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Additionally I've narrowed it down to the Hall of Fame pitchers who have worn the Rangers' colors.

Here they are in the order of games pitched for the Rangers. I'm sure you can guess most of them, but you may be surprised by which Hall of Famer pitched the most games in Texas. He was picked up by the Yankees where he finished out the season. After the season, the Yankees dropped him as well. In our first session we started looking at what is a documentary - how is it defined, what do they aim to do and what are they concerned with and also a brief history of documentary and some of the first non-fiction/documentary films. Definitions of Documentary: 'Creative treatment of actuality' - John Grierson 'The art of record' - John corner 'A factual film which is dramatic' - Pare Lorentz 'Claiming the real' - Brian Winston A documentary aims to: - Presents facts, reality and truth - to be a documentary a film/programme should always strive to bring an audience these things. - Answer a question- Create a portrait- Interrogate or reflect a subject. - Campaign - Maybe to try and change something for the better.

- Change or give a different perspective on something - if people weren't constantly challenging views of others things would never move on or evolve.

Despite the fact this is what they're concerned with we were asked to discuss as a group - 'A documentary maker is subjectively objective' We agreed with this statement as a group because a documentary maker maybe aiming to show us facts and facts alone but no matter how hard they try they will always be doing it from a biased point of view from the moment they decide what they're going to film even. Even with details such as colouring you could manipulate someone's opinion by using soft pale colours, or washed out grey tones - these are all giving out subconscious messages to the human brain, things we sometimes are not aware of but are built in and constantly having an effect on us. You also have the music and sound added over that which can also be used to effect the way people view something e.


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