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O uncreated Wisdom, who art so soon to make Thyself visible to Thy creatures, truly Thou disposest all things. It is by Thy permission that the emperor Augustus issues a decree ordering the enrolment of the whole world. Each citizen of the vast empire is to have his name enrolled in the city of his birth. This prince has no other object in this order, which sets the world in motion, but his own ambition. Tweet When concrete has dried it is a dull, light grey colour. Some think that a concrete lintel exposed for its full depth on the external face of brick walls is not attractive. A modification of the ordinary rectangular section lintel, known as a boot lintel, was often used to reduce the depth of the lintel exposed externally. The lintel is boot-shaped in section with the toe part showing externally. The main body of the lintel is inside the wall where it does not show and it is this part of the lintel which does most of the work of supporting brickwork.

To take this out of the slave/master relationship for practical reasons for us, the employer should always be fair and equal with his employees.

This does not mean that everyone must be paid the same wage. And they went their way. Steve Alcorn's a fine investigator. The co-host for the hit podcast the Fortean Slip takes a look at a recently posted piece of video footage of a possible skunk ape captured in Florida. The skunk ape of course being the regional name for bigfoot in that part of the United States. Check it out:. These are not new, they were posted on kstewartfans, but during the madness of BD promo we ended up missing them here. I was one of those Cubans who signed and gathered the necessary signatures, as established by the Cuban Constitution, to make valid the citizen petition to the authorities. In Cuba the right of citizens to freely express their thoughts, or to associate freely according to their interests is not respected. Not even economic freedoms, despite cosmetic measures that as a concession, not as a right established and guaranteed, authorities now announce to the world and are nothing more than fraudulent change to maintain the privileges of a caste in power. Senator Grassley has sent a letter out to ten major health IT vendors seeking information on health IT problems and flaws. Read the whole thing. It is linked via a Washington Post story "Electronic medical records not a cure-all", Sunday Oct. The WaPo article itself seems to require registration.


Ever since I first got my paws on my copy of Vegan Sandwiches Save The Day, I've been wanting to make their recipe for Green Monster Bread. With a name like that, how could I resist?? Well, I finally did it! Seriously. Can you even believe it?? Here it is, sliced open in all its glory. This is definitely the most successful loaf of sandwich bread I've ever made.

As you can see, I got a totally perfect rise.

The dough was smooth and pliable and springy and the final result is an easily sliceable loaf of bread that holds together but isn't dense.

She did an event for me last year and the level of detail she went to made it all appear seamless.

Her prices are reasonable and she's a wonderful person to work with. waiting for it to move. My fave NYC view—of lower Manhattan from the Brooklyn Promenade—finally has a tower where thetwo we still miss used to be. It's not finished yet, but it's right on schedule and it's already a big presence. YouTube link. I presume this video was originally created to illustrate for U-Haul renters why their heaviest items should be loaded in the front of the trailer. Here in the upper Midwest, it's a good object lesson for the legions of people hauling boats to and from the lake on weekends. I remember years ago digging through an old dump looking for bottles and finding shoe soles with the nails protruding. I didn't know until today that some shoes used screws to attach the sole to the upper. Image via Alabaster. It has to be strengthened by a lot of factors and not merely the emotions that you feel for each other. It is also very important to incorporate fun and pleasure in the relationship because you are bound to get bored once in while. There are many ways to do that and one of them is playing romantic board games for her that will stimulate the feeling and revive the passion that has sizzled down over time. Read through the article to learn some of the essential benefits you can get. The relationship would be a waste of effort and emotions if you do not invest in time for one another.

Mine franske blå munker, Jasione laevis ‘Blaulicht’, gleder meg med mange blomster i år.

