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Enjoy what you have sowed but did you have to drag the rest of America and the world down into your cesspool as well? Advertisement. This is a scrappy quilt with many colors to choose from. Watch: Watermelon carving of the Night King Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersWorld.

Russian photographer Kirill Oreshkin knows how to take a "selfie"!!.

As the snow started to accumulate yesterday afternoon, Mike ran over to our new house to check on things.

I also asked him to take some photos so that I could see some of the progress going on inside. I had been to the house earlier that morning but it was very blustery so the children and I only stayed for a moment and stayed in the car.

Usually when we go over, we run around the yard and peek inside the windows.

This is a photo taken from the far end of our property. One thing I was able to see from the car was that the painter had made great progress on the barn. The whole house will eventually be painted but due to rain delays, only the barn will get done before winter.

Here it is with the red paint scraped off.

I was excited to see the progress on the center hall stairs. I finished Seven Sisters yesterday. This block was entirely hand pieced - my method of choice was reverse applique'. It's from an older line called Vintage Indigo by Harriet Hargrave. I look forward to using more of Harriet's Indigo prints in future blocks of this sew-along. every Quilt tells a story. Here are my first Barn Fresh products, almost for sale. Red, Old White and Charcoal. And no, there will be no black Tees with this print. m. ". Mara Hoffman Tea Length Skirt. Simple to use, quick undocking, and it works with or without a case. via. to name only a few. During the next few days we will be busy in packing up everything on site and do the last drawings and recordings.

by Thomas B WhitakerTo my dear friend X,Hi there.

That is ok, though it really doesn’t matter to me, because as you read these words, I am dead, and so I cannot hear your objections. The inability to care about your acceptance of my words is actually one of the best parts about being dead, and is a highly undervalued currency, I shall have you know. Ah, but none of that, for now. If the same statistics hold in your day as existed in mine, you probably know nothing of Socrates or Crito. It’s not important, at this point. I myself didn’t really know much about those two gentlemen either, before I came to this place. If you have a name you would like to apply, the best advice is 'Go out and discover one!'"The headline above links to the rest of the article. topoftexasgazette. I guess you can see what I've been up to lately. In between decorating two client homes, I've been scrambling to make my home festive before the Holiday show. There will be no time after, so white Christmas is arriving a bit early this year.

Of course it made doing WW easy this week and for the next few weeks also.

When we see the blessing given to Israel in the Old, we can claim them for ourselves as we have been grafted into the tree. Here we see Moses speaking of God's blessings on Israel. He says, "How blessed You are". He goes on the talk about how God defeats the enemies of Israel. I love the words, "How blessed you are!"Application:Sometimes when things aren't going like we want them to, we feel discouraged and even feel like God doesn't like us any more. We need to constantly remember "how blessed we are". Jesus gave His life for us, we have access to the Father, He has fogiven our sins and healed our bodies. When market crashes, you thought that you can be nimble and sell your stocks if you’re in the wrong side of a trade. Finally logged on to DBS Back then, I only had one brokerage platform which is under DBS Vickers online. It had failed miserably on me back then when I was trading warrants. In the midst of the trading, the whole platform went offline and I couldn't sell it. One year ago I was buying fruits and vegetables from a roadside stand when my cell phone rang. It was Lesley calling to ask me to join the Freshly Made Sketches design team. So I thought it only fitting to use this image from Countryside in my card this week in honor of our one year anniversary! I have had the privilege of working with amazing and creative designers this past year. I have also been inspired by the many wonderful designs you have all made using Freshly Made Sketches! Thank you to everyone who has made this such a successful and exciting year! As soon as that granddaughter of mine arrives and gets settled in I will be back full time on the team and looking forward to another year of fun and inspiration! Hope you join in our celebration this week.

Pick any of our past sketches and play along.

. Ahhhhh sunshine.

warmth, the smell of fresh cut grass, evenings spent listening to the frogs a croakin.

ohhh I LOVE YOU SUMMER TIME! I decided today to use some color. reds, greens. It was always Mom’s idea to go visit Charles and Mary Shelley on Sunday afternoons.

We would climb into the buggy and head west on our curvy, one-lane dirt road in the hills of southeastern Ohio, to an ancient farmhouse with huge bushes around it.

Charles and Mary were brother and sister of some impossibly old age, and my predominant memory of their place is the pervasive darkness. I recall the house as a deep weather-beaten gray on the outside, the paint long since peeled away. Inside, only a bit of dim light from the windows illuminated the accumulation of years. A narrow path led through the kitchen, past the table on the left with perhaps a dirty plate or the shriveled remains of a daffodil bouquet we had given weeks before, and the black wood stove on the right, with mysterious piles and objects beside and behind. Then we would turn left into the living room and sit around the coal-burning stove on uncertain chairs while Mary sat in a rocking chair that had an arm fastened on with baling twine. Everything was covered in coal dust. Anything we touched left a black smudge on our fingers. And everything we couldn’t touch was obviously dusty, as well — the lace curtains hanging in gloomy shreds at the dirty windows, Charles’ ragged jacket, the calendars from bygone years still hanging from nails on the ancient peeling wallpaper, the careful pile of empty Bufferin boxes on the once-lovely side table in the living room. Hmmmm. Good question. At least I think so because I asked it. I think the easier question to answer is why I shouldn't be blogging. So here goes. The utility said the rotating outages would continue overnight Saturday and into Sunday. Ice and Cold: Global Warming Believers are Today's Climate DeniersWho is anti-science now?. Josephine and Claude Madison at the Nuggett. - Retro photo. look what's happening in Chicago. I so knew this sort of thing was going to happen. Bet they all voted for Obama. Thirty thousand retired city employees will be forced to switch to Obamacare. Just ask my husband. Cause if anyone is a wanna be weatherman it is him.

Looks like we are in for some snow.


-dana. Licious has always wanted to fly. And Licious is a crafty inventor. Since May she has had large cardboard pieces in her room that she insisted on keeping. "Why?" I would ask. "Because I'm going to make wings. " She would say. Wings indeed. Just before school began again. Aigner, via nymag.

"Research, concept, illustration, packaging, and naming for Classic Muscle, a dietary supplement for those in search of natrual brawn.

" Designer: Kyle Fletcher Country: USA. Notes from , "The Novelist. " Everyone is waiting, some are in crisis. We lash out at intel providers accusing them of being cabal, or ego maniacs and worse. But wounded and desperate people will strike at those who only want to help. No one forces me to read, or believe, or make life altering choices, based on information garnered from a website. .