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If you know me well enough, you know that I am OBSESSED with sharks. I'm the girl who was SOOOO excited to tour the Shark Lab in the Bahamas on my honeymoon - that's probably not so weird though. I'm the person who tries to find random shark videos on YouTube year round. I'm also the girl who would NEVER get in a cage to go swimming with sharks. Why? I am not scared of being attacked by the huge fishes with flesh tearing teeth, but I fear the crane/cable holding the cage would snap and I would drift down and be stuck in the bottom of the ocean, in a cage, surrounded by sharks, and no one would be able to save me. Not sure I entirely agree with him on this. I can think of many people that I'd derive enormous pleasure from beating up. Being the Grumpy old sod he is DZ can't think of a list anywhere that long. DZ is waiting in anticipation for national "I want to shoot you between the eyes day". He has a list for that as long as the Greater London Telephone Directory. There are more pleasant things to do than beat up people. NOTE: Large doses of "my opinion" will be handed out in gloppy dollops today. You've been forewarned. Hmm. Peep Kevin Marzo's work at his website. Kevin Marzo. I love making pesto. I find it’s one of those things that’s just nowhere near as good when you buy it in the supermarket. It needs to be made fresh and eaten quickly, preferably with a large serving of pasta or generously spread onto some toasted bread. And I suppose when it’s so quick and easy to make, why not just make it yourself? Today I decided to put to the test just how easy it is to make a good pesto. The first reason why making pesto is so easy is because you can put pretty much anything you want in it. Of course the classic ‘green’ pesto, pesto alla Genovese, is made with basil, garlic, pine nuts, parmesan, pecorino and olive oil, but other famous varieties include pesto alla Siciliana, pesto alla Trapanese and pesto alla Calabrese.


m. Results from this survey have been reported before. The survey also enquired whether physicians had requested such items. My sister-in-law and their family have a trampoline, and the kids enjoyed playing on that thing for hours! I had to take a few pics. My niece Rachel. can you tell she is a gymnast?Her cousin, Charley. My Kati. Sometimes I struggle with large areas to decorate, like layouts. Anyhoo. The stretch of land stands on a moderate slope in a privileged location with a frontal view to a golf course and a lateral view to the sea. via. Along with Breaking News, Team Coverage, and sometimes, inane chatter that borders on treason to viewers is the incessant "thanks" anchors bestow on their fellow anchors and reporters. Example A: Our Claude Deforest has a special report on patient abuse at such and such hospital. Better yet, that's what Claude does.

So, really, thanks is not only superficial, but dim-witted.

This is nit-picky? No not really. It's calling out laziness. Count the number of times anchors toss to the sportsguy and utter the ubiquitous thanks Denny after Denny is done. Thanks for what? Thanks for giving us the sports and now it's time to get to hell back to news, thanks though.

Thanks Spence for that timely forecast.

I used the May Stamp of the Month to create this fun pinwheel garland. To attach all the pieces together I used my sewing machine on the bottom layer and the added more pinwheels over the top. So, if you insist, I will.

This is about as country as it gets:.

Thanks to Anncoo for awarding me with this Award. I would like to pass this Award to everyone that visits my blog and also a big thank you to all of you for your support all this while. I just started reading the book Blink by Malcolm Gladwell.

Somewhere in the first few chapters I read how people can tell a lot about another person without even meeting them but just by observing their dorm room or bedroom.

Since it is another snow/sew day around here I’ll show you what I worked on instead of cleaning my sewing room. Recently I realized I had nothing to place on my table during July.

When I saw this red stripe fabric and the fabric with white stars on a blue background at the Attic Window Quilt Shop, I knew it would be simple to make a table runner with these fabrics.

Above is a close-up before it is quilted. MNBA specialists Aymee Chicuri Lastra and Niurka Fanego Alfonso, who have devoted their work to collections of Egyptian and Italian art, gave a lecture at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo before scholars, diplomats and local public, who were captivated by the zeal with which Cuba, a country with economic limitations, studies and preserves that historical-cultural heritage of mankind. Images from more Rollin films can be see on our new sidebar slideshow. Our special coverage of the legacy of Robbe-Grillet in the wake of his Feb. It's probably spring by now. Dave built a chickadee house and situated it a foot away from my window where I do all my writing in order to facilitate the procrastination process. I was just up there today and no sooner had despaired of seeing our chickadee pair this year than they showed up. Same couple, too. One of them has that high, squeaky voice, and the other has that higher, squeakier voice. Each one took turns checking out the house, and then they sat on a nearby branch and got into a heated exchange, and I didn't see anyone hauling in any furniture. I think one of them thinks it's just fine and the other one is saying it's too ratty-tatty and couldn't they ever get anything nice for a change. The first one sharpened his or her beak on a branch and the seeds in the suet-cake trembled. It's a Spanish double dip! I added sixteen new pics of Feli Lopez to his page on the brieflines site. Where Nando is ripped, Feli is lithe. Where Nando is a little bit butch, Feli is a little metro. Anyway, that's it. Enjoy the new pics!. A couple of days ago I was at the mall to pick up two pairs of suit pants for Paul.

