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A tiny broken flip flop that had washed up on the beach in FL.

I miss opportunities to photograph things,,,better,,, I went back to find it, but it was gone.

The shells were stuck on it, so it had been in the ocean for a while. I mentioned that the Apostle Paul has gotten bad press from the man on the street and others who talk as if they had read their Bibles.

To partially correct this bad reputation, I will quote the Apostle Paul on love, repentance, and his personal, emotional attachments.

Love: “Love is patient, love is kind.

It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. An umbrella group representing seafood processors operating throughout coastal Alaska has had a change of heart about development of a massive copper, gold and molybdenum mine in Southwest Alaska. After careful consideration of its initial stance four years ago, the Pacific Seafood Processors Association says it has concluded that the level of risk to fisheries posed by the Pebble mine is simply too high. “Furthermore, we know from past experience that actual or perceived damage to the purity of the waters or fish of the Bristol Bay region would harm the marketability of Alaska salmon and other seafood species, even from other regions of the state. Corporate members of PSPA include those with a major presence in Bristol Bay, including Peter Pan Seafoods and Trident Seafoods. The association also has several dozen associate members doing business in the seafood industry. "Nousemme hitaasti portaat. Askelma askeleelta saamme näkyviimme yläeteisen harmaaksi maalatun lattian. Auringonvalo lankeaa sisään parvekkeen avoimista ovista. Vaahterat loistavat heleän vihreinä. Katselen ympärilleni.

Tässäkö se kiinnekohta, tienristeys, ovi josta pääsen pois pysähtyneestä elämästäni? Onko täällä se hiljaisuus, joka voi kantaa minua, kun istun kirjoituspöydän ääressä ja katselen maisemaa ja leijuvia pilviä, tietä, tummaa kuusikkoa, ja tunnen, että tässä tarvitaan nyt katse, käsi ja lehtiö, johon kirjoittaa?" "Ison salin ikkunan ulkopuolella häälyy levottomia varjoja, salin keltainen lattia, kustavilainen sohvaryhmä, valkoinen taffelipiano on vaiti.

Valo on niin voimakasta, että polvihousuihin puettu poika tuskin ehtii nähdä omaa hahmoaan ikkunoiden väliin kiinnitetyssä vanhassa peilissä, miten nopeasti se katoaa, miten vierashuone on käyttämättömänä, miten virkattu päiväpeitto hohtaa. " "Marina lähtee pois, Jan kiertää minun kanssani taloa. Yläkerran keittiönovi ei tahdo aueta. Miten viileätä täällä on, vesi tiskipöydän vanhassa peltiämpärissä, tippuva vesihana: täällä ei kukaan ole ollut vuosikymmeniin. Täällä höyrysi hellalla isoimmassa kattilassa kiehuva vesi, joka sitten kaadettiin sinkkiammeeseen, ja meidät pestiin isolla reikäisellä pesusienellä kunnes loistimme kuin majakat. you can check with your favorite quilt shop to purchase the kit! I took this screen shot on my iPhone to show you the right side bar of my blog roll. We have lots of inspiration today! Lizzy created a video tutorial for her brilliant Scalloped Treat Box, and Kristin shares a super cute Happy Howloween rainbow-colored card set! And we will announce our winner of last week's giveaway! We had so many requests for a tutorial for Lizzy's watermelon treat boxes! She will show you step by step how she made them in today's video! You can watch it here or at our YouTube channel. Thanks so much for watching! I love that Lizzy used the negative pieces from the Scripty Wishes die to mimic cute watermelon seeds! Now that is clever!Kristin created a rainbow of Halloween cards using Happy Howloween, Lawn Fawndamentals cardstock and Perfectly Plaid Fall, Christmas and Winter papers. ARTICLESLetter from the Editor by Helen KrispienLetter from the Chairman by Sally McDonald, Chairman The Brontë Society CouncilReport from the Executive Director by Ann Sumner, Executive Director of the Brontë SocietyBrussels, Brontë, Jenkins: a descendant of Evan Jenkins visits Brussels by Helen MacEwan, Brussels Brontë GroupThe Parsonage GardenThe Riots at S- by Ian M. Emberson. Not so surprisingly, most of these are people with engineering or science backgrounds. My diet won't control your diabetes, and my lunch time insulin won't cover your lunch. Just watching people without diabetes attempt to do a low carb diet shows me what we are up against. A minister died and was waiting in line at the Pearly Gates. Ahead of him was a guy who was dressed in sunglasses, a loud shirt, leather jacket and jeans. Saint Peter addressed the guy, "Who are you, so that I may know whether or not to admit you to the Kingdom of Heaven?" The guy replied, "I'm Joe Cohen, taxi driver, of New York City".

Saint Peter consulted his list.

