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Hey there! Quick post today. I'm trying to get all my valentine cards posted!! Seems simply huh, but it's not. I am super busy this week. So much going on and so much to do. This is actually a card front. I made it because I was framing it for the hubs. I love this image. Yes I thought the writing was crap. Try to find the geese Well, our brief dalliance with snow and arctic air is now behind us and we have a milder pattern for the time being. It has created a very gray sky and along with the sullen, dead landscape, it renders everything in a gray scale world with little to no color. This really makes subtle things like a small patch of green grass stand out like a neon light in a world of black and white. The subtle reds and golden browns that some of the tall grasses still hold on to for display are easily spotted now where they would have been lost in the cacophony of colors during this past Fall. Even the animals seem to be in a state of depression as I saw little to no activity on my ride in the Green Belt yesterday. Only a grizzled elderly man with spectacles walking his way through the trails broke the canvass of death and decay which is what Winter without snow looks like here. I was forced to ride along side the trail proper there, so the going was rough and slower in stretches. The past year has been amazing. One of the things I want to start on now is getting a winter ride/training/discipline thing going on so that when it gets nice in the spring I won't be such an out of shape rider. And there are some "carrots" in the form of some rides that might possibly go down that are motivating that.

Photo by I.

Peterson. Wildlife biologist John Bindernagel talks about tracks. We did a lot of fun stuff while in Puerto Penasco.

This is the final blog post on this great area.

One day we did a driving tour of Cholla Bay, then stopped off at JR's for a drink right on the water. There were a lot of pelicans here waiting for a handout. The area seemed pretty empty, because most of these are vacation homes. Afterwards, we went to a lecture at CEDO, the Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans. The room we were in was decorated with colorful painted tiles, not all from around here, since I recognized the Blue Footed Booby from the Galapagos Islands. Outside is a skeleton of a Fin Whale. We saw Fin Whales the other day on our boat trip. Our last big trip was an all-day driving tour of El Pinacate, aka The Biosphere. Keighley News allows us to peek inside the Brontë Parsonage Museum during the busy time that is the closed period. Brontë Parsonage Museum is closed to the public throughout January – but it is the busiest time of the year for staff. Workers have only a few weeks to check every item in the Haworth museum and prepare new displays. They are not only creating a major temporary exhibition, but will also refresh exhibits in the permanent galleries. Collections manager, Ann Dinsdale, said the extra time was required due to the amount of work needed to be carried out. She added: “We’re updating the foyer and shopping area to improve our service to visitors. “In future, they will be able to buy a ticket at the desk in the foyer then make their way round to the front, so they can still get the experience of going through the front door. Why we must remember. Secret Additional Protocol. S.


R. The meeting was also attended by Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Spain, Miguel Angel Moratinos and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla. Hours earlier, Cardinal Ortega had held a joint working meeting with ministers Moratinos and Rodriguez Parrilla. was discussed To date, the development of this process has allowed the release of one prisoner, and the transfer of another twelve to their provinces of residence. This process has taken into consideration proposals previously expressed by the families of the prisoners to Cardinal Ortega. some sweet stuff from the funny custom blog.

This is concerning regarding healthcare information security and integrity.

g. , by "back doors", trojans, etc. I've emailed Assistant U. S. Attorney Michael Levy on this issue and inquired if this angle is being or has been pursued. A Penn student has been charged. While I find them invaluable, I'm not so fond of the bright colors.

I have three words for you: Metallic Spray Paint.

When I spotted the Dreamer stamp in the CTMH catalog I was instantly drawn to this girl. I love to do mixed media projects and making She Art girls in one of my favorite! This card was one that we made at my Dreamer card class this past weekend!. Remember my blog is now hosted at Blog Post: A Year? Really?. My niece Megan goes to college down South. I won't mention the school so she can't get in trouble for her vandal activity. She took some great shots of my squirrel sticker. I love the one on the tree. It's such a simple brilliant idea. I wouldn't have thought of that.

