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Love from vibrant, sweltering Copenhagen! It just seems that my eyes and my lens are forever drawn to the pales and whites.

LINK I don't know anything about Alethea Austin, the "bio" section doesn't work, but you can find here amazing shots.

The Telegraph and Argus looks at what's on during Easter at the Brontë Parsonage Museum: A host of activities will be on offer to families at the Brontë Parsonage Museum during the Easter holidays.

These will range from her friends Ellen Nussey and the writer Elizabeth Gaskell, to Tabby the loyal family servant and even John Brown, Branwell’s drinking buddy. Visitors are invited to join the characters to discover their take on the unlikely genius living in their midst. The sessions are free with admission to the museum. Some sweet old pictures from Nostalgia on Wheels. NancyD saw a pattern for a tatted flag on a blog and wrote to ask about the pattern. She was delighted when Sarah not only sent her the pattern, she also included this charming cross. Diane has managed to snip out and re-tat the offending bit, only to find that she was missing a couple of picots needed for joining but she managed to finish the piece anyway. Fox finished the Myra Piper pattern in Krystle's green and Karey's variegated HDT with no thread to spare. After a day full of mishaps that ended with her stuck for over an hour in an elevator, Fox at least had this assortment of celtic tatted snowflakes and Sherry's treble clef in Heather's HDT to show for her ordeal. Thanks for watching. divirtam-se!!! Original Mesh - Living Dead Girl With Love, Dinha. I am having a few problems with my website at the moment and therefore cannot upload my new book for sale "Summer Collection of Tatted Flowers. As soon as I receive the funds into my account I can send the PDF for the new book. OK seriously! If I were you, I'd run and grab one of the June kits by Jenni Bowlin. This one is my favorite kit of hers to date. EVER. The kits go up for sale today here. So far I've done a few cards. I'm basically caught up on this Block of the Month project. It was fun! Then I also had to catch up on June's blocks:The pattern can be found HERE if you want to join in on the fun. This is one of my many nieces. Her name is Lizzie. Yun's sister was in the bookstore in the basement of the twin towers when the first plane hit. Books flew off the shelves. She reached the street and realized something was amiss. Later that day when all the chaos was happening, she went into labor. Of course she ended up having to walk all the way to the hospital on her own. Even people magazine did a little story on her. Her birthday is easy to remember. Here's the last contest for a copy of Bent Object of My Affection, which is good for me because I find picking the winners difficult! Since all of these images I've been posting lately have been about Valentine's in some way, how about a "Roses are red, violets are blue" poem. No other rules, other than it has to be in that rhyming rhythm. Good luck!. "small" by jelens. and I just need to say that Barbara Niven as Rebecca and Paris who is played by Jessica Clark have got more on screen lesbian chemistry than should be allowed by law. Look at the trailer alone and you will agree that it's a wonderful way to spend a lazy day or evening with a short, wonderfully acted , amazingly poignant, and VERY EROTIC lesbian love story that will both chill you with the brutal reality of the lives portrayed, and the wonderfully warm sexual fulfillment portrayed. What an incredible experience. If you rent it, email me and tell me what you thought. It seems like every time I need to cut a steek, I'm on painkillers. And every time I do it, I swear I never will again. Yet the next time steeking rolls around, there I am with my hand hurting, kinda dizzy, cutting a hole in my knitting, going "I really shouldn't be doing this. "Lately my hand has been bothering me more than usual. I don't really know why. So, you know, I'm trying to ignore it and keep on keeping on.

Perhaps with the judicious use of a few painkillers prescribed for the purpose.

I'll share more about this later, but for now, I just wanted to share the cover of my new book, Scrap-Basket Beauties. Eighteen more quilts using Jelly Rolls, scraps, and stash fabrics. I hope you'll love it as much as I do.

Here's a little sneak peak of a few of the quilts on the cover of Martingale's catalog.

And speaking of Martingale, rumor has it there's a Black Friday sale going on over there. The stars are aligning again, take heed. Down the Rabbit Hole:The Canadians have given Prime Minister Stephen Harper a majority, which means they have authorized him to do exactly the wrong things: Cut corporate taxes, curb government spending on social programs, further coddle the oil and other extractive industries and in general slow the economy while increasing the national deficit in the name of fiscal prudence. Bush given appropriate credit for bin Laden's ultimate capture and execution. Good morning. They call him “Isco”, but he is known here as Francisco Suarez. Two new photos of him were added to his page in the archive. Enjoy!. We wish you the best on your race this weekend, and thank you supporting Seaside Neighborhood School! Look for a special coupon from us in your race goodie bag!! . Our Premium Sponsor is one who Sponsors us on a regular basis here at Sketchabilities and I am thrilled to continue to work with them. We are a husband and wife team who design and manufacture unique, high quality chipboard and wood products. It is our mission is to offer fun and inspiring products to bring out your inner creativity that you can add to any project. In the near future we will be expanding into other mediums such as rubber/acrylic stamps and acrylic embellishments. Since creating and cutting up my floral painting, the inspiration has continued to flow and I have been transforming each piece into something new- small works on gallery blocks, art journals and more! I thought it would be fun to start the week off with a giveaway,to share some of the pieces of my journey. An article published today in the Leicester Mercury highlights just how nasty and intolerant a world self-serving tobacco controllers have created for us. Leicester City fan banned from last home game of season after smoking e-cigarette A Leicester City fan has been banned for two home games due to smoking an e-cigarette in the stands. Erm, why? No harm has ever been attributed to e-cig use indoors let alone outdoors, so there is no harm being inflicted on anyone and no victim. There is no problem here, so a guy has been deprived of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of seeing his team win a miracle Premiership Title because of a rule applied simply for the sake of having a rule.

