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A look that actually fits in a lot of interiors in my opinion! I love simplicity and by making a moodboard with a few beautiful green leaves from my garden and some stunning photos of my favourite fashion magazines I started to create a little urban jungle on my kitchenwall.

Photo: Black Girl in Russia I stumbled upon the the blog of J. B. Ross, Black Girl in Russia, and I thought it would be the right moment to post some information on Russia again. So, a short news round-up. Blog: Black Girl in Russia - The Journey of a Natural Sister in Russia An very interesting blog of a black American student who studied in St. With observations, musings and photos. Look past the hair angle and you will find some interesting information about what it's like for a non-Russian black person to study in Russia. She is called loud and boisterous. But she responded. That is how my article sounds exactly when it really isn't the case. I have a few more sneak peeks to show you of some of the new products. First up, I used the new What the Doodle: Tea Time stamp set and dies, and the new Inspired: Blessed stamps and dies. I used the steam from the tea set as butterfly wings by cutting two of them! They would make a great frame too if you cut several of them and surrounded a sentiment with them.

I stamped and embossed them, then ran a gray Copic marker over the top.

The Blessed die cut was ink blended first on white cardstock, then cut out and placed onto my card.

I love the encouraging sentiments! On the first card, I used the sentiment from New Every Morning and the leaves from Fancy Foliage.

thefashionspot + barneys. 'PLAY' is at no. The root of our two party system was the delicate battle between Hamilton and Jefferson regarding the proper relationship between the thirteen independent states and the incipient national government. Hamilton, who led the Federalists and with the aid of Madison and Jay, left us the journal of the debates called the Federalist Papers. They wanted a powerful national government. Clearly over the years there has been an inexorable drift from Jefferson's concepts to wholehearted embrace of Hamilton's and then some. Now we've got the spectacle of bankrupt states. California is the poster child for failed socialism and left-wing progressive policy. Take a verdant landscape with vast natural resources and a largely temperate climate, add a booming post-WW II economy, stir for sixty years and you get a profligate society of welfare dependence and indiscriminate entitlement.

This week, I've continued working on the the new version of the Garden/Tool Shed.

I scraped the entire exterior. What a job - I hate scraping peeling paint but someone had to do it! I washed it all down - with a bleach solution trying not to get it on the plants. Then I primed and painted the entire thing in an exterior basic white paint. What a job. Next I had to tackle the front porch section. This is what the floor looked like before. Notice the brambles growing up through the floor. It was a nightmare. The little railing looked almost as bad. IT SEEMS THAT more and more of us are using butyl tape to seal our deck fittings. Butyl has been around a long time and it’s very useful, especially for sealing car windshields. But it has no adhesive powers. Which means that a wobbly stanchion base is going to let water in after a few not-so-dainty crewmembers have lurched against the lifelines. What you need here is a flexible sealant that sticks tightly to the bottom of the stanchion base as well as to the deck, something that can stretch temporarily without opening up a gap for water to seep through. Don Casey the man who wrote This Old Boat, the boat repairer’s bible, says there are three main bedding sealants: ►Polysulphide is what he’d use for deck fittings.

It’s available in single and double packs.

Twin packs cure more quickly.

Use it for all kinds of sealing and bedding except for plastics.

It will melt plastics.

Dow was still up last night and the party goes on.

All the biggies moved up - SGX, DBS, Cosco.

could it be that funds are buying up now to window dress their portfolio for the next year? Possibility is there. A lot of funny stuff happened towards market close. . suzanne from simply magic totally makes me envious of her kitchen backsplash tile, custom designed by her super fab design team woodson & rummerfield. i noticed this little beauty in a display of her christmas card. i emailed her and told her it was amazing and that's when she informed me that ron and jamie had this ann sacks tile custom colored green, gray, and white for her space! the top pic is a view of her entire kitchen/ dr/ lr space. lucky lady! i read in one of her previous posts that her husband had mastered the art of tile installation. wonder if he installed this? btw, great talent to master. tile installation can get pricey, especially the decorative, art inspired tiles that are now available. bdjflbs. At last, a touch of sun, a dry morning and chance for a spot of birding, with Rawcliffe Moss the destination where with luck there was an hour or two before the shoot arrived and all hell broke loose. Another person asked me the same question earlier in the week. “Why in this modern day and age do we tolerate the shooting of our declining and therefore increasingly precious wildlife, and this coupled with wilful persecution of our raptors?” It’s not as if people rely upon a brace of duck, a couple of partridge or a wader or two to feed hungry mouths is it?” I agreed, long gone too are the days when Hen Harriers or “hawks” really did steal a few hens from our subsistence farmsteads. In addition “The Woodpigeon is both the UK’s major agricultural bird pest and one of the most popular species providing sporting shooting. The Woodpigeon makes good eating and provides nourishing cheap food, and appears on the menus of top restaurants. ” Maybe it’s time all the diverse elements of the UK’s far too many conservation movements joined together and made a concerted effort to put a halt to the killing through politicking, while at the same time exploding the many myths and untruths around the “economic benefits” and “conservation value” of shooting? Moan over for now. It looks like many of last week’s huge numbers reported on Another Bird Blog may have moved to south west Lancashire, with enormous flocks seen near Martin Mere, Ormskirk. A couple of days ago Fintel e-mailed me the renewal notice for my car insurance. Didn't read right. Spoke to a very nice lady who, after taking all the details, put me on hold and said she would be back shortly.


From Yahoo News. Trump’s in trouble. Oh, believe me, I know: Just the mention of Christie is enough to send his legion of critics into feral fits of rage and mockery. A few parting thoughts or parting shots on the eve of the Iowa caucus. Here's one potential way the wheels might fly off the Trump bandwagon: Thus far he's been able to coast on free air time. But successful campaigns are about more than media coverage. You need a field operation in the "battleground states. " And a turnout machine takes money. You must hire staff. Have campaign offices, &c.

I would just like to state for the record that I am not going to talk about what a nut my husband is.

He is a passionate athlete and I see no reason to make fun of him for the crazy athletic endeavors for which he chooses to participate.

By the way, this is not Razor.

Just some other weirdo runner on another team. Far be it from me to judge. It is a free country. Just don't ever think that maybe someday I'll join you. Cause I won't. Before I explain what I mean by "modern yeoman" I should provide some background. The yeoman farmer is linked to Thomas Jefferson's philosophy that the United States would be better off if all citizens were small farmers who could make most everything they needed. Jefferson's perspective opposed the philosophy of Alexander Hamilton who promoted strong government and specialized businesses.

Prior to the term "yeoman" being used in early America, it described middle class land owners and farmers in England.

Today this idea can be expanded to fit the hard working, do-it-yourself, independent individual. When I think of the phrase modern yeoman, I think of a person who knows how everything works and understands how to help others learn this. We all have certain specialties or skills that are above average. The idea behind this blog is to share certain skills with everyone to promote independent individuals. Since I wasn't at the track on Saturday, the stakes races there, lacking any national TV exposure, were just some other out of town races. He was so ridiculously wide in the Derby that some suspected that Mike Smith was instructed to merely get the horse around the track safely as West Point entertained their guests and prospective clients at the track.

The point of Lost and Found is to level the support playing field.

When LFCA works correctly, the newest blogger with the smallest readership can receive the same level of support as the oldest blogger with the largest readership. Please support the list as well as anyone posting announcements below. Connections AboundMISCELLANEOUS NEWSNewNo news today. And so many that I've never heard of. Kindy Glitz is new to me. But Stickles and Glossy Accents I know. I might even have some puffy paint around somewhere. .