He smiled and said to the taxi driver, "Take this silken robe and golden staff, and enter the Kingdom of Heaven. " The taxi driver went into Heaven, and then it was the minister's turn. He stood erect and boomed out, "I am Joseph Snow, pastor of Saint Mary's Church for the last forty-three years. " Saint Peter consulted his list and said to the minister, "Take this cotton robe and wooden staff, and enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Which means blackface characters in the streets, in the shops and in the schools. The whole event revolves around presents, so this is retail primetime of the year. Some black people feel the black Pete character is racist, but others feel the black Peter discussion is too serious. Black Peter is not a black person, he's a chimney sweeper. Yogurt konusuna el attim.

Gunluk rutinim olsun yogurt mayalamak istiyorum.

Tahta kasik kullandim.

Yogurdu mayaladim. Get the look.

No not the fireworks kind of Rockets but the one called Hesperis matronalis.

a non-native wildflower.

We found a patch growing near an old farmstead. Old farmsteads in Minnesota usually have some Lilacs and sometimes Dame’s Rockets. This was a good year for Dame’s Rockets. cool and rainy. At various points along the route, the megaload attracted protests by environmental activists who insist that the tar sands project will contribute to catastrophic global warming – a claim that seemed robustly implausible as the megaload's transit experienced several unexpected delays because of severe winter weather. During the megaload’s three-day layover at the ION intersection outside Marsing, few protesters bothered to brave the chill. The football field-sized piece of heavy machinery did prove to be an attraction for quite a few local residents, who pulled over at the side of U. S. This created a minor potential traffic hazard at the intersection that could have been handled quite easily through some improvised traffic control measures. The two parts of the wall converge at the south-east corner of the excavation area. Zahi Hawass, secretary-general of the SCA, explained that initial studies carried out at the site show that the newly- discovered wall is a part of a larger wall found to the north of the Sphinx. This wall was constructed by Pharaoh Tuthmosis IV as an enclosure to protect the Sphinx from wind-blown sand. " which I posted in full the other day. My grateful thanks again to Graham Stewart for sending me these. Follow the link for more information. APPENDIX IProvisional establishment of a Training Brigade, Royal Field Artillery. APPENDIX IIStations of Training Brigades, Royal Field Artillery, showing Special Reserve units to be affiliated. APPENDIX IVTables showing the Militia battalions to be converted into Reserve battalions and the Militia battalions to be disbanded. So the donor's karyotype is normal, except that it's not. This is a heritable variant seen in the general population and is of no known clinical significance. Game over. Until she heard from the donor nurse coordinator that it was our donor. She knows us. She knows what we've been through. In much the same manner, France, being attacked by European terrorists with European passports, has turned to bombing Syria. Closer to home, in that the eight terror suspects named so far are not refugees and had EU passports from countries whose citizens do not need visas to enter the US, American politicians have decided that US resettlement procedures for refugees are far too lax. The Republicans in the House passed a meaningless bill telling Obama to institute unspecified but more strict screening measures. So, our kids, together with alumni and faculty, put together this video. On the post just below this, you can see the video embedded. Well, we learned a lot about how other schools and charities won their grant, and now we're applying that. Please vote for all of them. Dear Query Shark, Protected witness Jessica Reynolds is in deep trouble. The killer she helped put behind bars ten years ago has escaped, and thanks to a breach in cyber-security, knows her new identity. A federal marshal shows up at her home without warning, ready to immediately whisk her away for a second relocation. Jessica refuses to go, unwilling to walk away from her career, home and friends without a fight. Yes! This is exactly how to start a query. We know what Jessica wants, and who is trying to thwart her. Veteran Marshal Max Prescott's assignment sounded simple: contact an endangered witness, and transport her to a safe house to await a permanent relocation.

Instead, he's faced with protecting the stubborn woman, while using her as willing bait to draw a vengeful killer into the open.

Still plagued with guilt after his wife's tragic death, it's the last duty he'd choose. The last duty he'd shirk. Hi Everyone! Wishing you a wonderful start to this holiday season with a very Happy Thanksgiving! May your table be surrounded with family, friends, wonderful memories, and of course good food! Times are hard in America right now, but each and everyone of us has something to be thankful for. Just look around, I know you'll see something. My son and his girlfriend will be here from Germany and she has never had the experience of an American Thanksgiving with all the traditional foods!A cook I am not, but I try my best every Thanksgiving. I’ve never been one to whip up a homemade pie at the drop of a hat, or cook a magical dish that brings raves at the table. But I do know the basics. Set the table and decorate? This I can do. This I LOVE! And so I’ll get out the good china, clean the red glasses and make our table special for the occasion. I try to use what we have to decorate the table. On the food front I have a thanksgiving coach this year! It’s my friend and Bunny Hill helper, Brigette! She’s a wonder in the kitchen…a chef like no other. I’m taking instructions from her. She’s suggested a menu, and somehow I talked her into actually making the pies! She went from offering to make the crusts to an offer of two pies. I've been catching up on paperwork. That awful, awful paperwork that goes along with a business. It's just not fun. It's not creative, thought provoking, nor do I get any pleasure from it. If you hate balancing your checkbook you'll understand. Finally today the sun came out! I actually got out my sketch book and pencil. I started jotting down ideas for patterns. I love doing this. It's kind of like brainstorming, but I'm doing it by myself. Sometimes I have the idea but not the right fabric, so the idea has to wait. And then there's fabric that fills my head with ideas as soon as I see it. Briefs and Marek Hamsik together are old hat. I added a new pic of Mr. Hamsik to his page in the brieflines archive. Ciao!. When I was young and idealistic, I wanted to follow my passion. I believed that if one follows passion, he will do very well in his area of interest and thus the money will be the 'side-effect', the toppings on an ice-cream. However, as I grew older, I realised this is not to be. Many people are trapped in doing the things that they do not like.

