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I tend to like Bruce Willis films, and I've seen all the others in this series. I wasn't expecting much, but I expected more than this. There were many explosions, and that's mainly what I was in it for. The humor wasn't as good in this one as it has been in some others, and I missed that. I won't watch this again, but I'll watch any new ones that are released. " Empire Online issues this verdict: "A few reasonable action sequences are mired in family soap, making this A Good Day To Call It Quits. " /Film calls it a "really bad day for fans," says it "feels dismissive, and dumb" and says, "If there’s praise to bestow, it goes to Fox’s marketing department for making this dead-eyed bore look zippy and energetic, even if that illusion can only last for bare minutes at a time. Ate a local near the church After our climb in Mt. Arayat we were invited by ma’am Weng at their family house in Nueva Ecija for us to witness the Taong Putik festival in Aliaga, Nueva Ecija. Are you familiar the movie Sukob a horror movie by Kris Aquino? the taong putik was part of that movie. We noticed Ate, a local near the church, was holding dried banana leaves and we asked her where to find the other taong putik. She invited us if want to witness how they mud themselves we just followed her until we reached the rice fields. In the rice fields where they put mud in their body Ask for alms Before the mass the taong putiks will go around the village and ask for alms, and the house owners are willing to give that can be offer like candles in the belief that they will be rewarded with many blessings. Offer a prayer Devotee On the feast day, local folks gather themselves and do the ritual called “Pagsa-San Juan,” which means remembering the significant role played by Saint John in baptizing Jesus Christ. But later, this became known as “Taong Putik Festival. Watch: Guy uses drone to get Starbucks Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersWorld. Unfortunately, the history books are full of stories about past military victories that focus on war as the means to achieve political objectives. The history of the success of nonviolent resistance over the centuries has been practically non-existent. Over the past generation a small group of academics have sought to remedy this and the latest is Maciej J. Bartkowski.

Maciej J.

Bartkowski is the senior director for research and education at the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict and the editor of Recovering Nonviolent History: Civil Resistance in Liberation Struggles. JB's TIAS has been dubbed the debonair William T. Goat. Then she was looking for something with a large ring to use for testing some threads and came up with this square looking motif that she has included the pattern for on her blog.

So she tried out several variations until she came up with one they both like.

Then she did the little dragonfly that is Riet's pattern for practicing SSSRs. Alex did his homework for the performance. "My character has super power, so I studied some foreign series for the role. I was the happiest that James let me keep my facial hair for the performance, because I feel it is an ability. However if my feet wouldn't be seen, I could actually wear sneakers in place of heels. Captain Penny Phelps received a distinguished service award for her work training county employees in customer relations. Lovely new cover for Susan Shea's new mystery series at Minotaur!. The are many good things in GRINDHOUSE and just as many, maybe more, bad things. The worst thing of all are the appearances of Quentin Tarantino in both features. He's not an actor by any stretch, more of a highly distracting and annoying presence.

His familiar visage threw me out of the High Concept, and to work GRINDHOUSE must fly high on that concept or crash and burn.

If he's not the world's worst actor, he's the same nuisance who shows up to mug and rant on those late night talk shows. You can only groan and want to bitch-slap him off the screen. He just seems like a lout who showed up on set and pushed his way on camera. QT can be his own worst enemy. But he can also soar as a director, however briefly, before inevitably burning out. Case in point: The Accident. About halfway through DEATHPROOF motorpsycho Stuntman Mike snuffs four Texas hotties by crashing into their ride with his muscle car, taking off the top of the vehicle, their heads and other body parts. Flaxande for vinden. Kul grei synes jeg og faktisk ikke vanskelige å gjøre selv. Passer også for barn, hvis de får litt hjelp. Det største problemet er å finne “balansepunktet” på vingene. Tynn kryssfiner. Tegn opp en kropp og vinge på papir og bruk som mal. Kroppen bør være mindre enn vingene. Tegne over på tynn kryssfiner, sag ut med buesag, pusse godt. I HOPE U ENJOY THIS. KodiacK DESCRIBE THEMSELVES AS GALAXY METAL. THE CONCEPT BEHIND THESE DIVINE BEINGS REVOLVES AROUND THE DESTRUCTIVE POWER OF A MASSIVE AWE INSPIRING UNIVERSE-LIKE FORCE. EROSEROS AROSE FROM A PARALLEL UNIVERSE WITH LIMITLESS POWERS AFTER THE ADVENT. I've been so incredibly busy this past month. So busy, that I haven't been able to post here on the blog. My manuscript for my next book Crafting A Patterned Home came back to me after I re-wrote things in January. I had a week to turn it around this time. This is the last time I will see it until after the copy editor reviews it and I have to answer questions about it. It's a big hurdle I just got over and I am relieved. I think it is reading nicely. Good morning, men. I hope you enjoy it and I’ll see you guys here tomorrow. S. gun violence than just reinstating a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, the Washington Post reported on Sunday. A working group led by Vice President Joseph Biden is seriously considering measures that would require universal background checks for gun buyers and track the movement and sale of weapons through a national database, the newspaper said. The measures would also strengthen mental health checks and stiffen penalties for carrying guns near schools or giving them to minors, the Post said. The approach is backed by law enforcement leaders, it said. Read it all here. Yesterday I went to a local stone showroom to go through their marble remnants. Marble and granite remnants are perfect for coffee table and side table tops! This is a "designer trick" used by many, but before yesterday I've never done this. the perfect coffee table size. This is especially great if you already have a base you can use. I love the raw edge, too. I was wrong so I'm doing that now. Anyway, here is the project and hope you like it. This sweet design is stitched only with two colors, cording and fabric backing included, two vintage buttons too. Hugs to all. every wallpaper tells such a vivid story. and for people who have a hard time visualizing a wallpaper, cole and son has a great tool on their website that allows you to see each paper in a room scene. I see Shearer as an inherently decent man who was not cut out for the rough and tumble of parliamentary politics and who struggled with a hopelessly divided Labour Party. much of his time was spent looking over his shoulder at his disloyal colleagues who worked assiduously to undermine him. I have been thinking a lot lately about how much Trevor's life is going to change in a few short weeks. We wanted this so bad and for so long, it almost feels wrong to have these feelings. He is always asking where Daddy is.

