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But the real gains in the boardroom were made in the decade that followed as firms ramped up share options. The stock performance of OfficeMax, Inc.

Life is like coffee: I do get their point, but I agree with Psychology Today when they explain why the cup does matter in some important ways:The cup from which we drink matters, perhaps not as much as the coffee itself, but it can certainly add significantly to, or detract significantly from, our enjoyment of the coffee.

Granted, we shouldn't focus on the superficial aspects of an experience at the expense of the primary experience itself, but I don't see anything wrong in trying to enhance the coffee-drinking experience with a cup that suits you. Join the friendly exchange at Bleubeard and Elizabeth's, where there are wild sunflowers. She offers blunt advice to her younger, glamorous sister Anne: "Lock up your heart, Nan". She cautions her that the king will use her and ultimately "walk away". There is a misconception that it's not advisable to use a weight distributing hitch with surge brakes, or that weight distributing hitches cannot be used with a pole tongue trailer. equalizerhitch. I have noticed that people used to mistake profesionalism by calling white collar employees as professionals. A professional accepts his mistakes and shall be empathatic towards others. So a professionally dressed, high salaried employee in a big corporate need not be a professional.

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Robine wrote me: Above my bed there is a white 'blind' shelf from IKEA. Thank you so much for all the well-wishes for Vegas. We had such a great time, and my brother's film Easier with Practice won the Grand Jury prize at the CineVegas Film Festival!!! How incredible is that? He is off to Edinburgh now for another festival. This one is even bigger, so I am excited for more people to see the film!I thought I would share some photos from our trip!The movie had top billing on the marquee! My brother and I before the premiere. Me and my hubby exploring Vegas. The fountain show at the Bellagio is so beautiful! We watched it twice!This art installation was at our hotel. It made me endlessly happy. There were lights that scrolled down to look like rain. LINK Great photos by Swiss fashion photographer Lucas Gatsas. It occurs to me to use kilobytes, to take advantage of the cutting edge of a word that is also sharp and makes precepts grow more durable than the machete.

Jane undid and re-tatted the first round of Martha's Two Hearts as One, but it still doesn't seem right and she's determined to just carry on.

Ginny is working on a doily from Renulek's blog that she thinks is called Snow. Julie chose her anniversary to share pictures of the tatted crown her grandmother did for her wedding. She also wore her grandmother's cameo on a tatted ribbon. H. E. E. M. You may be able to guess what these little wedges are for. Just think on a smaller scale. Gomez. And so, even if word on the street has it that Hannity told Cumulus to stuff it, maybe Hannity saw the handwriting on the wall. Weird. I'm not kidding. Which is pretty both sad and funny at the same time. Patti said. Okay, seriously folks. What did we do before Pinterest? I may have a bit of a Pinterest obsession going on. But, in my defense, it's just so chock full of good ideas all the time. And pretty pictures too. I love pretty pictures. Anyhoo, as I was browsing Pinterest a while back, I ran across this clever idea. Source: creativefamilymoments. " And, so a couple of days ago, that's just what we did. The Chicago Tribune, on Dec. The U. S. m. Have you noticed, I’m crazy about dolls. I fell in love with this darling wallhanging that Barb made for the Attic Window Quilt Shop. It is from the Dolly Days book by Brandywine Designs. Barb hand embroidered the eyes. Notice how she has added that touch of white to give them a realistic look. Here is a different view of the wallhanging. I bet your child/grandchild would love this. The pattern includes several changes of clothes for you to dress the doll. One was Horus, a deity closely identified with living monarchs. This sculpture served as a protective image at a temple and once had a crown made separately, perhaps also from stone or even gilded bronze. Denim backed quilt on the front steps of Sibley Mill I just may have found it. Yes, she was a quilter. Yes, she lived near the mill. Yes, family remembers it being in her house. Here is the kicker. no one remembers her working on this quilt and women in her church were known to trade or gift quilts often.

" adjacent to the dye room I did get a chance to go inside the Mill and do a bit of photography.

The supply of greater fools is large, not endless. Spade, Spade: Czech President Vaclav Klaus described the UN climate change meeting as a sad, frustrating, undignified propaganda exercise. If you live in Piqua, order from Dragon City, and it'll be reasonable and arrive so fast, it'll be too hot to eat!Had a meeting tonight, which was contentious, but I think some good things came from it. Before those meetings, I browsed through the kids' science fair. After the meetings, I came back for the awards. Our kids are so great! Guys, you think about being a priest, and you think, I won't have kids. No, what our Lord said to Peter is true: you'll have many, many more. Before the science fair, I was down to the hospital for regular visits.


Green - my favorite color - and it's back!. We introduced the Perfect Pinwheels & Zigzag Frenzy pattern to you in this morning's email. If you aren't on our mailing list and would like to receive notifications of new products, you can sign up here. Every Monday and Friday morning, we send out a newsletter filled with our latest products and promotions! Perfect Pinwheels & Zigzag Frenzy While this quick-and-easy quilt can be made in any color scheme, I want to highlight two collections we have in store right now that echo the appearance of the cover quilts. Browse the entire collection here. Piecemakers is a new collection by Kathy Schmitz for Moda Fabrics. Read about the inspiration behind the collection and see two quilt patterns designed by Kathy herself featuring Piecemakers in our Designer Focus here. by Dan Phillips"Barring something extraordinary, odds are most people will end up in Heaven.

Nothing to get worked up about.

That, then, must be the default setting of man, according to the Gospel: bereft of eternal life, and headed surely for perdition. I just found out in an email of all things, what a way to hear. Mike Conley, wheelie king, frontman for the punk band MIA, owner of the popular Avalon Bar in Costa Mesa, father of three, and genuine nice guy died this morning. I have no other details as of now but I will post them as I hear. story from OC Weekly article. It only seemed like yesterday that I saw Mike at Meatball's movie premier. I didn't even get the chance to say "Hi. " Life is so unpredictable that way though and weeks before we were eating with friends and chatting it up at Crab Cooker in Newport and then Taco Mesa in Costa Mesa, Mike's favorite restaurant. Barb, a member of the Heartstrings Yahoo group, posted a message about them and they are being sent to Fran in Illinois for filling and distribution. I got the pattern for Magic Stockings last year and didn't get a chance to try it. It really is MAGIC how they are made. The most difficult part is adding the cuff, which really isn't difficult, just takes a few minutes. It really never gets old. Razor even does it now and then. -dana P. S. Not familiar with this. Go here or here to find out more. The production features thirteen talented actors from the Delaware and Pennsylvania areas who have found a unique kinship performing this entertaining and insightful musical together. In this blog series, the actors share their insights on being a teen, the show, and each other. There’s romance, gossip, intrigue, heartbreak and even a couple of fights – all choreographed to an excellent Jason Robert Brown score. Being on the verge of “teendom” has its challenges and Tracey, who has been at it longer than the role he plays, faces them daily: “Being a teenager in today’s world is hard. We have to live up to the expectations of our peers, parents and teachers. He's the face of film noir: weary, cynical, but with a sense of humor that gets him through it all. On top of that, Mitchum’s a genuine character. I actually prefer the “Mature Mitchum”, when he was a living dinosaur, a tough guy from another era who was an island unto himself. No one could figure out how Mitchum stayed intoxicated. .