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They contemplate God, praise him and constantly care for those whom they have left on earth. When they entered into the joy of their Master, they were "put in charge of many things.

" Their intercession is their most exalted service to God's plan.

We can and should ask them to intercede for us and for the whole world. Man and woman were created to love and to be loved. The burning desire for love in the human heart cannot be extinguished by any earthly power. It is when we look for love "in all the wrong places", as the popular song goes, that unhappiness results. These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full. Mmmmm. Bitters. Digging deeper into the storied legacy of Paul Otellini, however, we find a man who might have been too myopic in transforming manufacturing – both in operations and cost – in his quest for profitable growth.

According to Bernstein Research analyst Stacy Rasgon, "Intel’s phenomenal revenue growth over the last couple of years has been out-of-sync with many data points in PCs.

Indeed, we find that most of Intel’s growth in PC revenues was not really due to outsized unit growth, but instead from significant upside to pricing. ” Continue Reading at YCharts: Otellini Nicely Milked Intel’s PC-Chip Business, But is Pay Justified With Mobile Strategy a Flop? Editor David J Phillips does not hold a financial interest in any stocks mentioned in this article. I shared back in August that the end of September will be the final month for our reveals, and we are approaching our final Sketch. For me personally, although I am saddened as I write this, I do feel that my challenge blogs inspired many of you around the world both with my sketches and the inspiration from the Talented Designers from around the globe. I have convinced myself the last couple of calls that it's not that much extra work, that I can continue with it, it's only twice a month, but the work that goes on behind the scenes has taken far too much time away from family priorities. well, luckily I was not loitering around central London yesterday, as it was thought all hell was going to break out. I have heard many people stating that it was only the great unwashed protesting yesterday, however from what I saw of those on my train this simply was not true. Many of these people were ordinary people wanting their voices heard, hoping this would help bring about a changed world. Sadly that will probably not happen, but I did agree with them. Much of the anger felt is warranted, particularly against the banking world. However, we may feel very anti-capitalist at the moment, but this feeling may well pass in the future as recovery returns and the greed we all suffer from every now and again takes over. Will anything change? I hope so. There is a short piece of scripture that describes an argument between Paul and Barnabas. Here it is:“Barnabas wanted to take John, also called Mark, with them, but Paul did not think it wise to take him, because he had deserted them in Pamphylia and had not continued with them in the work. “When he came to Jerusalem, he tried to join the disciples, but they were all afraid of him, not believing that he really was a disciple. But Barnabas took him and brought him to the apostles. After a terrific weekend at Barrow Hill, here's a small selection of images from this year's Model Rail Live event. It had been bulled-up nicely for the occasion. There was a wealth of steam, diesel and electric traction to be seen and enjoyed. Bzzzt! Wrong! The GK's stretched, a lot! Initially they did look better, and there was a decent air space there under the momo-stay and fork crown. The measurement just after inflation wasn't taken, but I am going to say these things grew at least a couple of millimeters all around. the latest online issue of Papier Mache Ooh, and my latest blog crushes:Le Portillon from StockholmBrinja from Copenhagen. pics elvs today some snapshots with a tribute to the beautiful contrast of black and white some changes and some new details in my house love simplicity which always seems to inspire me. Have a wonderful weekend! candleholder glas/black marble: PTMD - X: VTwonen - black candleholder: IKEA - POV candleholder: MENU - cube vase: serax brown vase: IKEA - marble tealight: byaprilandmayshop. I love this cover for My Mr. Can you guess which scene it's for? Most movie/tv versions leave out the visit from the fortune-telling gypsy, but I love that scene because it's all about one of Mr. Rochester's bad-boy flaws: he's a trickster! And not a particularly kind one. In My Mr. Rochester, both Jane and Rochester are flawed heroes, both damaged by their pasts. Heather is tatting a motif and she is going to surprise us with what it is. She is using a clay shuttle that she made herself. Aileen shows us the treasure trove of gifts that she received from her better half and Secret Santa. There are also pictures of a snowflake and bookmarks and items for the Secret Santa Exchange that she tatted. One is for a one round collar. Spring Blooms at their best !This doll set can be used as embellishments for gardening kits, invitations, cards, stationery, scrapbooking, digitized embroidery or even as wall decals. Get this SET HERE. Diaz fled but was caught a short time later in Florida City and was taken into custody. This case wrapped up a lengthy multi-agency investigation of marine thefts and burglaries which had been plaguing the Florida Keys for months. Key West Police lent resources to the task force on several occasions. . Key Largo – A Fort Pierce man is under arrest, charged with fondling a young girl at a Key Largo campground Thursday night. She and her mother were reportedly not getting along and Clark agreed to take her on a weekend trip to give both of them a break from each other.

The victim told Detective Geni Hernandez they were setting up camp at Calusa Campground when the incident occurred.

She said he asked her to sit in his lap. She said he then put his hand in her pants and fondled her. Here's a collection of weirdlings from the past few years. Why? Why did I take this photo of a hand holding a syringe? I don't know. Yo, squirrel. You are not a bird. Facials from days gone by. c. I made this batch for my deer hunting friends. vast quantities of finger food and beer are always consumed at deer camp. aka my house. "Optimism!," a fabulous and inspiring design by Olly Moss. YouTube link. Get mugged. Other possibilities discussed near the end of the video. Upon regaining consciousness, Padgett’s sight was forever altered by a condition called acquired savant syndrome.

The brain trauma opened his eyes to an entirely new world.

