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at St. TranslationHello, Robert. Hello. What attracted you in this character? The script was so different from everything I've done before. I don't know, there was something quite magical about role. I couldn't explain why but something in me resonated really early on. " This is also part of Obama's Cuba legacy that on the surface claims to be about empowering the Cuban people but in reality has legitimized the dictatorship and empowered it with new technologies to repress Cubans. More info on the Sideburn Magazine blog. Black Gold" is Esperanza Spalding's Tribute to Black History Month, ft. songtress Algebra Blessett. And, it's a nice pattern because you can make as many blocks as you want to increase or decrease the size of your quilt. It's a great quilt for beginners. Pin in place and sew on the line. Press seams towards dark fabric. I have been busy clearing up little things.

All those tiny details that get lost in the shuffle of life.

You know the things you shoulda put away. the things you shoulda sorted. the things you shoulda ordered. the gifts you should send. These would create equal harvest shares for Sitka Sound sac roe herring seiners. Supporters, however, argue the imperative for equal shares has never been greater. Last year, after our Halloween season was nearly over, I received a call from Ann Blevins, the editor of Special Publications at Better Homes & Gardens. I was happy about getting press but sad that nearly all of our best Halloween items had been sold by the time she made the call. I told her she was two months late.

In fact, we shot these images just days before our Christmas Open House!Because we were going to tear this all down in a matter of days, Ann and her team couldn't make it to KC soon enough so she allowed me to style and art direct the shoot without them.

A Stitch-In was recently held at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. I was unable to attend, but Judi A. sent some pictures to me. First if want to show you Judi’s tea leaf quilt. She’s almost finished and it looks fantastic.

I love how she has graded the colors so it gets lighter in the center.

It looks like the group got in some productive quilting time. And here they are with their blocks! Of course, there was lots of food for this three-day event! And who could get by without dessert?It looks like they had a great time and I hope to be able to attend the next Stitch-In. "Zahi never provided official documents on what remains missing from the Egyptian Museum,” says Nasser Ibrahim, an employee at the ministry’s restoration department. To see more Wordless Wednesday posts, go here and here. YouTube link. Peru's Lucha Libro is kind of like that, without the violence. It's literary "wrestling. " New writers don masks, and head onto a stage where they’re given three random words, a laptop hooked up to a gigantic screen, and five minutes to write a short story. At the end of a match, the losing writer has to take off his or her mask. A gossip is one who talks to you about other people. A bore is one who talks to you about himself. A brilliant conversationalist is one who listens to you talk about yourself. Dr.

A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy man keeps a secret.

Act Two is trickier. well, they can't say why, because it's a proprietary business secret. The ocean warms very slowly and because of its size stores an immense amount of heat. Once warm it will act as a giant reservoir and radiator of heat. The denial crowd will have trouble explaining this one away. Canned Canard: It used to be thought that there was no such thing as bad publicity. Thank you, thank you, thank you Aunt Jessie and Aidan for the adorable sweaters. They look so cute in them I could just cry! Today we finally got a nice dose of fresh air and sunshine. Certainly helps to boost your spirits, doesn't it?. I have paintedparts of the farm in the past. Said with cotton balls in the mouth. What am I the Godfather? No, I am just very busy, so here are some pics of my home, and a client's home I am working on this weekend, all mixed together. I have an early jump on WW and this will probably be my only post for this week. Having a blast, but weary is just around the corner. I got a call from one of our mortuaries on Saturday. They said that a lady from my parish had died and they needed to schedule a funeral. Well it seems the lady was actually from another parish in town but shared the last name of one of my parishioners. I assumed that it was her and included her name in the weekend's General Intercessions. My funeral coordinator later called the woman's home intending to speak to her grand-daughter. When someone else answered the phone, it sounded an awful lot like Emma. It was Emma who is alive and well despite all the prayers for the repose of her soul this weekend. Yes, December is almost here! Here are some fabulous highlights from November. For through wisdom, your days will be many, and years will be added to your life". Observation: The author is saying here that through wisdom, we will have long and better lives. He also tells us that the fear of the Lord and the knowledge of God is the beginning of that wisdom.

In other words, the better we know and fear God, the longer and better our lives will be.

Vichy Water are a Sacto trio that formed this summer. You might remember that I had them on AFS as guests when Ratas del Vaticano visited. If it seems like Sacramento has a ton of bands lately, it's partly because these three people have started more bands this summer than anyone else, and they also flank Andrew in his rock quartet version of G. Green. There's also a Mayyor in there. This week on AFS. Though not a hot rod or custom I was intrigued by this old Benz that was at my cousin's wedding yesterday. She and her husband rode off in this ancient auto, or at least for a little ways down the road. Check out the craftsmanship on this rig, such as the bowtie door handles and crazy gear shift column!. I came across this chopped panhead watercolor online looking nice and psychedelic and would have to say its a pretty cool painting. By hughgee Think I told you guys about my little run-in with a diminutive part-time ballerina chick, a friend of my girlfriend's, and a general all-around pain in the ass. Okay, so maybe it's another part of the anatomy that she's a pain in.


The point is, somebody help me, I AM STILL DEALING WITH THIS CRAP OVER HERE! Guess I should've expected it. Guess I was somehow just hoping that that last little embarrassing 'incident' between her and my girlfriend and myself would just go away. The one about female self-defense and a class she was taking and a certain bet about the durability of balls that I took and I then quickly, oh so hastily lost big time. Yeah, that little incident. Alice + OliviaAzzaroBensoniBibhu MohapatraBlugirl, via nymag. Juicy Couture strapless plaid dress. L. Now you know what he was doing to pass the time until Chevy Chase left Saturday Night Live! Other voice actors include Bob Maxwell as Mr. Fantastic, Cynthia Adler as the Invisible Girl, and Jim Pappas as the Thing. For the secret origin of the show, here's an interview with Peter B.

Lewis, the brains behind the broadcasts.

House Speaker Paul Ryan is hoping Trump loses so he can run in four years. Trump ought to reciprocate and endorse him. If nothing else, Ryan would have to spend so much of his political war chest he'd have about enough left over to run for dog catcher. Thus, a bombshell takes the first big graded stakes over the Polytrack surface. And since she and third place finisher Her Majesty were the only two that had raced on an artificial surface, does that mean that the race should be discounted as a legitimate prep for the BC Juvenile Fillies?Maybe. But maybe not. The fact is that these were also the only two fillies that had raced around two turns. They had both raced once before, in one mile maiden specials at Turfway. TNTPinkShell: so much excitement in here today must be the day Ecubucs: I'm looking for a message this afternoon to be given in the President's speech at Orlando International Airport. something in the form of "asset backed" or "leveling of global currencies". May not be there but I'm looking for something of that nature…. I know Abadi is also flying to the US today…. Airam: Ecu that could make this long weekend an interesting one. .