Yet others are trapped in doing things that they loved and are deeply passionate about, but the reality is that these jobs do not bring back enough to feed himself and his noble ambitions.

Set the bait. Don't worry there is some good news. Kris here to share a little personal story and the inspiration I have drawn from it. Over the weeks that followed, I received many beautiful sympathy cards - both handmade and store-bought. I loved each of them and appreciated the thoughtfulness that went into either the selection or creation. Here is a photo of several. Hello Unity Friends! It's Thienly here to announce the THREE LUCKY winners from Thursday's hop! Before I get on to the winners - we just wanted to thank you all for taking your precious time to visit our blogs, and leaving us lots of support and love. Beautiful shaped card and beautiful image! So inspirational! From Shemaine's blog: Jackie S said. Love the card and the colors you used From Lisa H's blog: Angeline said. When I think of Australia at this time of year, I think of the hot 'summer' sun, Christmas on the beach in shorts. I'm not sure I could adjust to all my seasons being the opposite to what I've been used to for many years. Different national holidays, school terms being very very different. This story represents when individuals have little or no control over their working environment. Oxford hospital child heart ops 'should stay suspended' The report cleared consultant Caner Salih of any wrongdoing Child heart surgery should remain suspended at Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital where four babies died until improvements are made, a report says. Surgery was suspended when four children died between last December and February, after being operated on by consultant surgeon Caner Salih. The report found the deaths were not due to errors of judgement but Mr Salih was not given appropriate supervision.

Mr Salih was cleared of any wrongdoing by the report.

All four deaths occurred shortly after his appointment. and read Chap. so much for tolerance. Last time I checked the Salvation helps anyone - even homosexuals. But that doesn't matter to these ignorant little twits spending mom and dad's life savings to get a useless degree. They're not going to be happy until the whole world bows down and tells them how wonderful and special they are for having deviant sex. " "The notion that we require those we help to 'accept and abide by the Salvation Army's doctrine and discipline which excludes homosexuality' to receive assistance is totally false," wrote Kathy Lovin, a spokeswoman for the Salvation Army. She added that "the only requirement for service from The Salvation Army is demonstrated need and our ability to meet it. Inspirational crystal quote of the day: “Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible. ” - Albert Einstein Mellow moistness as we had some light overnight precipitation. Still not much surf action with a fading NW windswell and a dropping tide. Could be a new pulse of S swell showing up later today but it will take until the afternoon for water levels to rise enough to let it in. A few waves are out there for the offering and positivity reigns supreme as always. In traditional Catholic theology, you constantly walk a tightrope between dying in a state of grace and dying in a state of mortal sin. So Protestant theologians emphasized the assurance of salvation to counter that error. That, however, can lead to an overreaction or overemphasis, as if we're supposed to indulge in morbid introspection. Spiritual hypochondria. It is a quick and easy pattern which can be sewn as a matching outfit along with the girl's peasant dress. This is a back-open pattern and as such it is easy for on and off on your little one's doll. If you have any questions or fail to receive the patterns please use the 'Contact Me' form in my blog. Please do not resell the pattern itself or pass it onto others. You are free to sell the finished items made from my patterns. Oh yeah, right. The Kentucky Derby. Anyone else out there suffering from some Derby overload bordering on indifference this year? Seems to me that the "Trail" has gotten longer in duration and far, far more wonk-y given all of the myriad websites, blogs, twits, lists, and purely speculative charts and spreadsheets out there. but, at the same time, far less interesting in terms of substance. that is, horses actually running in actual relevant preps. I've been making a lot of this sauce recently. I don't like things too spicy but my kids love heat, especially my daughter who seems to never find anything hot enough. I also find that most hot sauces lack flavor and just supply heat so I experimented until I created one with lots of flavor. This can be made as spicy or mild as you like depending on which peppers you use. I used medium heat peppers for this one Start by sauteing an onion in a few tablespoons of oil. Add as much chopped garlic as you want. You can leave the membrane and seeds in the peppers. We saw a wide variety of wonderful projects this time around. Many thanks to all who participated. And the winning number is. .