". Man can live for about forty days without food,and about three days without water,about eight minutes without air. but only for one second without hope. Drone strikes are a form of educational outreach. Nullification: CEOs and their lawyers are gleefully preparing suits to challenge not just all the NLRB rulings that went toward protecting workers, they are giddy with the idea of putting Obama in his place. made by any and all of them. Someone should spank these children and send them hungry to bed. Economists who have correctly predicted recessions tend to end up unemployed. Motivation: Why would anyone investigating the conditions on the nation's factory farms be labeled a terrorist? Because the idea of a new Upton Sinclair scares the hell out of industrialists in charge of corporate-controlled farms, slaughterhouses and the meat packers of today. And steak and ham and deep fried chicken. It was never about economics, it was all just greed. A Little off the Top: New home sales are still falling, as are housing starts. Mortgage delinquencies are on the rise. Adjustable rate mortgages are about to adjust. No one but Larry Kudlow believes there's a recovery underway. CRE is about to go crash. Dear Query Shark, My lineage made me one of the fortunate ones. But to paraphrase an old Hollywood bumper sticker, “My Mercedes went up my nose. ” My father is A. B. My mother, C.


, came from Hollywood royalty. Remember hearing The Mamas and the Papas sing that song? Yeah, neither do I. I wasn't even born yet. But it is Monday and I've listened to enough oldies stations to at least be familiar with that song, so there you have it. What today's post may lack in pictures it more than makes up for in shameless self-promotion, but, before I get to that, I need to announce the winner of the fabric/pattern giveaway. I've always loved the way they announce the Olympic gold medal winners as "Your Olympic Champion", sort of like we can lay personal claim to this person. So, in keeping with that spirit, Your Giveaway Winner is. On to the self-promotion part of our show. You know when you keep looking at something and you aren't sure you are quite done or not? OK, this is one of those projects!! It is up temporarily for two things, one to photograph and two for me to decide if I need to do anything to it!! The papers are Amy Butler and I think they will look fine in my scraproom back home. at least I hope so as it won't look fine anyplace else in my house!! LOL I used my Martha Steward border punch. and I guess it is also Friday where you are!! But our Friday is Sunday. Good morning! Today we have THREE new collections, a sweet little laser-cut table topper kit, and a beautiful new pattern to share with you. Rambling Rose by Moda Fabrics is a beautiful new floral collection featuring florals, dots, tonals and more! We have yardage available as well as pre-cuts and fat quarter sets in Beige, Rain, Chocolate and Rose. Petite Paris is a new collection by Michael Miller. These fabrics feature the Eiffel Tower, damask, fleurs-de-lis, and pindots. We have yardage available as well as fat quarter sets in Black, Blue, Violet and Rose. RURU Bouquet - B&W is a stunning new floral collection in blacks, whites and creams. We have yardage available as well as fat quarter sets in Black, Cream and White. Purchase the kit and the applique pieces will arrive in your mailbox pre-fused and laser-cut to shape! The quilt is quick, fun and can easily be made in just one day. Thank you for the kind thoughts for Bernadette. We went to chemo yesterday and I'm happy to tell you she was pain-free all day. Maybe it was your prayers and good thoughts that helped that along. On the way home we picked up her daughter from the airport and they collected Flora McDonald on their way home. Hanno drove them home from here because I was tired and needed a short sleep. What a lovely thing it is to sleep during the day. I never liked to in years gone by but now I sleep whenever I feel like it and I am better for it. Un peu de bricolage. Un peu de plage. It's now Daw Books' turn to step up to the plate! Their prize pack includes:- Legacy of Kings by C.


Friedman- The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss- The Diviner by Melanie Rawn- Who Fears Death by Nnedi Okorafor- Spellcast by Barbara Ashford- Magebane by Lee Arthur Chane. The rules are the same as usual. " Remember to remove the "no spam" thingy. Lastly, multiple entries will disqualify whoever sends them. This card is potentially for a Stampin Up convention swap. What do you think? Do you think it is swap worthy? I have never been to convention so I have no idea what to expect, except FUN!!!This card uses all Stampin Up products. The main image is stamped with versamark and then heat embossed it with silver embossing powder.

The little flowers are colored in with a cameo coral marker then dabbed with the white gel pen, just to soften it a little.

The back round is also stamped with versamark to create the watermark look using the same main image. Again, I colored the little flowers white with the gel pen. That is Certainly Celery paper and ribbon, plus a little extra white ribbon. Mr. Hume excused his behavior as follows: Well, I would have to say that in this sort of feminized atmosphere in which we exist today, guys who are masculine and muscular like that in their private conduct, kind of old fashion tough guys, run some risk. That’s the atmosphere in which he operates. This guy is very much an old fashioned masculine, muscular guy, and there are political risks associated with that. Maybe it shouldn’t be, but that’s how it is. In other words. Take action and learn who the Republican turncoats are. This is the fourth time that motorcycle riders are being invited to take part in the ‚Concorso di Motociclette‘. concorsodeleganzavilladeste.

Several applications have already been received from Italy, Switzerland, France, German Austria, and the USA.

Riders don‘t just need to prepare their motorcycles to be presented on the podium and assessed by a jury of recognised experts from different countries, but they should also have to ready their steeds for a joint ride, under police motorcycle escort.

Not only that, but participants can look forward to an attractive programme of side attractions, including the exclusive hotel itself where the participants will be staying as well as receptions and evening events. One particularly important aspect is the opportunity that participants have to meet with motorcycling friends from other countries and with other interests, such as private collectors from all over the world, delegates from museums, or employees from the motorcycle industry. Since I am one who do not listen to the radio or own a TV, i have no access to recent news. Nor am I interested in the fake news that is bombarding all. I do have a few questions concerning the RV that is in the process of manifesting in our lives: "Who is entitled to the high Sovereign rates?" - - - Everyone who holds first basket currencies". .