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I'm ready for the Genom corporation to finish the Showham Project, so that we can get some clean power. We don't even have the Genom Tower built, yet, more less the Umbrella or the Dragon Line. Sigh. The Westboro Baptist Bunch did their stuff at a Baylor football game recently, and got infiltrated. I would have to know whether they were playing the Aggies to know whether the guy in the middle was one of them, or one of the guys doing a schtick on them. I’ve looked again at that last post and I have to say I felt a little suspicious about that figure of a billion pounds a year quoted on Sky news. So I thought I would do a little simple arithmetic.

I said I'd spoken my last words on honesty - well, actually, I cheated and used Tracey's words instead - and so I have, until next time.

But I just had to link to this wise and challenging post on women encouraging each other one-on-one by Cathy McKay at the ever excellent The Best Book Co-op. Cathy talks about how to confess sin to one another in the context of a relationship of mutual encouragement, how to respond when your Christian sister confesses sin to you, and how to pray about your sin together. I found her suggestions about how to be careful in our honesty, and how to respond to honesty, particularly helpful. God isn’t helped by Job’s self-righteousness and it doesn’t do anything for God that Job talks about how good he is. He asks rhetorical questions that clearly have a negative answer. Would God be afraid of Job or would He go along with Job because of Job’s presumed righteousness? We would say, “Job, your self-glorification does not glorify God. He owes you nothing and all of your yapping about your innocence is just accusing God of wickedness.

Stephanie needs cash-fast-but times are tough, and soon she's forced to turn to the last resort of the truly desperate: family.

She's got no experience. These are my two Mountain Lion skulls. The natural body oils are very apparent on the specimen on the left. The golden coloration is a dead give away that it was never properly processed. Some factors to keep in mind though: yellow can also mean that it was once boiled or chlorine bleach was used in the processing. So avoid both of those things! You can not undo bone that was yellowed by chlorine bleach. It may appear white at first but over time it will yellow. A full rolling boil will draw grease deeper into the bone rather than making it rise to the surface. Once done it is very hard to degrease. LaCossette made the shuttle and LadyShuttleMaker the HDT silk thread that were used to make this little motif which is going on her tatting box. There will be a lot more of these done to decorate her tree this year. m. I have to refer to everything in the past tense as I would be writing about yesterday. In fact, I just came back from dinner with the other climbers there and I'm really exhausted. Anyway today WAS better than Sunday. At least I made it up a few easy routes and my hand was not numb after the climb today. However, my hands are still weak and needs loads of training. To Chambers East last night for the third edition of Yuck 'n Yum's Annual General Karaoke. The AGK premise is simple: every year we meet up to sing karaoke with our friends and followers who create their own videos to sing along to. Prizes are awarded for best video and best performance, and this year's was a fine vintage. I took a few photos and here they are: The name of the event is the AGK. The judging panel. L-R: your correspondent, Donna Halford-Lovell, Stephen Bloe, Amy Jones. That Scotland We May See - Holger Mohaupt "Through exercise, the athlete of Classical times sculpted his physique much as an artist chisels a statue, and, in doing so, he was honouring his gods. In Modern times, the athlete in his achievement honours his country, his race and his national flag. This classic gem will take your highway of tears and turn it into your highway to hell. Oh wait…" WINNER NEoN residency prize! Quando, Quando, Quando - Edward Humphrey, Sophie Morris and Jeppe Rohde Nielsen "A young man gets hit by an electric shock and descends into a dream in which he serenades and charms a young woman. I guess I'd better not say too much about where and when, in case it gives me the chance to write in even more detail about the justice system in England. So, imagine whatever details you like which lead me to be standing in the witness box giving evidence. The usher holds up a piece of card in front of me and I say that ‘I do solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm that the evidence I shall give shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. One of the barristers tries to confuse me with dates. It's easily done - soon I am shuffling through great files in response to a query about whether something happened before something else. This followed by attempts to get me to go too far. I'm feeling that way today. Had my hair cut short, and it's time to drag out clumsy metaphors involving butterflies and swans. Need to put together a decent wardrobe for the new season too, and there's a fair few eBay auctions I'm currently keeping an eye on. Still, a boy can dream. A Cape Coral man was arrested Tuesday after stealing a boat from Sunset Water Sports at the Hurricane Hole Marina on Stock Island. They had not yet discovered it was missing. m. The Carnival was the perfect place for college age kids to work. Ron who was not yet my Brother In Law came out as a High School student and returned summer after summer until he graduated from college. His home town was a small town in Iowa. Ron was second man on the wheel with Dale and then Hubert before he went to the Loop or Loop O Plane. Far Guy says he helped him buck tubs sometimes when he was bored. The Loop just went around and around…upside down and right side up. Not a great capacity ride but in it’s day it was a popular ride. Here's a stunning beauty close-up of Ashley Olsen with full brows and brown smokey eyes. Sources close to the station tell me that the main reason Longinotti was shown the door had to do with dollars. Interesting experiences this weekend at the writing workshop. Some good.

Some not.

