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Echoes of last week's conversation. Thomas: I love going to church! It's good to go to Sunday School and learn about Jesus, isn't it, Mummy?Andy: I hate going to church!Mum: I thought you liked going to Sunday School, Andy. This is a delight. Price and Cushing have great scenes and great scenes together. via Youtube: The buffering at Youtube almost drove me to the Madhouse. I almost gave up on it entirely. The sides have been left bare for now - no door handles or grab rails - as these will be installed after painting and lining-out, so they don't get in the way. Just about to spray the primer coats and, while the body dries, I'd better get to work on the interior. Can't wait to see how the model looks after the BR maroon livery has been applied. Looks like I'll be using acrylics for the paint job, as time is running out - no luxury of waiting for a day or two in between layers of paint, as would be the case with enamels. But will I be able to achieve that lovely deep lustre of steam age coaching stock? We'll see. We went to the Riviera. Nowadays, Nursing school growth fast in many country. With this reason the nursing department need more job vacancies to make balance and reduce of unemployment number. The nurses who interest with job position, they will fill the job application and submit their resume and wait for confirmation by nursing agency. Middle East right now focus in development of medical service provider, They want to give easy and fast treatment for the expat workers and the local people. ” She added, “The blows really hurt, but what hurts more is the lack of freedom. The Western Culture Conservancy is dedicated to preserving the heritage and culture of the American West and education on its rich and colorful history. We have many important local projects planned for the Conservancy, and hope you will support us in our many causes - the most important of which is arresting the progress of special interests which seek to limit the use of our Natural Resources. Link to a post on Dennis Cooper's fascinating blog featuring work by the artist Brendan Lott. At first glance I dismissed this as being dull photorealism of the kind that I got thoroughly sick of seeing done badly during art school. However, seeing the description of the working process does lend these paintings a whole new layer of meaning. It also brings to mind this essay on 'pseudo-modernism' that I found whilst trawling links on my del.


us bookmarks. I pick out the rare one that is beautiful.


By random number generator, the winner of the Elle's Studio giveaway is: snazzyjj said. And here is another little sneak peek of the January kit. We went to Jen and Andy’s home up north for Thanksgiving dinner. I have eaten just a few dinners off this China. It belonged to Far Guy’s Mom, when they moved into the apartment and had an auction sale I purchased a four piece place setting…later when Far Guys Mom moved from the apartment to the nursing home Jen was gifted with the rest of the set. Andy’s brother Carl and sister in law Roberta were there with their son Arthur. A big boy and a little boy. Arthur would hit the chair, then Adam would do the same thing and Arthur would collapse in giggles. It must have been a boy thing. Far Guys pager went off, the report was "The old feed store next to the Fire Hall in Ponsford is on fire. " Well there is no feed store, but there is an old grocery store. We could see the flames from the end of our driveway. five miles away cross country. I was too little to see over the top of the counter. Time out. Gov. Mead Treadwell over his rejection of the measure. The lawsuit, filed in state Superior Court at Anchorage, argues Treadwell relied on an "erroneous legal opinion" from the attorney general in rejecting the initiative. Here's a press release from the Alaska Fisheries Conservation Alliance, which filed the suit. The other day I got a fantastic email. All it said was, "I really enjoy your sketches. Please check out mine. Lorenzo. " OK, I'll check out your little sketches. Turns out Lorenzo is Lorenzo Fonda, a director. I began to delve into his work and quickly realized I had just bumped into a kind of genius. The more I watched of his films, the more I got sucked in and fascinated by this dude. Could someone be this clever and smart and original and unique. Well I guess so.


