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Team FatBird wishes all Members, Runners and Friends a Happy, Healthy and Happening Dragon New Year!. Jean - What did you learn about at Sunday School today, Thomas?Thomas - The Tower of Bubble.

Jean - Oh, you mean the Tower of Babel.

“Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly. Tu Style Italy: But you didn't answerJim: He loves what he does, he seems sincere. Six books for shy readers in The Guardian. One of them is Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca: Rather like Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre, Mrs de Winter wins her confidence when she tames a wild husband. Unlike Jane, she never gets a first name. On the other hand, more familiar figures such as Tocqueville, Flaubert and John Stuart Mill get somewhat short shrift. m. Monday. He was found and returned to the facility shortly after noon on Tuesday. ". Fly GeyserLocated on the edge of the Black Rock Desert, about two-and-a-half hours north of Carson City, is Fly Geyser, one of those unexpected things you sometimes find in Nevada. Continuously spewing clouds of hot water about four or five feet high in the air, Fly Geyser is a remarkable sight when you first spot it from the nearby highway.

The geyser, located on the Fly Ranch, consists of three, large travertine mounds, with a series of terraces around its base.

In addition to the spraying hot water, the most impressive thing about the trio of tufa rock cones is their colors—rich, vivid shades of green and rust. Adjacent is a small geothermal pond, fed by run off from the geyser. Perhaps the most interesting detail about Fly Geyser is the fact that it’s not really a natural phenomenon. Pretty simple meal. I slathered the beef ribs in bacon drippings, sprinkled with cracked black pepper and kosher salt, then onto the smoker with hickory until the pull back on the bone was just how I like it. What a delicious dinner I whipped up tonight! I sauteed up some veggies and beans with spices, and it was quick, nutritious, and seriously tasty.

I didn't keep track of the exact measurements, but this is more or less what I did.

I added in a little extra white wine & bean water to keep it a little saucy.

I popped the whole thing in a warm oven and let it sit there while I prepared the rest.

I hope they won't mind if I share this one small recipe. Or in the oven if you've got an electric oven. Put in a paper bag for a few minutes until cool to the touch. Now, assemble the yumminess:Put some tortilla chips in a bowl. Our new Retro Rubber challenge is sure to be a favourite - Anything Goes. As usual, you must use stamps that are at least a year old and tell us how old the stamps are. Other than that, the sky's the limit on this one! Being able to choose anything was harder than it sounded. As I was looking through my stamps, I came across a couple of old favourites. I always thought they worked well together. I wanted a small scale sentiment so I turned to another old faithful set, Clearly Besotted's Many Mini Messages. Lincoln did not act like this: because I told him not to climb on his sister's bed. Nope, not my Lincoln!I'm his Mommy so I know he REALLY DIDN'TNope, not my sweet little one. Junkers and Messerschmitt were to control production and they their own ideas about the aircraft. The aircraft was to be constructed of 'salvage'' materials such as tubular steel and plywood. When historians set the starting date of the first depressionof this century, it will be very close to now. By Monday the Fed will be buying CDO paper directly and sending the cash to Wall Street. Again. It won't be called 'nationalization. ' You'll pay for it. And your kids will. And their kids. A Norquist Moment: The anti-government GOP has triumph a new triumph: our meat supply. We have to rely on the Humane Society to report on slaughterhouses putting sick cows into our hamburger supply. We get the government that business pays for. The FDA? Oh, they're doing a heck of a job. Thursday ended on a French note. Potage Crecy. Coq au vin. Crepes Suzette. You already know Billie has a special place in my affections. She was the first fellow blogger to promote my budding efforts: before the days of Mexpatriate. There are two problems with this edifice of thought. Firstly, it makes the crass assumption that there is no crime in prison, that as soon as we pass through the gates we are transmogrified into paragons of reasonableness. As assumptions go, this is a pretty big one. As dumb assumptions go, it's a classic. Crime is rampant within prisons, utterly rife. Prisoners lie, cheat, steal, punch, kick, stab and murder with some vigour.

Just about the only crime that is rare in prison is motoring offences.

Teams will be selected at the end of this month, so we would urge any disabled golfer to submit their name for team selection as soon as possible. sdgp. co. co.


We watched Katelyn and Joseph for a weekend. maybe helping Grandma. I was just shocked. Horribly shocked. While out there KK saw this Mink eating a hen! So he ran and got a gun, resulting in a DEAD mink! I was so so happy we killed it! Now my chickens should be safe! The murderer and his victims I also bleached my barn in preparation for another milk cow!. You guys can probably guess that I am a sucker for children's books with a knitting theme. Maybe you are too? I want to share a new book by Author Michelle Edwards.

