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There is an obdurate winter ahead. But he feels a force ready to break, as spring breaks from the dead tree. As the word of God spreads, the people’s eyes are opened to new truths.

Until now, like Helen Barre, they knew Noah and the Flood, but not St Paul.

They could count over the sorrows of our Blessed Mother, and say how the damned are carried down to Hell. The Daughter and I walked down to Bluff City Coffee on one of our downtown excursions. We had coffee instead. She had an Americano, and I had a double espresso: Their espresso is very good. I couldn't have asked for better. They had nice seating inside, but we sat outside it was such a pretty day. He asked me where we were from, and I said, "Here!" He laughed. I think we look like tourists when we take pictures of everything.

While The Daughter and I were sitting at our table we watched a man taking pictures.

The New Yorker discusses weather as a literary tool or symbol.

” Emily Brontë conjured the opposite kind of relationship in “Wuthering Heights.

” When we first meet Catherine Earnshaw, she is a ghostly hand rapping on a window in a storm—which is to say, she is essentially the storm itself, rattling the glass panes of her former home. At every point thereafter, emotional drama and atmospheric drama are one. If Lear is minded like the weather, Catherine and Heathcliff are bodied like it—together, the most famous storm ever to strike the Yorkshire moors. These programs are presented in coordination with the Washington County Bar Association, but membership in the Association is not required for attendance.


N. Hello, Raechelle here. To make this project I used one of the lovely images from the Festive Wine Bottle Tags collection. I knew I had to make something playful and fun with it. To create this project I simply printed the image onto some Bazzill cardstock and cut it out. I then added some beading trim I've had in my stash along the bottom, some rub ons and a butterfly die cut with some bling to finish it off. ". ". Ashley covers up in NYC with a black coat, a hint of plaid, light wash jeans and leather boots. Get the look: + Calvin Klein Black Leather Detail Coat + Clare V. Maison Gosee Cross Body Bag + Rails Maddox Button Down Plaid Shirt + Mother Looker Skinny Ankle Fray Jeans + Diane Von Furstenberg Brown Booties. We worked on some more glass flowers yesterday…this one needed a heavy copper pipe. I wasn’t sure that this one would hold together because it is so heavy…so far so good. The red reflection is from the red bird feeder above it. This is five pieces of glassware. I made a display board for some bark carvings, the carving group is having a display at an event in Park Rapids tomorrow. A display helps introduce wood carving to others who may not know how diversified our group is. I found this perfect piece of Black Walnut out in the woodshop…imagine that! I sanded it and put a coat of sealer on it and viola I have a display board. I try not to look around too much out in that woodshop…oh my. via. The willingness to express racial indignation for almost anything is seemingly always a bit more extreme. We might recall nearly a decade ago the deep umbrage taken when someone accused an individual during a public speech of being "niggardly. How many times during the campaign was the slightest reference to ethnicity pointed out as being a serious breach of polite discourse. You might even recall the twisting of the race issue by candidate Obama himself into accusations of what his opponent might probably do, not what he actually did. So can we be surprised at this:What Would The Colonel Say?Apparently now the linkage between fried chicken and race is established, but I'm not sure how pizza fits into the equation. We've seen the Messiah's image, logo, name, and slogan plastered all over the civilized and uncivilized world for the last three years. What's wrong with a restaurant in Brooklyn and in Harlem using the name? Should I be offended by the clear slur I see every day at KFC when the connection is so shamelessly made between fried chicken and chubby, old, white guys? I never realized.

Maybe there's a law suit in this.

This view is anchored on the fact that the consent of the electorates vests legitimacy on the government. Although, free and fair election may not necessarily guarantee good governance, it still represents the arguable form of government. This we shall do by assessing the judgments of the Governorship Election Petition Tribunal in some States in Nigeria. The Acid Sweat Lodge is pleased to announce that it will be exhibiting a new installation as part of the "Like A Rolling Stone" exhibition happening at the Charles H. Scott Gallery in Vancouver BC. Charles H.



