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Various people of late have been going back and forth over claims that Mormons are a cult and are not Christians. What strikes me is how much better press Mormons get, in the political context, than evangelical fundamentalists. If you look at the actual beliefs of the two groups, the official doctrines of the Church of Latter Day Saints are at least as nutty as those of fundamentalist groups that deny evolution, believe humans and dinosaurs coexisted ten thousand years or so back, and get routinely mocked for those beliefs. But the belief that there was a lively civilization in the New World long before Columbus, and one that fits the description in LDS scripture, is inconsistent with what archaeology tells us about the relevant history. That surely ranks with the more direct versions of creationism as a denial of accepted scientific views. The odd beliefs of fundamentalist Christians are an issue at the moment for Republican political candidates, many of whom sound as though they agree with them, raising the question of whether they actually believe or only pretend to. But I have not noticed any of the people who pick on candidates such as Palin or Bachmann for their religious views asking whether Romney and Huntsman really believe in the pre-Columbian "history" that their church proclaims or are being prudently silent on the subject. S. some days later. A British newspaper asks the same question. There are days when we just feel like screaming. Sometimes I choose a cup that screams for me. I keep this mug with my winter cups, since it's in the dark part of the year it appeals to me more. The Scream is an Edvard Munch creation that seems to reach a certain place inside most people. This was a bit of a tough week. I'd been feeling run down and fatigued for the past few days, but I stuggled on Tuesday's hill workout. My legs felt very heavy, and I was wheezing. I have awesome teammates. here is the error log. It also is my ten year anniversary of owning my Campstove Green Karate Monkey. Here's the first post. Marine Refrigeration WorkshopsAlaska Sea Grant MAP, Washington Sea Grant and IMS will be co-sponsoring one-day workshops in Alaska & Washington in February, March and April. This one-day workshop is designed to familiarize skippers and crew with basic onboard marine refrigeration system theory, maintenance, safety and troubleshooting. System sizing, log keeping, startup and winterization topics will also be covered. Participants will do supervised hands-on activities. IMSpacific. washington. What a great time we had with this fine group of researchers, who came from far and wide to join us for this event! Spending time making memories with old friends and a few new ones too. After that, we'll have some more fun with the Patty Walk. Then we'll wrap it up with something special. Law enforcement in Smith County have announced the early morning arrest of Michael Paul Koch. He was taken into custody in Garland, Texas. I've been working on a book about persuasion, belief and storytelling and this post is an excerpt from one small portion of that text. Enjoy! "I have been thinking for some time now about how storytelling fits into teaching trial advocacy. I realize that it is a topic that gets thrown out there from time to time, but the treatments of the topic that I have found have always left me wanting something more. Many of us even learned to never tell "war stories" when teaching advocacy because it wastes time and is not helpful to the students. I will give you the former, but I have grave doubts about the latter. It is a cardinal sin, but one that is difficult to avoid. In fact, many of the best NITA teachers that I have worked with teach through stories, during training, before training, and after training - in direct contradiction to the NITA method. ". I've already shared how much I wish March meant that spring and warm weather were here - even though I know it doesn't. This is exactly what makes this one of the most difficult months for preschool. The children want to need to get outside, but it's either too cold or too muddy, and you just can't. Children love the different characters and will beg for Go Noodle! Cosmic Kids Yoga Cosmic Kids makes yoga fun for little ones. Each video tells an adventure story that has kids moving through yoga poses as they travel through the story. is scrumptious! I loved, loved everything, especially the vintage book paper and the Studio Calico papers/journaling cards. It was fun to work with!These are a few things that I've made with the kit so far. This one is a page about my mom and dad. Endorsed by E. E. Calhoun, the Tulare County Clerk and Recorder at the time, the map is authentic and I believe it to be the first official Visalia street map.

How it has survived all these years is a mystery to me.

Although faded, the detail on the map is amazing.

Imagine Mill Creek being called Tiber and wide enough to have an island. ‎. Dopo la Santa Messa celebrata ieri sera a Pianoconte, l'Arcivescovo di Messina, Lipari e S. Lucia del Mela, Mons. Lo abbiamo avvicinato e abbiamo parlato del suo essere tra la gente eoliana, del museo diocesano. Un saluto ed un messaggio lo ha anche rivolto agli eoliani che risiedono fuori dalle isole. Pietro - Porto Salvo. Mons. Riceviamo e pubblichiamo:Apprese le dimissioni del Rag. Mi accodo a quanto dichiarato a suo tempo da Don Gaetano Sardella, ringraziando il Rag. Very civilized. How we think shows through in how we act. Attitudes are mirrors of the mind. They reflect thinking. - David J. SchwartzYou were taught… to put off your old self….

