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I think they killed this print.

I might cop.

A man talks about having rocks thrown at him while out in his garden. I guess bigfoot doesn't like tomatoes. ”Miss Kenton: more rational than before, e. g. He’s a kind, steady man, and yes, Mr. Stevens I’ve grown to love him. She understands the actual situation and her former love for him, but copes with the fact that she loves Mr. Benn: “I’ve grown to love him.

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We had ample time to relax, read and play with the little children, play games, and talk.

This is a vacation that will go down in history as a favorite. Thanks again to the wonderful church family from "New Life in Christ" in Foley. You'll find that information HERE. Original Post: Januvia is a new drug which works on the incretin hormone system in a different way from Byetta. m. m. In this article, Mike Oppenheim talks about how he thinks that TV shows and movies should show more real-life violence instead of the “clean” violence they show now. He believes that instead of trying to clean up the violence on TV, we should show how dirty and disgusting it really is. Oppenheim thinks that children will learn from the violence on TV today that it is a clean, efficient, exciting way to deal with a difficult situation.

Oppenheim makes some good points in this article but I don’t entirely agree with him.

Maybe some children would learn that guns and things are an efficient way to deal with a situation from these TV shows but I don’t think showing children real-life violence would really make things any better. I think doing that would just give most children nightmares and just make most situations worse. Besides, movies aren’t really supposed to be based on real-life, that’s what makes them entertaining. They wouldn’t be nearly as fun to watch if the main character didn’t survive in some incredible way that would never actually happen in the real world. I think it’s basically up to the parents to talk to their kids about the shows they are watching and make sure the kids know what’s going on isn’t real. On Friday of last week, I kid you not, we had what looked like a blizzard. Snow blowing so hard, at times visibility was zero. Then by the afternoon the sun was shinning. My pour clematis vine was looking so good, now I am thinking it may be close to dead. Maybe the cold is over for now!I made this really cute project for last months Guest star stamper challenge over at Papertrey ink. I heard about it this morning when I walked past the telly and Fox News was reporting an investigation that two US Navy ships raced each other on the high seas. Well, duh, was my first reaction. You've got warships which are designed for maneuvering and hopefully bursts of speed.

You've got virtually unlimited space in the Pacific for a little drag race for bragging rights.

Boys will be boys. Guided Missile Cruiser Races Destroyer, Winner Not RevealedBut, I stumbled when I read the brief news piece. The cruiser was skippered by a female. Nothing wrong with that in today's military. The show followed two California Highway Patrol motorcycle officers, and it was known for its mix of humor and action. As you can see, the hood, doors, and trunk all open to reveal the internal details of the model, and also allow for unique display options. Under the hood, you can check out the incredibly detailed Dodge Magnum engine with realistically replicated wires and hydraulics. This engine adds a level of reality to this model that almost makes it look like this car could peel out onto the road right now! You can see the textured floor panels, replicated controls, and even a shotgun by just opening up one of the doors. The mirrors and air vents have also been replicated to make this model feel as real as possible. We are very excited for this model to arrive this fall in September / October. Right after Thanksgiving is when I tend to start thinking about Christmas in a personal sense. Well, it's that time now. Christmas trees and Christmas lights are going up all over the neighborhoods here in Joplin, and Christmas music has begun playing on the radio. It lasts now through next Monday. Enjoy!.

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New York TimesMOST people associate museums with art and artifacts, not research libraries. But many of New York’s most prestigious museums have extensive collections of books and papers. Mellon Foundation. Its Web site, nyarc.

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can't say that's been done alot recently on tv. It's that time. Actually, past that time. Had trouble getting motivated. As usual, photos are from the magazine or web site, quotes the same, all else is mine. both good and bad, I guess. Sometimes you just need to take some time off. that is what my doctor told me yesterday. They had changed some of my MS meds and my body didn't like them one bit.

Bodies have a way of letting you know! So my wildly packed schedule for the next week has been whittled down to drinking lots of fluids and a bit of stitching.

I'll continue to work on my Halloween quilt and maybe get some writing done. This album was given to me by a friend who had inherited some records from his dad who had recently passed away. My pick, featured below, is the excellent re-working of In The Mood. Nu blomstrer Scillan i min hage, noen enslige her og der som jeg ikke klarte å huske, men den største overraskelsen er nokk enda denne lille samling med mange scilla som pløtsligt blomstrer bak mitt espalier ‘ fönster mot omvärlden’ i rosenhagen. Jeg har et svagt minne av at jeg hivde noen avblomstrete scilla der en gang. Nå lurer jeg på å gjøre det samme igjen. Finally I found my Scillia Sibirica in my garden, I knew they had to be somewhere, but as it turns out, there are single flowers a bit here and there but mainly behind my espalier in the Rose Garden. Can’t remember them from before so they must have spread from some flowers I’ve been throwing there. . If you haven't already visited, please go visit now, right HERE. I have Being Ruby on my blog roll, but you may have missed visitingthis wonderful site. I promise you will be thrilled.

