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How grief became my friend - The other day I was grieving all the things Ben misses out on. Then I read this. You can be hospitable even with little - "Your guests might not remember your space, but they will surely remember your care. On the other hand, if in sharing myself, someone is more drawn to want to be with Jesus, then I’ve shared well. Here are some freaky facts from the brain of Ben:In Florida unmarried women are prohibited from parachuting on Sundays. Barbecued tarantulas taste like prawns. An apple, an onion, and a potato all taste sweet if you eat them with your nose plugged. More monopoly money is printed than real money in a year. And my personal favourite:Frogs can throw up. A frog throws up its stomach first, so that its stomach is dangling out of its mouth. Then it uses its forearms to dig out the stomach's contents, and swallows its stomach again. I hope you're not eating right now. The Brewood visitor moorings are very conveniently right by the steps leading up to the road into the village. They are in a cutting lined with tall, overhanging trees. Ideal, you would think, to provide shelter on a blustery, rainy night. But that's before you take account of what roosts in the trees. Fiona on NB Epiphany noted the geese at Westport Park Lake. I wonder whether half the gaggle flew over to us last night. But I've never yet seen a goose up a tree… Poor Erin Mae was covered in the stuff this morning. It was either something pretty goose-like, or an avian entity with a very sick tummy. Or perhaps they weren't roosting at all, just unable to resist a nice green and maroon target for dive-bomber practice. but some are better than others. EM interview season is now in full swing, so something interview related makes the most sense for a first post. Just today I was asked for one piece of advice for someone going to an interview. My answer was to have "good" questions. Sounds bland and useless but I really think this is important. If you get me rolling on your questions I may never get around to my standard list of tough questions. So what is a "good" question? This is best summed up as a question that truly matters to you. Interviewers often get generic, safe questions, answerable by perusing the website. The estate is perched on top of a hill with incredible views to the Cap d’Antibes and Haut-de-Cagnes.

We enter an unspoken pact to keep our distance, as if all here by ourselves, ready to hear the walls speak.

I swear I can feel it now. Renoir’s wheelchair & easel in his atelier are reminders of the pain & beauty that intermingled, that never ruled each other out. After considerable public discussion, and the threat of a US congressional investigation, things have changed, as Ron Winslow reported in the Wall Street Journal,The lead researcher of a long-delayed drug study says he regrets not standing up to Merck & Co. and Schering-Plough Corp. when they first told him last month that they planned to alter the statistical analysis of their jointly sponsored trial. John P. 'It's never, ever right to change the primary endpoint of a study,' especially after all the data are in, he says. The Wall St. Will that "jolt", however, be the jolt that's expected?Regarding the statement in the Red Herring article below that ". g. Another easy,fast and successful recipe. This time it is cheese biscuits. then add the flower little by little and mix to a very thick dough that you will flatten with a rolling pin. Then cut shapes in dough, and place them on an oven tray. Tips:These keep long enough in a metal tin. Dutch Queen Beatrix must remove an offensive slavery painting on the side of the Golden Coach, wrote two Dutch MPs in an opinion piece yesterday. They have a “great aversion” to the drawing of half naked Black men and women who offer their goods to the royal family.

It's the image called "Tribute of the Colonies”.

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So colorful and cute as always! Here are two cards I made with the May kit and Good Day stamp set.

I added a few Cienna items to this card also, the green paper is cut with a Turning a New Leaf die by Papertrey Ink from the Cienna Flowers paper. The labels are Cienna Blank Labels. I thought it would be fun to use the labels as my background. Also cut a little strip of the vellum Cienna paper to add "this was the best". I love typography and how it adds another interesting detail to the card. The second card was made with mostly the May kit, with the addition of the green polkadot paper cut from the Cienna Flowers paper again. You might be wondering what I do in between crafting projects. I love to decorate and since we moved into our new home in May, we've been constantly working on getting settled in and getting things just the way we like. About a month before Thanksgiving, I decided I really wanted to do something with our staircase railing. Before we bought the house, they did remodel quite a bit. the kitchen, master bathroom, all new paint on the walls. Last year at Christmas, I posted pics of Gordon with this trifle that he fashioned with his own two masculine, somewhat hairy hands. We've made it at least twice, but alas, not this Christmas. This is the same news operation that hasn't even acknowledged one of its core anchors is leaving. Of course when you have a mini-mutiny in the newsroom where no one has any trust nor like for the News Director you have grumpy denials with no one directly quoted. You have this: “This is the latest in a long string of inaccurate and venomous ramblings by a local individual on his personal website” KGO said in a statement sent to TVSpy. “His latest post regarding two beloved KGO employees is not true and further demonstrates that he and his so-called ‘sources’ have no actual knowledge of any of our business dealings. ” Was I wrong here? Or here? That's a 'long stream'. And notice no one is directly quoted. KGO said in a statement Huh? KGO is in a state of denial with a newsroom chock full of resentment and anger. No one has any faith in Tracey Watkowski and, by extension, her assistants.