White never goes out of style.

This timeless classic can be cool and elegant as well as warm and romantic and is perfect for creating wonderful spaces that are light and tranquil. Miss Marple herself would abandon this mystery. But there are strange goings on up at the Algodón manse. You already know I spend most of my time on the patio on the ground level of the Melaque house. Hammock. Swallows. Sitting area for reading. Jiggs's sleeping bag. I helgen har vi hatt besøk av svigermor, hyggelig besøk men dessverre kunne vi ikke by på mye sol og hageliv. Selvfølgelig rekker hun ikke mer enn å dra så skinner sola, typisk. Jeg tok kamera og en inspeksjonsrunde. Trodde ikke det gikk å ta bilder i sollys men det ble da noen. Fortsatt full fargeprakt ute. Hyoni Kang's most significant success to date, undoubtedly is on the runway where she booked more shows than most runway veterans at the recent New York Fashion Week. The energy of the models is amazing and the styling is top-notch. Despite having to share the pages with other models, Hyoni Kang really shines here. On Sunday, I sent these beauties off to the printer.

I'll share pictures of the projects and my portfolio shortly after!I've gotten a couple questions about printing images off of Vintage Printable.

I sent the stamps above to Wizard Prints after reading the good review from Lauren of Pure Style Home. Dear Pinterest, i don't know how you do it but you make me cook stuff i would never even image doing before you came along. this is what i decided to make last night for dinner: chik-fil-a bites and crispy edamame. i was excited about it, really i was. just an hour before i began, my friend and i had a huge conversation about recent pinterest recipes we had pinned. i wish i had taken a picture of what mine looked like. it was pitiful. Finally, we're having a stretch of good weather.

I hope the sun and heat burn up the winter germs.

I'm sick again.

I've had enough! Just a sore throat this time, but it prevented me from doing any quilting last night. I managed to get the back pieced, the label drawn on, and the layering and pinning done before I crashed on the couch last night.

And I'm not a morning person.

I did my usual swirls and loops with a few stars thrown in for fun. Pete is disappointed that I'm donating this quilt to the raffle and not the log cabin. He'll get over it. Someone you ought to meet. Today we reach far back into the archives of my original blog to introduce you to a longtime Pyro-reader. See below my signature for some more current information and an important update. Jeff is a graduate of West Point. He is also an expert scuba diver and had a distinguished career as a test pilot and helicopter pilot.

He has multiple degrees in aeronautical engineering and a master of arts degree in—get this—"national security and strategic studies" from the US Naval War College.

We have not bought soft drink/soda or many years but during summer I like having a cold soft drink on hand to serve the family and for anyone who drops buy. We've had many glasses of lemon, orange and passionfruit cordial here, as well as homemade ginger beer, now I've added elder cordial to the list of cool drinks I can serve. We planted our elder bush last year and although it was in flower almost all year, it produced only a few heads of berries. I didn't make anything with them, there were too few, but I hope that as the bush grows, so will our chances of harvesting a bucket of dark elderberries. We've just had the first full flush of elder flowers since we cut the bush back a few months ago. So armed with my trusty Fiskars clippers, I removed about three quarters of the flowers and set to work.

The elder flowers must be used straight away.

Holme - both GREAT GREY SHRIKES still today, one east of the village and one from Trundle Mere Hide.

Olivia Newton-John, il y a trois jours au casino Kewadin dans le Michigan. because he couldn't have been calling conservatives stupid because we already knew the truth. First question: Why is everyone so shocked? First observation: In the first sentence he uses the word "literally. " Ouch! Second question: Why is he flapping his hands around in imitation of the worst female newscasters? Women who do this are not to be considered serious in my opinion. Men who do this should have their sexuality questioned. Is there such a thing as a triple ouch? As for the rest of everything he said. Man is this pre-unit drag bike great with what appears to be an old cast rigid extended racing frame and lightweight terrier / cub forks up front. Check out the details at:. Architectural inspiration via Pinterest. Tamara Mellon Fever zebra-print calf hair clutch. Rupert Sanderson Satire suede wedge pumps. Aurelie Bidermann Iroquois gold-plated earrings. Darlings, what do you think of this sumptuous space and the look it inspired? xoxox, CC. The guys from Kinglux. For Earth Day, King Features asked its cartoonists to do a cartoon on the environment.

Of the couple of hours of footage they got while making my house look like a crime scene with blazing bright lights and equipment trucks, they used only a couple of quick sound bites, of course.

I'm happy they used the one about animal agriculture being more damaging to the environment than all transportation. Most of my family missed the original airing of the show, so I'm hoping the CNN police will let me keep this on here for a while. Grind in mixie. Mix well and bring it to boil. .