Do not stop only at the recent post, scroll down and go to older poststo see all the magic Julie creates.

No prejudice involved, yes, we are friends, but I loved her blog before we ever chatted. I was just going to write that the fifth photo down today is my favorite.

I'm at my daughter's swim team waiting for her practice to end and allegedly they have wifi here.

This past summer I plodded up here twice a day, once in the early morning and then again just a few hours later for her practice. I may not be winning too much sympathy from many of you who have young children, but I've been there and done that. I've paid my chauffeuring dues and these are supposed to be the good times- when I manipulate my seventeen-year-old-in-need-of-my-car to drive her sisters to their various activities in exchange for a vehicle with gas and insurance paid. So, where did I go wrong? What am I doing here?Here's the exchange between my beloved eldest and me:Me: The great thing about the fall swimming schedule is that you can take Abi up to swim team when you go there. Past Partys!. Now I need to find the right pair of earrings. More Later Big Texas Hugs, Susan and Bentley. This is your year!! Seriously…. We can not guarantee people will read your posts, but we know there is a higher chance of people reading your posts and returning to read other posts if you make them interesting with pictures and good hints and tips. Well searching around the web for anything Filofax related is always an enjoyable task and it is a pleasant break from my tasks this week in UK. So here's what I found. Remember the Milk Filofax Pages - Notes from a Small Field Enjoy. There has been a fair bit of hubris and cant from across the political spectrum concerning the decision by Shane Jones to walk away from Labour and accept a job 'manufactured' for him by the Government. On one hand he was touted as the Great Brown Hope of the Labour Party. A person who could achieve 'cut-through' and appeal to the Waitakere Man aka middle New Zealand who have deserted Labour as failing to talk their talk let alone walking their walk. Other left wing bloggers have panned Jones as shallow, lazy and never a team player. Consider this. Old father time is catching up with Winston and Jones, like Winston, attracts a cult following. Collection File: Now before I begin, please take note that this does NOT fully replace the Movie Theater Rabbithole. It really does seem like a small discount, but as a builder, I always love new items in the Art Deco category, so this works well for future builds! Also, the Premium Content with me seems worth it and I will go more in-depth later on in the review. What a country! From Law. S. House of Representatives, is joining Squire Patton Boggs, the firm announced Tuesday. He will not act as a lobbyist, the firm said. “I left the private sector and got into public service decades ago because I wanted to help remove government barriers to economic growth and job creation, and that’s still the mission that drives me,” Boehner said in a statement, praising the “world-class team” at Squire Patton. In the past, when I've written about Shakespeare's women, I've mentioned that almost all of them are 'unruly' in some respect. Whether it's defiance of a parent, social convention or expected feminine sensibilities, many of Shakespeare's gals live by their own rules. However, some of Shakespeare's women are more spunky than others. So, let's take a look at the top five unconventional, unmatchable and unruly Shakespearean women. After all, she follows her deceased father's rather unusual wish that she marry a man who passes the 'casket test'. So, you'd assume she's an obedient, young Elizabethan woman. However, she does something incredibly unexpected when she dresses as a man and poses as a doctor of law at the Duke's chambers, in Venice. What results is the revelation that she's more intelligent than any of the men in the play, as she's the only one to notice the little loophole in Shylock's bond. My parents just updated their website! Check it out at: MurphyBears.

Pat Sloan recently wrote a book for Leisure Arts titled Focus on the Center.

And Pat offered up the chance to review the book and share what I think of it with you. My first thought when she asked was, "Oh great. A book full of patterns. I'm sooo not a pattern sewer. And I keep saying that and then I've looked back over the last year and realized that I've sewn my fair share of quilts from a pattern. es. Jean-Michel Cazabat Zilla reversed sequin pumps. Darlings, what do you think of this space and the look it inspired?xoxox,CC. This is a Moll Pitcher witch spoon in sterling. Moll pitcher was a famous fortune teller who lived in Lynn, Massachusetts. She was originally from Marblehead. Her predictions were so respected that sailors refused to sail on voyages that she predicted would be disastrous. People traveled from all over the world to have an audience with her. And the name Lynn spelled out in bones. It has the signature of Moll Pitcher under the witch. It was actually clear enough the further explanation wasn't needed. " As all know who have patiently awaited the RV/GCR, "yosef" himself has been reporting fully staffed exchange centers on standby for nearly a year. MASSIVE NEWS: Trump’s AMAZING Plan to DESTROY Soros Just Leaked… HE IS DONE! One of Trump’s best friends did a Q&A on Reddit and provided a rare glimpse into President Trump’s plans. Trump’s friend revealed that not only does he know about Soros, but he has a plan to DESTROY him. HIS SON HAS TAKEN OVER US OPERATIONS WHILE HE ATTEMPTS TO RALLY EUROPE BEHIND ANTI-TRUMPISM. .