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we tried the technique Poppin' Pastels! Every time I bring out my chalks I wonder why I don't use them more! So here's how its done: Stamp the medallion image in versamark ink.

the using your sponge daubers apply the chalk in a circular motion to add the color to the image.

it should pop right away! my chalk colors are chocolate chip & rose red.

I used the Smooch spritz in log cabin to color my chipboard letters. then I smooched spritzed the whole card in Vanilla Shimmer to give it a whole lot more sparkle. I lightly sponged the kraft cord button in soft suede and distressed and sponged the edges, So Pretty in real life!!!I think this is a close to "shabby" as I'll ever be. From the New York Times: Across the street from my apartment building in Washington there’s a gigantic supermarket and a CVS. Above the supermarket there had been a large empty space with floor-to-ceiling windows. The space was recently taken by a ballet school, so now when I step outside in the evenings I see dozens of dancers framed against the windows, doing their exercises — gracefully and often in unison. It can be arrestingly beautiful. The unexpected beauty exposes the limitations of the normal, banal streetscape I take for granted every day. By arousing the senses, beauty arouses thought and spirit. A person who has appreciated physical grace may have a finer sense of how to move with graciousness through the tribulations of life. you need to watch this, No, really - you need to watch this. new ad. Here's a pretty cool original Hap Jones waterslide decal! I really dig the seagull image!. Sulaymaniya in Iraq’s Kurdistan saw the largest demonstrations in the country at the beginning of the year. The Kurdish opposition eventually latched onto the activists’ demands, and is now holding discussions with the ruling parties about reforms. Some of the demonstrations have objected, saying that they should be meeting with the region’s leaders, because they represent the people and the Kurdish street. Several meetings between all the lists have occurred since then, but with no real progress. I am an amateur writer, actor and artist. I fiddle in free-verse poetry and photography. I find myself to be a bit of a philosopher though I hate philosophy. I also find myself sometimes being a bit of a politician even though I absolutely abhor politics. Hey there Paper Peeps! Ginny here to share a really festive and fun Christmas Greeting card I created with the fabulous trims from Really Reasonable Ribbon. This is the first Christmas card I have made in quite a while that does not have a vintage or retro image. but I was so inspired by the buffalo checked paper that I knew graphic pops of color would be a much better match.  This Hounds Tooth Ribbon coordinates so well and is topped of with Ivory Burlap String and a simple painted jingle bell. Handcrafted poinsettia flower is layered with some Petaloo blooms and die cut leaves with the same red and black theme. These great little buttons and Spiral Stamens help to add detail to the corner. A few more die cut flowers here with additional tiny White Open Roses. Happy Thursday ya'll! My day here at Really Reasonable Ribbon. I have two projects for you today. A Valentine puppy tag. pure retro! I used Paradise Aqua seam binding along with lipstick red seam binding. I topped off my paper bow with the prettiest two tone cottage roses in blue. I love them!!! My other card is a "just because" card. scan copies of your identity card, school certificate, international passport and a copy of your passport size photograph. .