Etter å ha vansmektet i staudetrappa fikk den en plass i pjuskebeddet i stedet og de første året sikkret jeg meg noen frø. Disse spirte faktisk og noen få små frøplanter klarte snegleangreppet når de var priklet over i potte og. Nå får jeg lyst å samle fler frø, så mer og kanskje få planter som jeg kan sette forran rosene og. Må alltså huske å samle frø!. Just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a bright New Year from sunny Saudi Arabia. And no, this camel does not have a shiny red nose but I am sure Santa won't object to using him on those grounds. he's got to get around somehow!!. Quiet outside. Not a sound. It's the best part of the day because the silence enshrines those who aren't sleeping yet. I often imagine a passer-by peeking, unseen, into our kitchen: he will see the cotton tablecloth and a pinkish light from the lantern, and he will think of the scene as a warm Kincade indoor setting. A temblor. It doesn't stop and it's not the refrigerator fan. The walls and the ceilings shake. Bei TVC gibts tonnenweise mehr Bilder. OK, I'm jumping in on this because it's something that needs to be said. Simon Clark posted an article today criticising the A Billion Lives documentary makers for using a stat on secondhand smoke. This is the case for me with this image from Lorenzo Castillo. I kept the image large so you could see everything. I love that there is pattern and detail and mixed elements but nothing feels "trendy". And if you know me, you know I love old things. Researchers, inaddition to providing LORs, they can through their wide connections help you get a residency position. In addition to research which you will find in the links below, you need to do observerships in institutions which contain ACGME certified programs and apply to the IMG friendly residency programs the lists of which are present in the links on the left side of this page. This is a frequently updated list of places and websites through which the people we are coaching each year get into research positions all over the nation. USMLE scores or ECFMG certificates are not usually required however many of these institutions may not be sponsoring visas. This is sample letter for research which you caan modifiy accordingly and send it to the research facilities to see if they have opportunities available. The documentary also shows what we can do to counter the disaster. Global warming … it’s not warming and now its not global. on the promo bin, trust me! A headspinning amounta records and CDR/cassette underground stuff's been piling up in the mailbox for the last coupla weeks. Sorry if it seems like I've been slackin' on it, but hasn't it been great to hear these live guests that've dropped into the KDVS studios the last few weeks? So, yeah. tonight's AFS features much of the best of the records that I've been saving up for the last month, including the week I couldn't make it due to car trouble. If you're near the West Coast in the next coupla weeks, don't miss your chance to see U. S. A Manifesto against Manifestosby Phil JohnsonAnother silly manifesto has been issued by some "top evangelical, Catholic, and mainline" officials, outlining new rules of engagement for missionary and evangelistic work. The document is full of ecumenical argot and liberal gobbledegook. " But the document never once shows the slightest concern for getting the content of the gospel message correct. In the end, with great fanfare, they invariably issue "a historic manifesto. " The profound historic significance of their work is typically declared by the drafters themselves in the lead sentence of all their press releases. Haifley Bros. The Knip & Willis Bolts. The price of the raffle ticket will not include the Bikereg. This decision will be made at the discretion of Pacenti Cycle Design. Hey guys, As a request from a reader, I have created a short tutorial on how to prevent weather into your Greenhouse. Please take note that this does not solve the dormancy problem, but will make it so snow or puddles from the rain will not appear inside the building. I hope this helps! AznSensei First we will look at the right side of the lot: Remove all greenhouse roof pieces, except for the end one: Draw a wall stretching out until it ends at the roof end: Draw another wall, but halfway across: Place a Greenhouse Roof Side as pictured below: Use the Mansard Roof to make a roof over the walls you made and adjust the size to your fitting: Finished: Now towards the main area of snow, the centered area: Remove the two greenhouse roof pieces shown below: Draw a wall again the same way you did earlier: Place another Greenhouse Roof Side: Draw another Roof on top and you are set to go: The last part is the interior, which is pretty simple: Remove the wall and arch there so it can be one giant room: Also, remove this one too: Add Windows and you are done: And there you go! A Finished Greenhouse that doesn't have weather entering your lot!. Greetings, Thought I've been traveling for the past few days. I was greatly saddened to read of the death of the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire - known in her younger days as Deborah Miford. The Mitford sisters have always fascinated me.

in fact, I've been reading Deborah's own memoirs "Wait for Me" over the last few months.

Darlings, happy Friday! CC is off for a long weekend of fun in the sun in West Palm Beach, Florida! Here are a few of the many items in CC's suitcase: Charlie by Matthew Zink Charlie scarf bikini, at charliebymz. Charlie by Matthew Zink Charlie one piece, at charliebymz. Loeffler Randall Sienna fringe ankle cuff flat sandal, at intermixonline. Aquazzura Oui Baby ankle booties, from barneyswarehouse. Fight Club is, on balance, inferior to its film adaptation. To be fair, it's Palahniuk's first novel and probably not the screenwriter's first movie, but it is a story that seems to work better, in many ways, on film. The movie was also a more intelligent and self-conscious work, was more surprising overall, and, not least, had a much stronger ending. P. The movie also, mercifully, doesn't emphasize the book's Christian parable theme, which suggests that the fight club is a form of left-hand Christianity, sinning to attract the attention of God. This is a very silly, transparently juvenile theme which the author himself ultimately ironizes in the heaven/nuthouse of the last chapter. A novel built around such an idea can be a very effective satirical novel of ideas. Superfly. .