I did experience converting and existing work to a play format. It was actually a poem that I used, and worked very well. I picked up some really good material on shifting points of view. In addition to that, I found myself trying to force poetry, which is never a good thing and it only resulted in creating frustration. Since frustration is not my idea of creative success, I announced to all at one point, "I'm going home. " Of course I didn't. More on the workshop as I have time. Too much to do to report more now. when the landscape of western Oklahoma looks like the dark side of the moon! Also, time to sell any remaining calves before the end of the year. One of the things I'm not fond of about this area is winter. The weather can be harsh and everything turns brown and drab. Had a nice wet summer and plenty of green grass. The bull isn't concerned about what's going on. He's just checking to see if I brought him a treat. International relations allowed as an academic field of study as well public policy discipline.

Very pleasant for walking but quiet for birds.

The boathouse reeds Cetti's Warbler was the only one heard this morning. . This weekend, we are taking our first mini vacation of the summer. Sometimes it is so nice to get away just for a couple of days. If I could, I'd take all these items along with me. I would encourage you all to read the website of Warrior Princess, "SOUND THE ALARM!. For some reason the link under "Blogs and Websites I Follow" does not update with her most recent messages. weebly. Closed prisons have a psychological as well as real weight to them. Exemplified in steel and concrete, a more subtle though controlling effect is the perpetual necessity to engage with the institution. From everything from toilet paper to food, there is a panoply of daily events which demand that we are dependent upon staff. In this way we are deeply and irretrievably enmeshed by the prison.

Open is different.

Or rather, this one is. Not all open prisons are the same. Here we are disengaged, self motivating and self actuating, engaging with the institution in a far less frequent manner. There is a very real sense that we are merely "passing through", whereas in closed prisons there may be a sense of "home" - a permanent settlement. Fire is back and Shadow is still here. You will now have a character with all Fire skills, another with all Shadow skills, and the last with a mix. This gives you an idea of how your characters can have different skill setups and allows you to play around with each. The effect of the Shadow skills is now more apparent with it's new graphics, namely the DaT effect of Shadow. We've also added some cooldown visuals so you know what's going on when the skill you're spamming isn't triggering. Even so, I love to walk around and get ideas. Their website is awesome too! I love this, and this, and this, and this. I checked it out a time or two but didn't pay too much attention to it. But then, like a potential alcoholic who takes That Decisive Drink, I got into it the other day and couldn't get off. In the next couple of days I read people's profiles and tried to figure out if they were anyone I knew. I read about modesty, about gossip, about courtship, about books. Then I just had to put in my two bits so I signed in myself. Then I had to keep checking to see if anyone had said hello. Last night someone finally confronted me about my addiction, and it wasn't pretty. Here we are before any tweaking. And now after some tweaking has been done. Of course, I still need to paint this room to match the bedroom, but I think I better finish unpacking first. Can you believe that we are still unpacking? Well we are! Packing got delayed a bit while we were overlooking the purchase agreement for our old house. That's a bit of an excuse. Have you been to The Gypsy Bonfire yet? Lisa Hoffman has a storytelling section to her blog where, in her words "I ask my authors to tell a story that you could share over a quick cup. Picture yourself sitting around a Bonfire with VERY close friends.

It’s chilly, you’re cozy -maybe wrapped in a soft blanket, hands clutching a mug of steaming hot Mexican Cocoa, the creative energy is hovering just overhead.

You could not be more relaxed and everyone’s sharing a story. "I feel lucky that Lisa asked me to share a story at The Bonfire and you can read it here beginning today. So gather round, warm your hands near the fire, and get ready to hear a true tale of synchronicity. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. R. By blbstee I have experienced a few actual busts.

This was the first that I recall.

It was painful and the deliverer really enjoyed it. She was bigger due to the age difference – and more physically mature, of course. I was in short sleeve shirt and jeans. She was wearing Mary Jane type shoes without socks and had thrown her books down as I had approached on the sidewalk where she had lay in wait with her friends. I don’t even remember what and why we fought, all I remember is that she hated me and I felt the same towards her for some reason. And naturally, their biggest enemies against defense are the domestic kind. You know, "progressives. The point to Lost and Found is to level the support playing field. When LFCA works correctly, the newest blogger with the smallest readership can receive the same level of support as the oldest blogger with the largest readership. Please support the list as well as anyone posting announcements below. Connections AboundMISCELLANEOUS NEWSNewKirtsy'd Pick O' the Day: Please vote for this one from Weebles Wobblog. A very important post to read if you're having trouble with panic over not knowing the future. A brilliant post about finding peace in the in-between space with her mantra, "you really don't know anything" and how it brought calm to both the small and large moments in her week. I hope everyone had a chance to visit Whimsie Doodles to take a look at all they have to offer. We saw a wide variety of wonderful projects this time around. Many thanks to all who participated. A couple of blasts from the past: Melvin Anthony and friend Gunter Schlierkamp and friend. Watched Denzel Washington's American Gangster. I feel "head over heal" every time I hear him say "My Man" He is just too good. Wonder how he missed the Oscar for this I liked the scene , where he speaks to a "Dominic" after an attempt was made to kill his wife by some opponent. His expressions were so correct and apt. I loved his dialogue delivery, especially when he says "This is my home. This is where my business is, my wife, my mother, my family. This is my country, I ain't goin' nowhere" And of course every time he said "My Man" I went bonkers. .