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It is part of the way language has been distorted to bolster concerns about human-caused climate change.

This mistake is so entrenched that even those who oppose fashionable beliefs about climate change make it often. ". Sorry to excite some with todays post, It was a scheduled one that I must have done over the holidays! But today I have had time to think, I have had a terrible upset tummy today as has Mr Fairy so we are putting it down to last nights Bank Holiday takeaway! I am still feeling really week and rough but have tried something to eat and am just waiting now. to see what happens!Anyway! Back to the blog! I think time is the biggest thing that gets to me, so I am going to make my posts less wordy, a bit like the post today. There is a column in every issue of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine called Artists Give Back. it is written by Elena Lai Etcheverry, who herself knows a lot about giving back. Elena is the Founder and Executive Director of Charity Wings, an art & craft center in San Marcos, California that is dedicated to the charitable and healing aspects of art. Hmmmm. I recently visited the uptown Whitney for what is likely to be the last time to see the final exhibition in the space: Jeff Koons. Koons is quite the controversial artist on so many levels. Love him or hate him. True Colors: It's got Poetry, it has Imagery. by Phil Johnsonhat with all the hectic preparations for the Shepherds' Conference, and especially the busyness of the week itself, I've had to stifle my blog-output. And I've been juggling a few short items in my mind that I keep meaning to blog about. Here they are all at once:John MacArthurThe "Grace to You" telecast is now streaming on the Web and available for podcast.


For Pyro readers over forty who are single, striving to serve Christ faithfully, and looking for fellowship with like-minded people: you ought to go to this conference. Some activites may have added costs. Special Hotel rates and housing are available. Yogi and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, And the Happiest of New Years!!. How's that for an early Christmas present!?! We now have the cover art for R. This isn't my article, but the original source is unclear to me. I've put in bold some of the information that stands out to me, and tried to leave out some of the authors politically incorrect extrapolations. There are some aspects that might rub people the wrong way, but the data is irrefutable:You'd rather get off to me than to your girlfriend. On with the show:“Whether they want to admit it or not, the numbers on the web show us that there’s definite interest,” says Alex Ladd, co-owner and head of production for DVSX. In an interview with adult-industry newssource Xbiz.

For the Beltway's paid pundit class, the biggest political tent in America is not the Democratic Party.

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