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In a release, Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez said bail has been set in the amount of two million dollars, cash only.

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Oshawa used Thomas to quarterback their power-play from the point which is another reason why I want to look at him.

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I think I am still in that phase, sometimes.

I have this very intense and constant desire to edit everything I've ever written, to clean it up, and make it less imperfect.

I will say that I think I am learning to laugh at my foibles, rather than beat myself over the head about them.

I've said some pretty undignified things the last few months, and I have no excuses. I hope this ends on a much higher plateau of maturity than where it began, but whether or not that happens, it will surely be a textured landscape of ups and downs. So, it's only natural that each inmate on DR will have a distinct impression of this journey. I have a secondary reason for publishing these, and this reason is that part of transparency is admitting when you are wrong. Grabbed some breakfast on the way back to the rectory at the other parish. Made some phone calls after breakfast to take care of some parish business. Watched a little football! Not often able to do that. But I'd gotten my homily finished earlier in the week. We had a chance to talk for first time in a week, even though we live in the same house. Chance to pray the office. The morning email brought this gem to me. From Jack Brock, a friend of several bloggers. He thought I might see a resemblance. I confess I do like the sentiment. A little bit of research would probably disclose that "Say something clever, but devastating" is a family motto somewhere back in the foggy swamps of time. The fact that I find the piece funny says a lot about me, I suspect. And it simply underlines why, even though I find Downton Abbey to be boring, I continue to watch it simply to catch one of Maggie Smith's bon mots. I am not surprised that I do not care for Downton Abbey. After all, it is nothing more than a soap opera tarted up with period costumes. Admittedly, the stories are a bit wittier than the drivel that makes up what passes for writing on As the World Turns or any of its American cousin soaps. That is why I have great doubts about trying to learn Spanish by watching Mexican soap operas. The only question is where I will watch them. On our road trip, Darrel and I talked about the cars we have owned. As men of our age are wont to do. And then dared him to do it. I won. But the contest was not fair. I have only owned nine cars. He has easily owned double that. One for only two days. Because my list is short, I thought I would share it with you. The Diocese of Brooklyn has a chaplain for the sanitation department. MSN: Up to half of all birds could be wiped out by climate change. Forty one! Yes, our big old anniversary was last weekend, and we celebrated with friends and family, food and fireworks. And dogs – our friends Diana and Dave came up for the weekend with Sophie and Tootsie. Can we say circus? We got to try out our yard-sale sparklers, which are not the sparklers I remember from childhood. Which were the kind that had a glowing hot wire left when you were finished, which you threw on the ground while you did your next sparkler, and someone would step on it with bare feet. Nope, these sparklers had different sections, some just sparking, some like little roman candles. And nothing but ash left on the tip of the stick. Much harder to hurt yourself these days! Of course, it wouldn’t be a celebration without garaging, right? We took in the Master Gardeners’ Yard and Plant Sale on Saturday morning, where Steven and I scored a couple of tomato plants, some lettuce starts, and two kinds of mint – including a chocolate mint.

Yummers, what a scent! Then we took in some garage sales on the way back home.

My big score was this decidedly silly picture. I know, doesn’t look like much in this photo. It’s the construction that got me – pins and wire on black velvet.

For many viewers, this is the first time that they are really tuning into the campaign.

This is their introduction to the candidates.

Although Hillary is a known quantity to political junkies, I expect most Americans don't know much about her.

She really hasn't been that much in public eye for years. She was most prominent as First Lady. After that, she a two-term NY senator, but that's inside baseball for the average American. After that she was Secretary of State, but unless you're a news junkie, most Americans couldn't name the Secretary of State. In the Obama administration, moreover, everyone plays second fiddle to Obama.

I know.

You thought I had given up sewing. I hardly believe it myself. But soon the girls will be out of school for summer and maybe I'll find more time for crafty endeavors. Let's hope anyway. -dana. When I asked to photograph these two, the guy mentioned that he had just been on The Style Scout yesterday.

I will probably need to take a break around the time of London Fashion Week later in the year but I will continue to try to get out to shoot as much as I can until then and keep posting… Maybe baby will get a taste for it!.

Darn it! I guess I really DO like eggplant. The nerve of her! Prep time includes time to allow eggplant "sweat" or drain. Drain off water. Brown meat and onions. Add garlic, cook and stir for another minute, then drain. Enjoy delicious & easy Middle Eastern desserts and learn how to make Peach & pistachio kulfi. Traditionally made with boiled milk, this Indian and Middle Eastern ice-cream treat makes a refreshing end to a summer feast. Place on a baking tray. Not too many rockers incorporate the pipes. Had to figure out how to post videos. Only a couple days left to St Pats day. Have the veggies,just need to pick up the corned beef. They are to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share, thus storing up treasure for themselves as a good foundation for the future, so that they may take hold of that which is truly life. By the word ‘God’ the bible is referring to the only true and living God who has revealed himself finally in and through the Lord Jesus Christ. .