It is called A Hat for Mrs.

Goldman: A Story about Knitting and Love. This story is so incredibly sweet. It is about a little girl who befriends her neighbor Mrs. Goldman. Observation: God had promised Abraham that he would be the father of many nations. He waited on the promise and finally gave up and had a child by Sarah's maid. Another period of time went by and God's promise came to pass. Abraham was one hundred years of age when the son of the promise was born. Application: With God it is never too late. He can do the impossible and time doesn't mean much to Him. No matter what we go through, we must realize that with God it is never too late. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging. tutto il cuore!!!!Just a quick note before leaving to Formigine, see you there!! can hardly wait. 'from the bottom of my heart!'. Hello Ai Fans! For this card I decided to think outside of the box and to use the flowers stamps in a slightly different way. Here's my card: I just stamped a couple of flowers and drew a little lace to hold them together. I flicked a couple of droplets of pink ink that was left of my palette. I added lots of water so that it would drop from my brush. I mounted my little piece of art on a green mat and adhered it on the card base with dimensional adhesive. I used a quill to write "thank you" with black india ink. InLinkz.

Anyone with a robust Biblical grasp of the sufficiency of Scripture should find that fact sobering, even pivotal.

But if you can't call these hunches, strong impressions, vivid dreams and all "spiritual gifts," then what do you call them?I have a bold proposal: what if we call them hunches, strong impressions, vivid dreams? The chattery negative reaction many would fling back in response is very telling. You'll note I've never argued that hunches, strong impressions, and vivid dreams are without any significance. I just argue that they have no divine authority, and often signify nothing of any import. And there's the rub, for all sorts of Christianoids. To them, all this Bibley stuff is too cerebral and "out-there. " They crave the vivid immediacy of feelings and experiences. More than that, they insist on attaching some sort of spiritual significance or divine authority to their vibrations and emanations. with a bathtub next to the bed!?!Where I hope to be some this week!!. Brian Rudman is shooting off at the mouth in today's Herald. "Wealthy Buffoons Hold Politics Hostage" he claims, citing, Lous Crimp, Colin Craig, Alan Gibbs, John Bascowen, Bob Jones and others of a centre right bent. Funny how he didn't mention any rich lefties. Of course the punch line is at the end. All these evil donations would be unnecessary if we only had state funding of political parties. Unlike the impecunious buffoons who write crap in the Herald. And how did Young Matthew build this perch from which he now preaches against the horrors of Liberal Nepotism? Wait for it. Wait for it. From New York Magazine:. Introducing. The material on the Quirinius census should change forever the way this topic is dealt with by scholars. D. The approach of FATP is once again to start by examining the text. C. More significantly, Josephus gives contradictory information regarding Quirinius. D. From the top: Ben Pakulski Ben Booker Chris Cormier Chad Abner Eli Blahut. Ben Pakulski Fouad Abiad Guy Cisternino. Bizarro is brought to you today by Sultry Carnivores. To me, the funny thing about this cartoon is not the punch line, but the scalpel in the TSA agent's hand. I travel a lot by aeroplane and, like many people with a reasonable I. Q. and a modicum of logic, I find the TSA folks to be exasperating. I've had harmless things taken away from me at security, the most notable of which was a plastic, space-age-looking child's raygun I had bought as a gift for a kid.

The reason given was that the flight crew wouldn't have time to ascertain it was a toy if I tried to use it as a weapon.

Based on the Pearl S.

Putting aside the whole controversy of westerners playing Asians, Kate gives an unremarkable performance even though the role of Jade was an opportunity for her to spout her independent, proto-feminist beliefs as well as a chance to publicize the Chinese war effort. With Dragon Seed, at least the struggle continued in China and perhaps the film could bring attention to this ally in the East. The several hospitalists employed by this hospital were all general internists, no one had critical care certification or training but the hospital basically coerced the internist who was not self designated as a hospitalist to allow other internists who were self designated as hospitalists to take over his patient's care. I have no sense of how widespread this practice is or of the exact details of this arrangement. HCRENEWAL has a post referencing the AMA's recent move to lobby for federal legislation to prohibit hospitals from hiring physicians. It seems like the old corporate practice of medicine issue is being revisited. This should energize lobbying efforts on both sides of this issue. .