He prefers to have our family in one place.

Remember House Speaker Nancy Pelosi? The Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives immediately before John of Orange took the gavel and handed his balls over to Ted Cruz and Louis Gohmert? Got more shit done than any Speaker in decades? Ring any bells? Nancy Pelosi: The Most Effective Speaker of the House in History As Nancy Pelosi hands off the Speaker’s gavel to John Boehner today, she also hands him a tough act to follow. Despite insistent attempts to malign her during her four years as Speaker of the House, the California congresswoman turns out to have been arguably the most effective person in that post in U. S. history. And it’s not just rah-rah Democrats saying so. I have at last got to the quilting part of my "red quilt". The weather is not playing this game this year, again it has been very unpredictable, with some heavy rain and bits of blue in between, some very cold winds thrown in. Definitively no warm evenings with BBQ and a glass of something on the terrace. And some progress on the Jacobean embroidery. With the red quilt at the quilting stage and not being in the Christmas mood just yet, I have an idea in my mind to make a "summer quilt". I have the fabrics, I just need some ideas for a design, or am I getting a bit ahead of myself? The next summer is a long way away, but then - we still could have an Indian summer in September! Yes, I am a natural optimist!. As a result, I've been trading enough to keep the blood flowing, but that's about it. Tried a few longs looking for bungee snapbacks, but they never materialized and I'm essentially flat on the day with small winners offset by small scratches.

Keeping an eye on the next consolidation break which I sense may be down given the morning buyers' strike, uptrending VIX, and TICK which has been nowhere close to sustaining a + reading, but darn tough to short a market that's short-term oversold, and entering on trend extension signals on the day after a strong trend is typically a road to ruin.

Gonna let the market make the next move. this too shall pass. Focusing on my non-market obligations but keeping an occasional eye on the screen. It was another long day working in the studio. I don't know how I would do it without Jay and my Papa.

they worked all night and into the wee hours Wednesday night sanding down the concrete floors to get them ready to lay the linoleum tile.

Jay and I had planned on checkerboard or stripes for the studio, and after very little debate we decided the stripes were perfect for the space. it's a little modern twist with the tiles, a little op, and a little Daniel Buren right here in our house. Pretty groovy! I can't say I've seen this one before!.

Yes, we're still together, very happily so, thank God.

And aside from that major news, I'm also happy to announce that we're now back in the UK. We're delighted to be back. . OK, the Shipshewana Registration Form is ready and I am very excited to be coordinating this event. The retreat is not affiliated with any one group, so, if you have any friends that would be interested, please let them know. We're just quilters getting together to sew, eat and shop in Shipshewana. If you've never been to Shipshewana, you're in for a real treat. FINALLY, I got started on Ande's t-shirt quilt. She graduated this year and I have had the shirts for a month or so. I haven't quite decided on the sashing for these, but when they are all spread out, I'm sure I can figure it out.

I also made a test block last night for Marcia at quilterscache.

Can't show it to you until she posts the block, but it turned out beautiful. India. Things were getting even wilder and weirder with "Dr. Strangeglove and the Brain Children". Staton, having worked on one of the all-time greatest satirical super-heroes, E-Man, was perfect for Pasko's increasingly satirical and over-the-top story lines. Of course, Mr. Pasko might have been inspired to go gonzo because of having teamed up with Staton. Whatever the reason, this is one wild and woolly Metal Men masterpiece!Cover art by Walt Simonson. Teddy can not seem to spend enough time laying on the front porch with the pumpkins. I never understand this behavior. I seriously think that she thinks no one can see her. Hello everyone! It's Emily here from Create Serendipity. Today I wanted to share a mini album that was inspired by a few different pins on Pinterest. I'm sure you all have seen the melted crayon art, right? I've been eyeing it for a while and finally I decided to give it a try. I didn't have a stretched canvas laying around, so I thought I'd try something different. a mini album. So I made a mini album with the inside pages out of library pockets. Last, but not least. scamwebsites. never-wire-money-to-strangers. , are scams from West African scammers mainly from Cameroon, living in various countries, especially Germany, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Denmark, Turkey, Thailand and South Africa etc. , most living in those countries under student or working visas. .