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So that supports the primary count.

Not much else to say really. Monday is closed. ". we want to create something that looks as if it has always existed, yet is at the same time, stark and modern. For us, the uniform is the embodiment of this idea and serves as our starting point. "Read an Interview with Founder Isa Saalabi here.

The challenge in this brave new world is finding a way for different departments to work together, and define processes that cross traditional departmental boundaries.

Discussion highlights include:Suggested strategies and tools for collaborating across departments Leading practices for electronic information challenges including mobile devices, cloud-based storage, and email retention Leading practices for moving unstructured information to a structured repository Leading practices for legal holds, the transfer of files in and out of firms, and destruction practices The evolving role of the RIM professional in law firms. Attendees will probably have to assume the effort and risk of applying for credit as individuals. It appears from the speakers and content that this might be a credit-worthy event in states that allow credit for practice development and support. Where did spring go today??. ‎. Heard that Tai Cheong Bakery opens at Holland Village, but didn't check out that place till end December last year. And also the buttery crust. M. Salina: Intitolazione strada a Simone Neri. Since River arrived, I haven't been able to go to church. Ideally, I'd like to return after about six weeks, but we'll see how it's going when we get there. The ugliest monster in the history of horror is sent out to. abduct the careless into a mad world of erotic torture!SANGRE DE VIRGENES aka BLOOD OF THE VIRGINS: Banned in Argentina! The first vampire film made in Argentina, but it ended up banned as too bloody and sexy. Watch it on a double bill with FEMALE VAMPIRE. YouTube link. Bernie Taupin wrote "Daniel" while inspired by the events of the Vietnam War. "'Daniel' had been the most misinterpreted song that we'd ever written," explained Taupin, in the Two Rooms tribute project. "The story was about a guy that went back to a small town in Texas, returning from the Vietnam War. They'd lauded him when he came home and treated him like a hero. But, he just wanted to go home, go back to the farm, and try to get back to the life that he'd led before. I wanted to write something that was sympathetic to the people that came home. ". Every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution. If you don't have any problems, you don't get any seeds. ". Thanks Brenda Shaw. Each September the Alaskan wood frogs freeze. Two-thirds of their body water turns to ice. If you picked them up, they would not move. If you bent one of their legs, it would break. Their hearts stop beating, their blood no longer flows and their glucose levels sky rocket. But then during the spring, they thaw out and return to normal. sixpenceee . sadanduseless.

Black widow.

Brown recluse. I am willing to bet those four words cause a number of you to cringe. Thus is the American romantic tale associated with hobo. How did it happen to be the name of the star of my latest little venture into Mother Nature's teeming maw?So, here I am trying to get the house cleaned up to get it on the market. Keeping families standing in the cold and rain isn't seen as being a particularly nice thing to do. That meant that we lost nearly half an hour of visiting time. How fortunate for us that a Prison Inspector was lurking in the visits room, allowing the Ed and I to vent our opinion of the shambolic process. you're the runner up and will receive a book from the homesteading library at the farm as well! Congrats to all who got creative here, and I hope you use those jar warmers, too. Well done!.

Solid Snake paper model based on the Metal Gear game series.

I have always loved those Welsh Dressers that you often find in English Cottages. They are full of plates and cups, mugs and tea pots. Everything accessible and charmingly arranged.

Today for Table Top Tuesday over at our friend Marty's blogA Stroll Thru Life, I am showing glimpses of the vintage blue and white dresser in my kitchen.

It is filled with things I love and things I use quite often.

A blue calico pitcher, tea pot and sugar shaker. A sauce boat. Little chocolate pots for lovely puddings. Extra little bowls for serving dips. A French Press coffee pot that I purchased years ago in London. There was good news here recently. A couple of weeks ago I told you that my elder son Shane and his lovely girlfriend, Sarndra, will marry this year. Their original plan was to go to New Zealand for a few months, return here in September, marry and go to Spain to live for a while. Well, things have changed. The wedding will now be in June!And it will be here at our home. I doubt I'm the only one who thinks that is madness. All that money for a one day event, all that thought and preparation going into a dress and a celebration, all that debt starting a new life. I think they should focus less on the wedding and more on the marriage. Greetings all from Menorca. A quick update from the Med on life and birding in the sun. Arrivals this week included lots of Whinchat, Spotted and Pied Flycatchers, Wheatears, Swifts and Alpine Swifts. Hotel birds entertained us daily Audouins Gull, Hoopoe, Scops Owls and a Kestrel that keeps the House Sparrows in check. Raptors included Marsh Harrier, Peregrine, Booted Eagle, Hobby and Egyptian Vulture. Herons represented by Cattle Egret, Little Egret and Purple Heron. There is good old fashioned farming here with plenty of Cettis Warbler, Nightingale with both Cirl Bunting and Corn Bunting plus Woodchat Shrikes everywhere. In the last few days I caught up with with Roller, Red backed Shrike and Whiskered Tern. I have lots of photos to post when I get home including amazing shots of Scops Owl, Tawny Pipit, Bee Eater and Cattle Egret to name but a few. See you soon. Well our tradition of a Christmas Eve day ride went to shit, Pat has the only running bike. So he went on his own. There's always next year. Earlier today, I granted old friend Tim Bourquin of TraderInterviews. La date exacte n'est pas encore connue. I'm sure his blood pressure was reaching stroke territory. What's up with that ugly hair on Colmes??. Given my proximity to the place, I go to Aqueduct almost reflexively on any weekend day on which I have an opportunity to spend at least a couple of hours. But nowadays, I get there, look around at the options, and wonder why I bothered. All of my favorite haunting places from over the years are either gone or negatively altered. The first floor clubhouse is overcrowded and brimming with that old OTB parlor vibe. The room on the second floor in the back off the Man O'War room is now an office for Genting. Seriously, still? What's the deal with that? They can't find any room on their side? Couldn't NYRA extract some improvements in the surrounding areas in exchange? And the Manhattan Terrace on the third floor has been taken over by the dingy and depressing desk cubby things as pictured in this post. Writing a Thank You Letter can take less than a minute, but can have a profound emotional effect on the recipient. The gesture alone can be rewarding. So respect the power of these two words - Thank You! It might just say your ass one day. Hey it won't hurt to feel and say how grateful you are. .