This is the vile state of modern Britain - where the intolerant and prodnosed are pandered to - and it has been created and encouraged by the tobacco control industry for no other reason than their own bigotry and bank balances.

As I've written before, the only reason e-cigs are included in stadium bans is thanks to a bunch of pharma-funded 'public health' charlatans at Healthy Stadia and the Health Equality Group deliberately spreading false information to sports clubs. But there's more to it than even that. Consider this zombie argument that you will see repeated often. But every once and a while I'll see things that make me stop in my tracks, and I file it them away. Here are some of those things. Soft French Lace BagHand-Knit Cotton BathmatCampfire PrintEmbroidered PillowTom's New WedgesAlso, I was able to find a new bathing suit that isn't your typical string-tied, triangle top, way-too-skimpy variety. Although I would have liked a J. Crew:For all my pale friends out there, buy a white suit - it will make you feel tan!. Finally, the IPCC has toned down its climate change alarm. Can rational discussion now begin? » The SpectatorNext week, those who made dire predictions of ruinous climate change face their own inconvenient truth. It is difficult to over-emphasise the significance of this reportGermany industry in revolt as green dream causes cost spiral - TelegraphGermany’s top economic adviser has called for a radical rethink of the country’s energy policies, warning that the green dream is going badly wrong as costs spiral out of control. Then bitch all you want. See you on the other side.

C'est sur ça doit être un peu ennuyant, pour eux, de raconter toujours la même chose.

Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. Watch More News Videos at ABC. no, really. You must see this! Via Nunly , who found it at Creative Minority Report - and we thank them both. “For women contemplating immediate breast reconstruction, there is a lot of information being presented to them. As plastic surgeons, we want to help our patients feel better about their bodies without risking their safety and long-term health,” said Andrea Pusic, MD, ASPS Member Surgeon and co-author of the study. Among the current crop of atheist philosophers, Graham Oppy is one of the best they've got. So it's useful to see him summarize his case against the credibility of reported supernatural encounters. The argument doesn't get any better than this: First, there is no question that the history of reports of encounters with supernatural beings and forces is, at least in very large part, a history of fraud, gullibility, deception, stupidity, ignorance, and so forth. Second, there is no serious doubt that there is at least good prima facie reason to believe that there is a huge panoply of supernatural beings whose existence would be vindicated by the recorded supernatural experience of humanity if the existence of any supernatural beings was vindicated by that recorded supernatural experience.

Third, it is quite clear that the joint effect of these first two points is to raise serious questions about the evidential worth of any reports of experiences that are claimed to be of, or directly caused by, supernatural agents.

But, as we have just noted, there is no serious doubt that there are very weighty candidate defeating considerations in the case of "seemings" that are tied to the supernatural. In the absence of any independent support for belief in gods–i. e. That generates a paradox: physical proximity with psychological distance. A textbook example is a dying marriage. The couple may have been madly in love at the time they tied the knot. But now the relationship is apathetic at best or antipathetic at worst. Aloof or disdainful. Separation in space. Grown children who live out of state. Here's the sketch: Cool sketch, with lots of room for interpretation. I opted for patterned paper for both panels with a sentiment cluster at the "seam.

" Hello was die-cut with the Hello Confetti Cuts die.

The word "adventure" is from one of the sentiments in Here We Go, and has been white embossed on a vellum Tag Me die-cut. It's project parade time over on the Verve blog, and today is my day to share! Our theme this month is Triple Play, with the challenge being to create a terrific trio of yumminess. This could be a set of three things that coordinate, such as a bag, tag, and card, or three different cards, three different tags, etc.

A fun theme! In case you missed the beginning of the parade, be sure to check out Sankari's and Shannan's projects from yesterday and the day before.

As always, we invite you to play along with us. Hope to "see" you there!! Have a fantastic day, and thanks so much for visiting!.

After a much-needed nap, we spent the evening walking around.

Our hotel is a five-minute walk from the Eiffel Tower. Hello crafty friends and Happy Tuesday to all! My card for today was created using Really Reasonable Ribbon's beautiful Taffeta , pearls, and Cabachons. I love how they match perfectly with my card here. Stamping was all done using Club Scrap Delft Collection, and Copic Markers. My good friend, Susan Weingartner, sent this photo to me today and I wanted to share it. Doesn't it look fabulous? She is a picture-takerer, or "photographer," as she insists on being called. ". .