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I knew I wanted to make a little Valentine's Day something out of them but didn't have a plan in mind.

Of course, it would be in the form of something quilty. I kept the runner pattern simple so I could really highlight some custom quilting. Don't you just love feather circles? I thought they would be perfect in the blocks, definitely keeping with Fig Tree style. See those diapers on the line? Some of those were mine. Some of them belonged to my aunt and uncle who were two months younger than me. By spring Mom lost all her baby fat and used a safety pin to keep her jeans skinny at the waist. I love the smell of clothing that has been dried on the line outside. Sadly I don’t have a clothes line here, oh I suppose I could stretch a bit of clothesline between a couple of trees…but then I would have to iron. located on a steep hill overlooking the rhine valley, the small design seeks to make most of its advantageous vantage point by purposely directing views towards the landscape while simultaneously restricting sight lines towards the neighbouring residences. via. I used some of the olives that I cool smoked with pecan and apple wood in my smokehouse this weekend. Minced the smoked olives, added chopped capers, garlic, cracked black pepper, kosher salt and olive oil. The smoked olive tapenade sittin' on a saltine. The Department of Fish and Game hasn't posted the tally from Sunday. Processors imposing limits year after year at Bristol Bay has been a sore point for fishermen, including Gov. Spokesmen for the industry contend existing processors have increased capacity over the years. Yet here we are again on limits as valuable sockeye swim upriver, fishermen are saying. Loppuvuodesta päädyimme siihen, että hintoja on pakko valitettavasti nostaa. So now it is still possible to buy with old prices for one week. There was also an update in the shop just before Christmas, and now all orders to outside EU are without VAT tax. As I understand it, the job of gondoliere is usually passed down from father to son— but what to do when there are two? I imagine these guys learned to share from early on—and they still do. In a previous post from Creative Scrappers in December I had mentioned to you that it was time for Creative Scrappers to end. It's February and this marks an end to our CS Challenges. To you Creative Scrappers followers, Our Current and Past Design Team Members, Our Generous Sponsors and all sketch lovers I'd like to personally take this opportunity to say THANK YOU ! CS has been a blessing for me, to allow me to inspire and help scrapbookers all over the world, the chance to meet amazing people in this industry and to grow creatively with you all. Thank you Design Team Members for being so AWESOME in creating layouts that constantly WOW our readers, and give people ideas and inspiration to create some AWESOME pages themselves. This success would never have been possible without you! Our Sponsors, Thank you for being so generous and giving to our challenge participants. Your interest in supporting me and Creative Scrappers surely isn't going unnoticed. Afghanistan, war, all about the pipeline. To The Rear March: In an abrupt and historic reversal, the IMF now cites investing in health care and education and instituting progressive taxation as effective ways to decrease inequality and promote growth, while singling out austerity polices as worsening inequality and hampering economic growth. A. C. An enormous shout out of thanks to my girls, my wonderful elves who came and spent the day with me, keeping me grounded and sane during this hectic time. They stamped, glued, painted and glittered and made me LAUGH. To Heather, Paula and Sarah, I am so grateful for your help and truly thankful for your friendship. It really is the season of giving and you three gave great. You excuse yourself from the table to use to restroom at brunch.

It's a nice restaurant.

It's a nice day. As it is prone to do, the toilet decides to overflow. You frantically plunge it into submission with whatever weapon you can find, in this case a filthy toilet brush. You wash yourself off as best you can, mop your forehead and open the door, which faces straight into the dining room. Still red faced with exertion and embarrassment, your shoes still a bit moist with toilet water, you walk right into a guy with whom you'd been on a one time date, someone who told you that you were "too old" for him ten or so years ago, when he was your age now. You apologize and skulk past him, hoping not to be dragging a bit of toilet paper from your shoe and drink your tea. At least this time you don't have to listen to an hour of mindless small talk before the embarrassment sets in, right?. Wow. This might be an orange-colored gold mine of awesomeness. It's widely known that I have a bit of an ongoing half-joke that I will accept a General Lee on the spot for a trade offer. Actually, it's not a half-joke at all. Not even a quarter-joke. If anyone offers up a real General Lee for whatever I happen to have at the moment, my mind is made up. I just think that a General Lee will be the raddest thing ever to have as a trade item. but I hope someone out there can!. HI UNITY PEEPS!!! It's Noelle posting today!! Honestly, I have a love/hate relationship with these posts. I don't like picking one card to showcase. It takes me WAY longer to pick a card. I can make my card, take pics, watermark and make this post in a quarter of the time!! You Unity lovers are SO TALENTED! Can we talk about love for a minute. Not loved LOVE. I am listening to it right now. Today I danced all day in his honor. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE this quote!! The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. PERFECT! This totally works for me. Once I love you it is seriously a forever thing. I can't shut that down.

This may have been my favorite swap so far.

It was a secret swap, so the quilter I made something for is not the quilter who made something for me. My partner said her favorite color is turquoise and she'd like a tote bag, table runner or mini quilt. Here is the table runner I'm shipping today. There was a circle of geese in her inspiration mosaic, but I wanted to mix it up a little. All I did was shift the bottom half of the circle to make a serpentine row of geese. The background quilting design was inspired by a section of Pat Ferguson's Zen Dahlia quilt. We slow down and relax during December and January. The garden produces a few herbs and fruit so it only needs watering, Hanno mows the lawn on his ride-on mower and apart from excursions to the backyard in the early morning and evening, we spend time inside, out of the heat. I use the end pieces of knitting cotton I've used during the year on other projects. It provides me with dishcloths for the kitchen and it uses cotton that might otherwise be wasted. This year I'm also making a shawl for myself. Unfortunately for Malazan fans following the Hotlist, Erikson and Esslemont's editor at Transworld personally requested that I hold off my review until just before the pub date. This has never happened, not even for The Crippled God. Don't know if it's because there are major spoilers, but the long and the short of it is that I won't be able to provide an advance review the way I did with every Malazan book since Reaper's Gale. Sucks to be you, I guess.

:P But I'll keep you posted as I read along on the forums at malazanempire.

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If anything positive should transpire concerning hydrodynamic shenanigans today I will most certainly post it right here where your eyeballs are currently glued.

if not, I won't. CHANNEL: Latte froth and crummy "janksterosa" conditions here this morning. Enjoy!. Kirby time, Groove-ophiles! Here's the titanic tale from the final ish of Justice, Inc. Get ready to take a. "Slay Ride in the Sky"!. " They'll be the death of us if we let them. Magnolia Down Under 'Buttons' ChallengeThis week's challenge at Magnolia Down Under is to use buttons on your card. The Nesties snowflake has been cut with Bazzill card and covered in Diamond Dust, it is so sparkly in real life. The buttons are in the bottom right hand corner, I love these little Hero Arts ones. I hope you have a great Sunday and get lots of crafty time!SuppliesStamps: Magnolia - Snowman, Inkadinkado - SentimentTools: Copics, Wizard, Snowflake + Scalloped Squares Nesties, Diamond Dust, Glamour Dust, Hero Arts ButtonsDP: K + Co. scamwebsites. never-wire-money-to-strangers. .