Last week I showed you this pile of wood.

And asked you what you "wood" do with it.

I also promised to show you what I did with it. So here's what I did. this updated page for dates for final races at Great Traditions in Philly. There will be many US National Final Races at GT this year. Thousands of them. and in two days they will be finding new homes with our special shoppers. so this is the last post about the sale. bet you're glad unless I manage to get some frenzied shopper pics OPEN OPEN OPEN!!!!! and yes I got some bargains for myself. My younger dog Katie trying to figure out what my bird Noel is. I won't lie to ya. Wasn't feeling funny this night. Wanted to deliver on my promise to try to provide laughs. Awesome awkward silence after my cheer/laugh thing at the beginning. Woops! Three week gap between this time and the last time.

Gotta practice more to stay sharp.

Some good ideas in there I think. Need to flesh 'em out. Thanks to Jo from TuJoHaHa for taping this!. What helped more, though, was that I came home to find a gofugyourself. Now, Rafey has pride of place in my timeline of celebrity crushes somewhere between River Phoenix and my dear David. And the fug girls wrote me back! I feel like I've been touched by a really awesome, bitchy angel. Thanks, fug girls!. Zontik Umbrella stand by Karim RashidBrilliant!, I have several clients that could pop this right into their design plans today. m. PST to enter your creations. ✻ Good luck and happy stamping! An InLinkz Link-up. From the BLEACH series - As Nodt paper model created by chalicothere. I’m married to the lovely Emma, and Human Servant Number Two to two fat, lazy and indolent cats. Over the next year I plan to improve my photography, spend more time outdoors and learn the mandolin.

My friend Matt turned me on to the site/shop.

If your looking for inspiration wether it be a mild, ground up, old or new they have some clean bikes. link: Craze Orange. The Baby's Own Aesop, by Aesop and Walter Crane, Illustrated by Walter Crane NEITHER BEAST NOR BIRD A Beast he would be, or a bird, As might suit, thought the Bat: but he erred. When the battle was done, He found that no one Would take him for friend at his word. Donald Trump: "I will always tell you the truth. " "We're gong to take care of our veterans. " "America First" "I will never lie to you" 'My only interest is the American people. "Trump has given me no reason not to believe him. when Krauthammer starts saying things like that it should be a real cause for alarm. Seriously!. Contrary to popular expectation, I now have a blog. It'll get traffic only when I have something to write AND have time to write it, so expect the next post in January. Or maybe earlier. Your mileage may vary. Wanna enter the quilt giveaway? Go HEREThere haven't been many video entries yet. I'm hoping that this weekend brings out the inner Tim Burton, Francis Ford Coppola or Woody Allen in some of you. This princess video is adorable!-dana. This is a quick post to let you know it finally happened. There were dinners, baseball games, trolley rides, incline rides, brunches and more dinners and they aren't over yet. I have one more dinner to make before I maybe can take a day off.


Attached is a soft copy of your appointment letter. According to the new immigration policy all working visa/ work permit are to be process and approve from home country of applicant for this reason your visa will be process from the Canadian embassy in India. I have been able to make contact with the Canadian embassy Consulate General Mr. We're in need of a revolution, one that will stir the world inside Making us more attentive to every child that has ever cried.

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Over the years, and in my latest book, I have written about how social media has presented me and my school with numerous opportunities that I never could have imagined would be possible. Regardless of whether the stories are being penned by myself, my staff, or the students of New Milford High School, we have done just that at NMHS. We have taken control of our public relations for our school and now actively promote all of the great work we are doing to prepare students for success in a global, digital world. Not only has the local media taken notice of the impactful work we are doing, but others around the world have as well. I’m not going to lie, one of the best parts of my job as a Principal is being able to put my school in a position to be a model for the types of changes education needs and deserves. Image credit: Well, I have digressed a bit from the purpose of why I am writing this post. Not only has social media allowed us to flip the script and drown out the negative rhetoric that surrounds education all across the country, but it has also helped me find my voice. The story goes that the laborers brought over with them oil from the Chinese water snake which they believed to be useful to relieve muscle and joint aches and pain from long hard days laying track on he US railroads making their way to the west coast. History provides us no record of randomized clinical trials. A business man named Clark Stanley began to peddle what he purported to be rattlesnake oil said to have marvelous medical purposes. Stanley for "misbranding", as the ointment did not actually contain any snake oil. Whether it had any therapeutic value was apparently not at issue. So originally the term snake oil had no negative connotation but later became another word for con job or flim flam or mildly put -deceptive advertising. Dr. Roy Poses of the blog Health Care Renewal expounds on the exploits of a modern , until now, unsuccessful politician currently leading the Republican race for president which involved a multi level market scheme for selling vitamin tablets that were purportedly customized to the individual customer based on a urine test. .