Felice, sacerdote nolano, posto in prigione dai nemici di nostra santa fede, fu liberato da un Angelo, che lo condusse ad un monte, dove diede soccorso a S. Massimo vescovo di Nola, ivi nascosto, e consumato dalla fame e dal freddo. Animava i suoi concittadini alla pazienza nella grave persecuzione, che per divina permissione, movevano contro i fedeli gl'idolatri, e coll'esempio suo insegnava loro il modo di farsi strada, per mezzo della sofferenza delle miserie temporali, alle consolazioni eterne. PREGHIERA. S. Paolino. So have King Tut and the entire population of Atlantis. For that you can thank students in a UAB “Mythbusters” honors seminar led by archaeologist Sarah Parcak, Ph. D. Last fall, they went hunting for the facts behind popular archaeological myths, debunking everything from cursed Egyptian tombs to cities lost beneath the sea. Rioting between Bodo tribes people and Muslim settlers has raged for days in a region near Bangladesh. Some victims died of machete wounds, said aid workers who have seen the bodies. Police opened fire on rioters burning property in the Bodo-dominated Kokrajhar district, killing the four, police inspector general S. N. Singh said. Police found four more bodies in a neighboring district. "More and more villages are being burnt by attackers this evening. Someone googled "piqua" and "porn" and ended up here!Well, this had to be quite a disappointment, but. I hope you find something worthwhile here!. Frøsådd er ikke bestandig like enkelt, i hvert fall ikke for meg. Forrige vinters drømmer om fantastisk flotte planter og gress ble kanskje ikke helt alt hva jeg drømte om. Lobelia cardinalis samlet jeg frø fra forrige høst. Hadde en potte i dammen på baksiden, som blomstret godt. Akkurat den potten tok jeg inn i boden over vinteren, den overlevde men har nektet blomstre i sommer. Denne frøplanten derimot tok fatt i blomstringen i oktober. Rent bortsett fra at plantene ikke ville blomstre så spirte frøene utrolig godt. Jeg har priklet ut massevis av dem i rundt om i hagen, vel vitende den helst vil ha litt vann om føttene, men overvintringen ute er jeg også heller skeptisk til, går det så går det. For sheep, it's all about the food and drink. All day long. Besides water which The Farmer puts into big plastic troughs, the sheep love to eat snow. They pick at it just like a kid does. The water in the trough freezes pretty quick these days. It gets tipped over and the ice gets knocked out. Then we fill it up again - it stays unfrozen long enough for everyone to get a drink. I love when they lift their head out of the snow and look like this!Here's another new arrival. Easter chewing material for the eyes. Steve Shark shared some reminiscences - and more recent observations - on the alleged non-country that is Belgium on Saturday. It's definitely worth a read if you haven't already, and being fresh back from there myself, I'd like to chip in with some thoughts of my own. Let's start with the obvious. I was amazed to discover that you could smoke inside, which endeared the Belgians to me even more, as they didn’t seem to have decided that smoking was a worse sin than public puppy buggering.

In fact, everyone seemed to be smoking everywhere we went, with non-smokers seemingly happy to co-exist with smokers and unafraid of the mythical consequences of second hand smoke.

This is, indeed, very true.

As things presently stand, those frequenting bars in Belgium have largely escaped the EU-led brainwashing tactics surrounding tobacco consumption in public places. Quite the paradox considering a majority of anti-smoking pressure emanates from their capital city. But then, it's not an isolated case, as I'll expand on later. From Fb this morning. Pretty much the truth. So upsetting, really!"I think she nailed it. This involved finding the perfect place, with three churches within half a block, and then having the rug yanked out from under us at the very very last minute, with the check written and all. Emily is supposed to post about this and if she does it will be interesting, trust me, so take a quick side trip and tell her to write it all down, pretty please. Then Paul did his best to pull us all together, and we found another apartment, and he checked at the police station to make sure it's a safe area, and we did the paperwork, and yesterday we found out that all our criminal history checks and such came out ok, and Emily is good to go. Probably this Friday. A year ago I was at their house and he laughed, hummed, made truck noises, and dramatically stood on the couch arm and leaped onto the beanbag chair to make us laugh, but didn't talk, despite being two years old and having two articulate siblings. One time he passed a mirror, waved at himself, and said, "Bah!" and that was it. I think my sis had him evaluated and all that, and I don't know what the conclusion was. Then yesterday I was talking to Margaret on the phone while she was trying to get Nolan to put on some underwear. He responds to climate change deniers on his RealClimate blog. Bloomberg L.


- Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaBloomberg L. P. We had such a great time with our poetry unit. We tried out writing several types of poems, including acrostic, haiku, diamante, cinquain, repeated words, rhyming pairs, onomatopoeia, and more! We started by talking about the type of poem, and what features it has. Here are a few wonderful samples produced by my second graders. Their responses will be presented as a series of online and print projects. Viewer's Choice is the fourth installment. All artists participating in The Pulse were asked to name their favorite from a number of categories. Dr. You can always count on Rauser to offer a morally obtuse evaluation of a serious moral issue. You can set your clock to his predictably muddled moral understanding.

In a world like ours, it's so refreshing to have someone that dependable.

The allegation is that Kim Davis is a hypocrite. Some people have defended her on the grounds that she's only been a Christian for four years. In addition, she's not a Bible scholar or theologian. In that respect, it's stilly to hold her to the same standard of theological sophistication as a professional Christian ethicist. But suppose, for the sake of argument, that she is a hypocrite. In my experience, one infallible test of people's moral discernment, or lack therefore, is how they frame issues of hypocrisy. ATeacherWrites. Help them get to grips with metaphors and similes with this silly game. They draw a picture of the metaphor or simile, which helps them understand that the words put a picture, or 'image' in the reader's head. Left and below are two I did earlier, by vandalising a Vogue magazine with a felt pen, camera - and half an onion. 'Mr Gum leapt out of bed like a guilty onion. 'She looked at him with black fire in her eyes. Austin police announced on Wednesday they have made two additional arrests in connection with an Austin airport baggage handler who was stealing handguns from baggage that he sometimes traded for marijuana, police and the Justice Department said. ?. TheFrenchPoste. Etsy. Create a card using any Beccy's Place digital image, free or purchased, upload a photo of it to your blog and submit a direct link below. You can enter as many times as you like and you can submit your card to any other challenge you wish. At the end of the month three random winners will be chosen to receive their choice of either a full set of digital stamps or three individual digital images from my online store. .