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"Greg Hands MP, Chief Secretary to the treasury. Translation.

And he seems rather proud of it!.

The Interior. I got to ride out at the Camp Wednesday on one of the new test rigs I am riding for Twenty Nine Inches. Well, it had rained a bit Tuesday and the leaf strewn trail was treacherous. To make matters worse, the tires on the tester bike were XC, minimal width, minimal tread wonders. My front got knocked off line, I wobbled, and that went okay, but when the rear tire hit, it was all over. I went sideways in the back and that pitched the front tire into an angle I couldn't maintain at the pitch I was descending. An over the bars trip was immanent. I hit pretty hard, and the bike slid up onto my legs, entangling me.

So, here I was, face downward, with a bicycle all tangled up in my legs.

I was going to be okay, but it took a few minutes to get out from under the bike and investigate the damage. It wasn't too bad. EPA officials said on Dec. violated federal oil spill prevention and response rules at its Deadhorse fuel storage and distribution facility. According to the EPA, multiple violations of Clean Water Act spill prevention rules and spill response requirements at the facility were found. Susan Murray, deputy vice president, Pacific for the international oceans watchdog group Oceana, said the settlement “simply confirms that Shell Oil and its contractors are not prepared for the challenges of working in Alaska’s Arctic Ocean. They must also submit a facility response plan to the EPA before the facility increases its capacity to one million or more gallons. These rules are designed to prevent discharges to navigable waters and adjoining shorelines, and to demonstrate a facility’s preparedness to address a worst case scenario oil spill. UPDATE : I ordered a Restoration & Judging Guidline Manual. For the tri five chevy's. Its a big manual and has a binder thats included.

This Type thing is Impossable to get for our cars.

The Blog is free and eventually will be"THE Guide" To restore our flashy hot rods. Check it out:. This chapter is part one of the introduction and origin of Sinistro, Boy Fiend which was written by Grass Green and illustrated by Henry Scarpelli. Enjoy!. Happy Thursday! How are you, chickies? Doing well here, looking forward to the weekend. Today I have a sweet birthday card to share with you. A few weeks ago, Laurie Schmidlin shared a little about her daughter Alison and the struggles she is going through. I was happy to, and this little number is on its way to Ms. Alison now. At the time Dr. This was one of the reasons for Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter quoting his message of nonviolence. Five years later, Dr.

Biscet is out of prison and continuing his work as an activist in Cuba.

It is for this reason and to celebrate Oswaldo's nonviolent legacy that Notes From the Cuban Exile Quarter will now replace Oscar's nonviolent quote with Oswaldo's in order to honor his memory and demand that an international and transparent investigation take place to determine the truth of what happened. m. ". For the past six years, the non-profit charity has run Feed the Kids for Summer, handing out bags of ready-to-eat or microwavable food to youngsters who are on the Mansfield school district's free and reduced-lunch program. "We had one child who said 'I don't really read. ' The volunteers encouraged them and they've been back every week. One little boy shows up first every week. I love Ireland. It feels like home. Nova Scotia has landscapes very much like Connemara's, where we are right now. My paternal grandparents were Irish, and my Dad spent some of his childhood in Ireland. I wonder if some of this stuff just gets into your bones? I'm drawn to the Atlantic ocean and rocky coastlines. And the sense of humour! Everyone here seems to have the same sense of humour that my Dad and his family had/have. Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday Charlie, Happy birthday to you! Here is the ice cream cake I got for Charlie for his birthday, and the golf card I made for him. Del Priore, portacolori della Dinamo Sport, ha allungato fin dall’avvio, incrementando progressivamente il vantaggio. Thanks to all who played along in our October Mojo Madness contest! For those of you just joining us, we have contests with prizes the first Monday of each month. The rest of the weeks we just play for fun and inspiration. Wendy C. Kathy Schweinfurth Winners receive one stamp set of their choosing from our sponsor, Verve Stamps. How to play: Just upload a project using this week's sketch to your online blog or gallery. Then leave a link to your project in the linky widget at the bottom of this post. Our challenge is open to everyone, Verve stamps are NOT required to participate, and you can enter as many times as you want. As always, have fun - if you don't have a particular shape, feel free to substitute and work with the supplies you have on hand. Idag lukter det maling i hagen og ettersom de fleste kanter er beiset så kan jeg ikke drive på med planting eller luking idag, så da ble det prikling, av pimpernellene og akeleifrøstjerne som jeg sådde i våres. De spirte jo faktisk bedre når jeg bara slengde dem ut i kjøkkenhagen. Så er det bare å vente å se, kanskje spirer det ? Min lille svarthyllbusk har blitt til et svært tre, hagens største faktisk. Nå skal jeg først lage saft, svarthylleblomstsaft, siden må det beskjæres, jeg har ikke plass med slik store tre. So today since everything down by the ground were fresh painted I had to find something else to do. Ended up potting all those small plants that I acutely managed to grow up from seeds this spring. In stead I sow some of the seeds I brought along from Sweden. For more info, go here. This is near Pense Saskatchewan. I made the song on my laptop somewhere.

