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I tried to draw it on a piece of paper for Far Guy, we went up and measured and got some more ideas. Far Guy made a plan. and lots of trips to the lumber yard. This was a four part project. The interiors have that wonderful Dutch look, achieved by mixing styles in a wild and seemingly casual way, and the final touch is the giant light over the kitchen island, made of a whole bunch of old lamp shades in different patterns. I think that is a trademark in Dutch design, their talent for taking something old and traditional and making it into something very fresh and modern!via. I don't know why anyone would. “How small, of all that human hearts endure, that part which laws or kings can cause or cure. The essential wisdom of his observation remains intact even our era of world-bestriding chief executives who have access to power not imagined by sages such as Johnson, the Framers who created the office, or even, for that matter, unalloyed despots like Lenin and Hitler, each of whom murdered millions but couldn’t vaporize people on a whim.

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and I am trying to figure out how to change it up a bit.

Another great image from Rik Hoving's Larry Watson Photo Archive!. Some random thoughts about Halloween and Christmas. Some Christians oppose Halloween due to its allegedly heathen roots. You also have some Christians who oppose Halloween because it has its historical basis in the dogma of Purgatory and prayers for the dead. A Catholic holiday. The basic problem with that line of objection is that the history of a holiday is irrelevant to its contemporary significance. The very fact that some Christians feel the need to give people a history lesson on the real or alleged background of the holiday ironically illustrates the irrelevance of their objection. For if people don't know the history of the holiday, then that has absolutely nothing to do with why they celebrate the holiday. It doesn't factor in their thinking at all. And even if they did know about its historical origins, that isn't what motivates them to celebrate the holiday. Halloween has evolved. My grandson, Tony, is getting married in June and I made this quilt for his fiancee, Kendra. She collects elephants and when I saw this elephant fabric, Valori Wells Karavan Marrakech Peacock at fabric. How cute is this fabric? The pattern, The Big EZ, is one that Marcia from Rossville quilts showed us at an Old Tippe Quilt Guild meeting. It is one she suggested for using large scale prints. I chose Luau as the quilting design because the theme of the shower was tropical. I also made the cake, following the beach theme: The sand is Teddy grahams thrown into the food processor, and the shells are white and milk chocolate. I made the cute little adirondack chairs the night before using this tutorial. They were supposed to be made with popcicle sticks, but I used some scrap plastic material that we print on at The national Group to make VIP tags and such. The girls like to cook in their Easy Bake oven. This weekend they made cinnamon rolls in the little pink-and-purple-cook-em-with-a-light-bulb-thingy. They thought they were great. So we measured. And poured. And melted. And scooped.

And stirred.

Enjoy tasty Middle Eastern main dishes and learn how to make Iraqi Style Dolma. Wash and hollow eggplants, zucchinis, potatoes and bell peppers. Place them in a bowl with water to prevent changing their color. Drain hollowed vegetables from water then stuff them with meat mixture. Arrange them over onion slices in the pot. spoonflower. It's wonderful!! There are endless possibilities!! I wish this had arrived in time to take to Nashville as it would have made a great display, but I'll have it for future shows. This is a fake job scam. scam-job-emails. You are expected to report in our Calgary, Alberta, office Canada on the date stated in your appointment letter. .