I got a bit of lunch and an iced coffee at the food court.

While I was sitting there I beheld two warning signs. One was on my iced coffee: WARNING: THE BEVERAGE YOU ARE ABOUT TO ENJOY IS EXTREMELY COLDThe other was on one of those rental strollers. It had a mesh bag below the handles, with this sign: DO NOT PUT CHILD IN BAG. I really don't like to think about all the implications of these warnings, and what it says about us as a nation that we have to have this sort of it's-not-our-fault-if-you-do-something-idiotic disclaimer thrown at us at every turn. This was one of the few things I found refreshing about Yemen when I was there: you were expected to take care of yourself and if you did something stupid it was your own fault. For example, we toured this multi-story-old-house museum in town and you could with minimal effort have tumbled out one of the upper-story windows. when can you don a turban? is it for women of a certain age-or older- only? Lenor Scherrer thinks otherwise-wearing GIVENCHY by Riccardo Tisci. Hi friends, I want to share my first mixed media layout,which I did last year, for a blog hop by Mudra Stamps and Papericious. The flowers are linen Blooms from Mudra stamps and the focal sentiment is also from Mudra stamps. The paper is from Papericious. I added few mdf and die cuts and pollen sticks. Hope liked my creation. Thank you for stopping by. Sweet seasons are upon us!! This set includes each different sayings for the occasion of your choice. I stamped the saying on natural white cardstock and then stamped the Hardwood stamp on the natural cardstock and cut out the wood. More birthday fun! This set is called Amazing Birthday and the paper is called It's My Party.

Greg Stillson has his Sonny.

Frank and British Frank both had their Stamper: The ranchers north of the Picketwire have their Liberty Valence: And Trump has his Corey Lewandowski:. Like the other eight, it was negotiated entirely in secret amongst the three Democrats in a room. This is the section which contains the racing law, and unaltered is the section which prohibits slots at the "racetracks of the non-profit association known as Belmont Park racetrack and the Saratoga thoroughbred racetrack. "As you may recall, there was a time not long ago when it was thought that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver would use slots at Belmont, which he staunchly opposes, as a bargaining chip to obtain something like the "millionaires" tax agreed to by the three leaders, and which the governor had opposed. However, in a concession to Senate Democrats, Mr. Silver agreed to allow the new taxes to be phased out after three years, rather than the five years he had originally advocated — a time period that would have created enormous political pressure to maintain the increase indefinitely. In a concession to Mr. Paterson, who favored a simpler structure, the three-bracket rate favored by Mr. Silver was reduced to two. This is the depot in Tipton. It's on the corner of Main street and Erie street. There is always railroad activity going on around it. The rail yards are there also. Many years ago, there was a hotel across from it in this field. I only remember walking to school and going up the "cow path". That was a little walkway of stones that ran along the tracks. The hotel was long gone before I was here. My sister lives near here and she hates the trains. When I lived in town , I lived right beside the tracks and I loved the trains. Hey there Paper Peeps! The first is always a fun day for me as I get to introduce you all to the new Ribbon Club Assortment. Every month Bonnie creates the bestest collection of ribbons and trims to add to your projects. That girl has some mojo to know just exactly what I'm going to want to use. This set really lives up to it's name. I'm using my St Patrick's Day Bingo Card Digital Collage as the focal image and layered on all sorts of yummy little holiday inspired elements. Bizarro is brought to you today by Solid Rhythm. One of my favorite books as a student was To Kill a Mockingbird. The movie adaptation with Gregory Peck is great, too. A few weeks ago, a reader suggested the phrase "to mock a killingbird," without any firm idea of how to use it. I liked it and quickly came up with this caption and image for it. Another reader wrote saying that he liked the cartoon but that eagles catch their prey facing the same direction as they're flying. That makes sense, I suppose, so I thanked him for his knowledge morsel. But now that I look at it, it occurs to me that the fish isn't face backward or forward, his body is perpendicular to the eagle's. So they may be traveling the same direction as the fish when they nab them, but once in the air and they return their feet to their natural position, the fish faces sideways and it doesn't matter which way its head is facing. These the are the kinds of things I spend too much time thinking about. .