The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it. -Arnold Glasow Let us lay aside every weight, and the sin that does so easily beset us and let us run with patience the race that is set before us. Et lysrør er satt på ute i planteboden og de potter som får lov å overvintre er satt inn. Det er ikke så mange i år, alle knoller og løker har jeg tatt opp ur pottene og viklet inn i avispapir. Så gjelder det å huske på litt vann nå og da… bortemot juletider vil jeg tro. Ute er det mildt, ti grader når jeg gikk inn i ettermiddag. This week we broke records at Pizza by the Sea and Movies by the Sea. Thank you to all of the wonderful members of our team who helped make it happen. My dad is a potter and my mom is a ceramic artist and while all my friends had parents with "normal" jobs I had parents who ALWAYS worked for themselves with clay! I never thought too much about it growing up. having a ceramic studio on our property seemed normal to me, helping my dad load the kiln was what all kids did right? Knowing the difference between earthenware and porcelain clay is important knowledge for all young adults. isn't it? Well I am not sure why I did not end up a potter but it really is no surprise that I grew up to be an artist- life growing up was always creative, full of creative experimentation, drawing, making things with clay. Edited to add: I WON! I WON! I won a copy of Matthew Mead's new book, Entertaining Simple! Thank you Linda from Restyled Home, Matthew Mead and Wiley Publishing. I'd also like to thank The Academy. Do you know Matthew Mead yet? If not, you need to. I was introduced to Matthew by Linda at Restyled Home. U. lecturer argues global warming doesn’t cause polar vortex - The Daily Princetonian "Happer explained that this year’s record lows have been emphasized in order to support the climate change “myth. ” “You know, for years we were told we’re going to fry, and the earth refused to cooperate. And so they desperately look for something else to hang their hat on,” he said, referring to supporters of the global warming theory. ". Kubambene ingwe nengonyama∼Kuxabene noma kubhekene abantu abanamandla alinganayo. by Frank Turk After yesterday's meta, it seems to me that a lot of people need help wrapping their minds around the fact that the church is God's plan and that the Christian life is not ever intended to be a one-man sport. To help you wrap you mind around this little project, I'm going to line out what a lousy example I am, and then we can get back to things like Scripture and obedience and your personal holiness and so on. The major contributor to that, as you might imagine, has been. None of our friends knew the sex of the baby, so we had a shirt made to share the news. Tom ran by quick, everyone hugged and congratulated me and Trevor and I was relieved we could finally talk about him. Tom heard her yell, "I read your wifes blog!" from the crowd. Small world out there. The girl group continues to bring the funk and the sass in their third second mini-album Pink Funky. The album also includes Ahh Oop!, their collaboration single with Esna. is from this guy: "Movement conservatives who turn against Wall Street are on the verge of breaking important new conceptual ground. James Poulos, who Details Magazine explained, was Huffington Post's "own Gen-X David Brooks" If the last two political generations has proven anything, it's that The Stupids will go right on believing whatever Roger Ailes and Rush Limbaugh tell them to believe, up to and including being told to lobotomize their own kids. They are Conservatism's ideological cannon fodder. They were bred for, with Wall Street money and Hate Media propaganda. Sure, that arrangement is periodically renegotiated. And, yes, sometime the Brownshirts turn on the plutocrats who have been footing the bill for their binge. But Modern Conservatism will always be a berserk, terrified, headless mob. you're being manipulated. Is it so hard to believe that Cruz really didn't know some super PAC was behind the picture of Melania Trump being posted in order to sway voters in Utah? Conversely, is it so hard to believe that Trump was not behind the Enquirer story about the possibility of Cruz being active in bedrooms with women who were not his wife? After doing some thinking the past few days, I've reached the conclusion that both scenarios I outlined above are probably true. Always ask who benefits from the chaos in this whole ridiculous Kabuki theater we call an election. It's certainly not the people who do not want to see a criminal like Hillary Clinton in the White House. I know how leftists speak when they argue. I would say at least a third of the "conservative" posters trashing both Trump and Cruz are leftists posing as conservatives. For this delicious hummus Casserole dish, we layer a little hummus on the bottom of a casserole dish, then add the pita pieces, then the rest of the hummus with toasted pine nuts, lemon juice, and parsley. We don't make this dish topped with ground beef, but that's the way it's served in most Arab homes. If you choose this option, simply cook some ground beef with diced onion and layer it on top. Try this hummus casserole recipe and bring the joy for everyone around the table. Remove from heat and drain fat. Happy New Year!!! I made some food for a friend that had a party last night. I am such a fun person. I made a bunch of Canadian butter tarts which though they aren't very pretty, they are one of the best things you will ever eat. Sprinkle the water over the surface and toss with a fork until the water is just incorporated into the dough. Form the dough into two rounds about an inch thick. Wrap in plastic wrap and let rest in the fridge for about a half hour. Roll out on lightly floured surface. Hi all. it's Ginny here to share a sweet little banner I created with lots of bits and pieces from my Valentine scrap and salvage box. This banner was so easy to make. The hardest part was getting my Cricut down from the top shelf - lol. I started with Random Sweetheart Cherries Grosgrain Ribbon. The tallies have been tabulated, the votes have been counted, and the songs have been sung. Alli Sutton and Jacob Mergott, the "Vocalist" Top Two as they wait to find out whose name was called as the winnerJacob Mergott wins!HUGS! Mergott brought a unique quality to the contest, choosing songs one might hear Michael Buble sing or that you would hear backed by a big band week after week. Barely needing a microphone, but using one as all contestants do, Mergott's natural sleek bari-tenor vocals were loud and clear. .