Probably over a bowl of cereal at our place in Montreal.

Don't miss the truck!. If you're interested, here it is. We'll see if it makes you cry too. This week in AFS. After a great deal of thought on what species to do for our next project, Anna and I have put together a list. We thought we'd put it over to you to choose/vote which animal species you'd like us to make from the list. The image and sentiment that I've used are from Art Impressions. They have such a great variety of stamps from beautiful nature scenes to hysterical old people. You can find them here. Ballerina Eunice and Fabulous. Emily St. I have just watched the rather extraordinary video of Julia Gillard endorsing Hillary Clinton. You can access it here. One has to wonder what the Clinton camp hoped to achieve by getting Gillard to endorse her. Some might see her as a liability. Have to wonder if Clark was asked only to decline?. I get quite a few emails asking "what's going on with the BMW?" Are you going to finish that BMW?"Well The BMW is named Olga and it's our good friend Paul's project. Paul has a family and pretty much free reign of Bucky's pool so dividing free time between the bike project & skating is a tough decision. All I can say is, in the words of Robbie Morales " Mom why couldn't you've bought me a skateboard instead of a BMX bike?". Decades before Taylor Swift's crossover, the Australian parlayed success as a country singer into pop-culture stardom thanks to 'Grease. But years before that career-making crossover role, she had grabbed America's attention as the country girl next door who hailed from Melbourne, Australia. On Oct. about the overreach of the federal government. Anyone, who in their wildest imaginations, thought they would have to endure the federal government nattering on about bathrooms and who gets to use which one please raise your hands.

And now if you don't uphold the "rights" of Bob and Bill, you will be slandered, sued, and possibly spat upon.

Is this a state's issue? No.

Because it shouldn't be an issue at all.

I have much outside work to do.

A lot of people are suggesting that Rubio and Kasich drop out, given Cruz's good performance in the voting Saturday.

Also look at Cruz's percentage of the early voting in contrast to his percentage of the votes cast yesterday. If Cruz would lose in Florida and Ohio under a scenario in which Rubio and/or Kasich would drop out, whereas Rubio and/or Kasich would win those states if they stayed in, then I think they ought to stay in for now. This is a funny name if read in hindi it literally sounds like bombil from the bamboo.

However to the Kolis Bambooke bombil means half dried Bombay duck.

May be it got its name because Bombay ducks are infact dried on the bamboo. You might have seen them in Hindi films showing koli song and dance numbers.

The bamboos are tied to form ladder like stilts called "Valandi" on which the Bombay ducks and other eel family fish are dried.

If you go to any fishing village in and around Mumbai you will see them along the coastline.

These Bambooke bombils are never sold in the market.

It is strictly Koli trade family recipe if you have to taste it you got to get yourself an invitation from a Koli family or follow the recipe I have given here. This half dried bombay duck curry is very very tasty. .