I am wondering if anyone can help me answer this for a friend.

They're both in Kuwait. They have children together. He has dumped her for another woman and moved out of their house, leaving her to pay the bills. Anybody have advice? Lawyer contacts?. In my humble opinion, many—perhaps most—of these are close to worthless. Why the profusion of edited volumes?. Some pictures of the beautiful California landscape I got to see while on my trip. I spotted the aftermath of a little Parispick-me-up. Naturally, the waiter was in nohurry to clear things away and pick up the check—these folks could have occupiedthat table until closing time, I bet. This evening the meal was going to be different, or at least where we ate it was. The idea was to make the meal as usual at the peña but to set up our tables and chairs for our group to eat it in the Plaza Mayor along with every one else in their groups. Our seafood was mainly langostinos and calamares, shrimp and squid, and it was certainly well received by everyone. Where else could you get around four to five hundred people of all ages, eating and drinking in their own groups in the open air at this time of night?Before the music group for the evening made an appearance, there was a special turn by a drag artist, simply billed as "¡una sorpresa!", "a surprise!", on the programme of events and the main reason we had all been told to eat our meal in the Plaza. Today was a day for mental strength, not just physical strength. Karen and I headed out to hike Mt Garfield. We had read about a few different ways to get there, and ended up consulting with Karen's father-in-law who is a very experienced hiker. Now whether he just misunderstood us and our hiking intention, or whether he was just messing with us. he told us to take the Gale River trail. A vacancy has arisen for a clubgolf Regional Manager in the West of Scotland. Then last night, while we all slept, Boing Boing and digg caught wind of one red paperclip and posted a link to it on their sites. Needless to say, this makes blogging a lot more fun. Later. Kyle. I did this bear for the June/July issue of Crochet Today!I borrowed the first pic from their Ravelry account. Happy weekend! . My husband loves to cook, and I love when he cooks!Especially homemade pasta. My husband and I are jumping on the vampire bandwagon this year for a Halloween costume. Matt will be the vampire, I will be the vampire's "Sookie". What can I say, we love the show.

and Lighthouse Background Thank you DT for the amazing cards! Such a fun week! And now we're excited to see what you share! Here are the challenge rules.

✻ Please make a new card or creation. Rugby Goal Kick Game papercraft created by MINYA and Rugby Ball Money Box by Yoshihiro Suzuki. Another UFO to add to the pile. I can't stop piecing lately. I'm actually digging in my bins to look for stuff to piece. Feeding two pieces of fabric under the presser foot is my happy place. It looks a little bit like a zipper, but that's a different pattern. If you know who designed this, please let me know. Making and Keeping annual goals Ah, the dreaded new year’s resolutions. Annual goals seem to go astray as the months of summer drag on. Listen in as the gruesome twosome get everyone’s fires lit for ending the year with task, purpose and motivation. Personal is for printing direct on Personal size paper. If you use iTunes please gives us your rating or reviews of the podcast. Recording violence in Iraq is never easy. That’s especially true now. There are certain provinces that don’t get much coverage in the press. The government is withholding most of its losses and only announcing victories because it is in propaganda mode with the war against the Islamic State.

That means the casualty counts presented here are probably only a fraction of what’s actually happened.

The attack numbers might be a bit more accurate, but still missing a lot.

Photos via style. NEW Work!That's what all my free time has been about these past few weeks. I am exhibiting in a two-woman show with Robin Maria Pedrero, an amazing pastel artist who creates Luminous Landscapes and Captivating Portraits. Try saying THAT five times fast!Robin and I have collaborated and exhibited together before, however—this time we were hand picked by the curator from our applications. We had no idea we would be showing our work together! We have published a Show Catalog, available for purchase along with my first book of Paper Paintings. Robin and I have both produced many new pieces for this show. The cost of the bag is directed to the WWF to help save the endangered animal and it’s dying population. " Designer: Magdalena Czarnecki Country: Sweden, Australia.