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Labels: Blogger, yay us. If you're like me, you're probably still trying to wrap your mind around the debate on "mathiness" in the economics profession. I haven't put an inordinate amount of time into the project, but I have made an honest effort trying to understand the nature of Paul Romer's lamentations. It's not surprising that such a catchy word was soon interpreted in myriad of conflicting ways. This is what happens with words. To his credit, Romer soon recognized that the word he invented was being interpreted in ways he did not mean. He offers a sort of mea culpa here: Mathiness and Academic Identity. Here are what I take to be its two main points: So my objection to mathiness is not a critique of the assumptions or structure of the models that others propose. Here is a situation that we often don’t think about. God has prepared places and people to assist those who are doing His will that the latter know nothing about. Don’t count it strange or odd when you attempt to do something for Christ and find a stranger who makes your way easier or provides something you need as if he were a part of your plan. He may have been. In my effort to avoid buying any books for no other reason than needing them for this challenge, I see The Tale of the Two Brothers available online here, or here, or here. Wikipedia says,There are several themes present in the Tale of Two Brothers that are significant to ancient Egyptian culture. One of these is kingship. The second half of the tale deals largely with Egyptian ideas of kingship and the connection between divinity and the pharaoh. There are also several references to the separation of Egypt into two lands.

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Let the sun power up these lights all day and enjoy the warm of the light at night. The colors that are available are: Blue with White, Green Swirl, Multi Colors, Red and Yellow, Yellow and Blue, and Yellow and Red. Solar Garden Lights Solar Garden Lights. Today begins the first of three dates to be observed over the next seven days of great importance to Cuba.

Juan Wilfredo died on Mother's Day.

I would like to introduce Jacinta. This girl has an amazing edgy sense of style and one of the most unique looks I've seen. She has the kind of hair I wish I could pull off and can even get away with wearing leopard print and acid wash in a single outfit. You guys should definitely check her blog out here. The blonde mop was inspired by the great Andy Warhol. The worked for Jack Thomas. Jack Thomas was the only person I ever knew who put a lit cigarette in his mouth and the ash hung on until he was done with the whole cigarette…it was quite a show. His son was Little Jackie and in his mid teens…with dark curly hair and dark eyes. The film also includes the best film. watch streaming movies online free trailer below and also watch full length Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Megavideo streaming movie on HD without investigation. Today's the start of the three-day Pacific Marine Expo, a showcase for everything from engines to electronics to bait. It's billed as the largest such event on the West Coast, and is being held in the grand Qwest Field Event Center smack in downtown Seattle. Qwest Field, in case you don't know, is home to the Seattle Seahawks. Wesley Loy photo. I Ugly-fied Desert Dawg: I decided to “do something a little different” and have Desert Dawg’s hair cut “poodle style” for Eid. I don’t know what prompted this, but it has had horrific consequences. I won’t do it again and I feel really bad. Poor little thing. The service was so bad that we walked out before we ever had the chance to order.

This worn-out T-shirt is bound to be junked.

