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This quilt was a gift to a family that we are REALLY good friends with. You know, the kind of friends that are practically family? The ones you have a million memories with. The ones you go on trips with. So last August when we were on a trip together in St.

I took Lisa fabric/pattern shopping.

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Farming never stops for The Farmer.

Hey guys, I made an update to the brflines site this morning. I added twelve new pics to Kolya Davydenko's page on the site.

Do you guys watch Glee? Kolya reminds me of the teacher, Mr.

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In a heavy pot, bring this mixture to a boil, simmer for a few minutes until the sugar has dissolved and then set it aside to cool. We would have loved to conduct this interview with you on the phone, but considering the number of people we have to contact and the time involved in doing it, we have decided to interview you by Email. You are advised to patiently follow our recruiting process as we proceed. Wow this is potent!!!!!Blessings Grace Critical Alert: Deep State Coup Activated—I Can’t Say Any More or I’ll Be Targeted!! by David Robinson By Lisa Haven EMERGENCY ALERT! We are in deep trouble! Either America will break the bonds of the globalists, or we will sink to the bottom of the ocean. The Deep State has initiated a coup within the U. S. They are counting on and preying on the ignorance of the American sleeping public to initiate their plan to eliminate and retire those in the government who stand for the red, white, and blue. They want globalism. They want their crimes hidden. They want anyone who stands in their way ELIMINATED and REMOVED from powerful positions, and they are doing it PUBLICLY! In the video below I expose—using document evidence—who the real Russia and Chinese agents are, as well as Obama’s and Hillary’s involvement in the deep state coup. .