother was right in intent, but wrong in application. I don't think, however, that this is what folks are saying, when they say they love how Spurgeon speaks to those of us who have known depression.

Think of it analogously to other areas.

Join me every Sunday when I share some of my favorite links I discovered in the previous week. Earlier posts in the series can be found here. This video of Japanese craftsmen making handmade paper is mesmerizing and very meditative. You will not believe what it is made of. Non-moral choices. I based this 'trend' on the number of blog posts on the topic at the time. At the time I put it down to people in the northern hemisphere moving in to Spring and Summer wear and may be downsizing their bags or coats because of the warmer weather and of course smaller capacity bags. Have a great weekend. ‘Flood Risk’ sounds dangerous. Two words suggesting disaster and uncertainty might be enough to put off all but the most seasoned designers and developers. In fact, much of what you need to know about developments in areas at risk of flooding can be found in a simple table within the Technical Guidance to the National Planning Policy Framework. An exception test involves a qualified Flood Risk Assessor arguing for or against a development proposal in both planning policy theory and real-life practical terms. Charlotte Moss Garden Inspirations Greetings, To openly declare my unending love and respect for Charlotte Moss is not going to catch anyone by surprise around these parts. I've always been inspired not only by her gracious manner and amazing eye - but, also her laser-sharp business acumen. Basically, she's cooking on all four burners all the time - and looks amazing doing so.

If you'd like a wee peek into Charlotte's lovely world - you can do no better than finding her new book - "Garden Inspirations.

" I was delighted to have a advance look at its lovely pages. and have a few here to share with you. Just bask in the beauty. Found a new outlet selling the freshest and crispiest farsan. I bought small kachori and papdi. The best part is at Sangam the farsans are not over salted as is the case in many shops and packaged farsans. Hi ya peeps, I've got another fun card to share with you this week. Summer is almost gone and to be honest, Minnesota hasn't seen much of a summer. We were way too hot last year and this year it's humid but not super warm. I am going to sneak in a sunny project and hope that we won't see snow before October this year! My Project. The largest in Baghdad. The embassy in Kurdistan. .