Its neckline is tattered. It has lost stretch. The embroidery on the breast is also fraying. But I would put it on for the time being. I have exchanged the trimming of the neck and sleeves for stretch lace. And put a new applique. If dyeing it will be better. "Signs" For IllustrationFriday. More Dead Presidents. Yes, that's a real quote from Abraham Lincoln. As the U. S. battles terrorism, there has been a tendency to trade freedom and rights for safety. That's what this image is about. Both gull roosts were checked this afternoon:WRes. I have found inspiration in the guise of an old friend of mine. Last night when they passed out mail I received an assortment of letters. I always thought of her as such, and at one time even thought of taking our relationship to the next level. The only think that stopped me from doing so was that I knew it would lead to the ruination of our friendship. I valued her too much as a friend to subject her to that! I found out through her letter that my trial attorney lied to her telling her that I have no desire to have contact with her or anyone else from my life. Last week authorities in Japan cut down a pine tree at Rikuzentakata in a bid to preserve it. The tree had been part of a coastal forest, but was the only one left standing after last year's tsunami struck the country. It will be cut into sections, given anti-decay treatment, reassembled using a carbon spine, and replanted in the same spot. The whole process could take around six months. I suppose I understand the logic behind the process - the tree is being preserved as a monument of an event rather than as a tribute to itself. Still. nickholmes. Today's Mr. We have a sneak preview of a new interactive toy by PetSafe® Frolicat® that we'll review tomorrow. We'll also host a giveaway for this amazing item. Stay tuned. Brulee introduces the Frolicat® Fox Den. So here we are then, EU referendum day. By now you should have worked out that I intend to vote Leave, but in case you missed it, here is why. If you dedicate a few hectares of a major European city to thousands of highly-paid people whose livelihood depends on dreaming up new regulations, what else are they going to do but regulate? But, I hear you say, regulations keep us safe don't they? We need them. Well up to a point yes, but that point passed decades ago in the case of the EU. I've written about EU regulations in my industry before which have absolutely nothing to do with safety whatsoever, but instead impose unnecessary costs on businesses, inhibit employment and push up prices for consumers. We are well beyond the time where what we actually need is an institution which deregulates, but instead we pay billions to the EU to turn the ratchet further without ever bothering to repeal anything that is unhelpful. Anyone who has kept a close eye on the corrupt shenanigans surrounding the Tobacco Products Directive - particularly towards e-cigs where nothing has been made safer at all, but where innovation and consumer satisfaction has been thrown to the dogs - will attest to that. The message that Brexit the Movie conveyed wasn't even a new one. This has always been the case and no amount of governments pretending they "create jobs", by handing back only some of the taxes they take which could have been paid directly to workers, will change that. So - last Friday this prize of a guy wrote this Op-Ed for the New York Times. I apologize if you can't open that last link - in case you can't I will state his basic argument. Basically, his point is that buying pork from a local farmer who raises his animals humanely and doesn't pump them full of hormones and drugs WILL KILL YOU. e. TWO!!! And that if you were to eat the meat from these animals without cooking it, you could DIE!!!!Mr. PRESS: "The "Underwear Bomber Night Gamer”. A one of a kind vinyl custom with red glass inset eyes and an internal motion activated color-changing LED unit. From Steve. New Documents Reveal U. S. Now, new information obtained by the ACLU shows for the first time that the U. S. Marshals Service has experimented with using drones for domestic surveillance. We learned this through documents we released today, received in response to a Freedom of Information Act request. The documents are available here. Last night's campfire was exactly what I needed. We ate, laughed, toasted, and eventually gathered enough chairs and haybales to all sit around the campfire. It was a lovely time. And the congratulations and words of support were around, all day. It's something you need to hear and see. At least I do. This stamp is PERFECT for those of us who love Coffee or Books. Such a fun stamp! I colored the stamp using my Zig Clean Color Real brush pens, adding water to make it look like watercolor. I'm lucky that I'm really healthy and rarely get sick. I like to have a few tonics handy during winter though, just in case. I think these drinks work because they're hot, so they warm you up, and they often contain citrus, herbs and honey which can counteract cold-like symptoms with their antiseptic properties. I also believe they work partly because of the careful and slow ritual of making them and because you know you're taking time out to look after yourself. The mind plays its own tricks on us at times. And for all of my northern hemisphere friends, who may we fanning themselves under elder or pecan trees, here are some of my recipes for cold summer drinks and elder flower cordial. My favourite pick-me-up drink in winter is plain black tea with lemon and honey. You just brew the tea as you like it and add as much or as little lemon and honey as you like. I held fire through the constant rain of Saturday, lasted out this morning’s downpour, and then ate lunch in the conservatory to the torture of more rainfall on the glass roof. I suppose I could have gone out in the rain, birding of sorts, driving around likely spots with all the other dudes looking for the “stakeouts”, the Bradshaw Lane buntings, the grebe in genteel St Annes, the diver diving in the dock, the Preston Gull, the plastic goose, etc. , etc. , but what’s the point of that?.

I got to Rawcliffe Moss via several flooded dips in the road but nothing too dramatic, except that near both Town End and Cartford Bridge the level of the River Wyre looked on the high side.

The farm road was also pretty wet but nothing the Suzuki couldn’t handle. Already the Little Owl had broken cover and sat in the usual spot even though the rain still spat out its final drops. Yordano Ventura paid tribute to his AA teammate and friend Oscar Taveras who died in an auto accident. He sharpied RIP O.


J. F. K. With regard to my post yesterday, "Blinded by the Story," here are two variations on the general theme. A graphic one. Hehe. This past weekend I posted a few photos on Instagram of these pretzel bites that we made. I got more than one request for the recipe. I was feeding a large crowd so we quadrupled the recipe. Add flour and butter and mix with a dough hook. Add the baking soda to the stock pot full of water and bring to a boil.

Line baking sheets with parchment paper.

Alexander McQueen iridescent leather pumps. Brian Atwood Loca studded pumps. I made these for breakfast on Father's day. They freeze well so you can just pull one out each morning to defrost. Set aside. I started decorating. I fixed up the bedroom for the Holidays. I like crawling into a Christmas bed. These stars will go in my kitchen windows. The retro wreathes I've made will decorate the shelter. I love making these from thrift shop finds. There's no more Intel. .