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Because I like the B&W version of this. A while back, I wrote this missive concerning fat bikes. First up is the following:"What pressure do you run on XC? " Fat bikes are really, really air pressure sensitive machines. Range? Yes, air pressure should be changed depending upon conditions. I'm out in the sticks, doing recon! Well, today I am going to do something that I have been planning for, but have had to put off for one reason or another, for over two months now. What is that?T. I. Not that I haven't been doing anything at all about that, because I have. Much pouring over maps, looking at Google Earth, trying different route solutions, and trying to keep the mileage within reason. Tasking all that with a mind to convenience store opportunities and it gets a little bit dicey sometimes. Kaneikokala, in Bishop Museum, Honolulu. An example of Hawaiian large scale stone carving is this figure of Kaneikokala in the Bishop Museum in Honolulu. Kaneikokala represents a shark deity. It appears to be a rock slab in pretty much natural form with limited pecking to accentuate features of the deity. It was probably originally erected in a productive fishing site or by fish ponds as an entreaty to the shark spirit. Wahinenui was guided to the buried location by his dreams, claiming the ki'i had pleaded constantly to be taken from the cold in which it lay. This is shaping up to be one of the greatest quarters so if your a fund manager, you had better be with it and have caught it. Jobs aren't expanding in that department. If only they can make it to the finish line in one piece. Robert Dodson posted some more footage of the spinning bigfoot cam, and people are finding all kinds of things in the footage. Bigfoot are known to be masters of blending in with their surroundings, so keep a close look and let Dodson know if you find something. Other friends joined us on Monday night for a full house of food, friends, & fellowship.

smiles from the cleanup crew.

more smiles. I've always liked KGO-TV's classy weekend weather forecaster, Leigh Glaser. Graceful, smooth, and a real pleasure to watch her handle her weather duties. On Vacation so here's a post FROM THE ARCHIVES.

Go visit and take their quiz to help you define what your style is.

today i just found out that nickjr is planing to end the show and i don't want that to happen and i hope none of you do either so a made a website to help the situation.

please visit it.

it's not much right now but im working on. savethebackyardigans. blogspot. so then I told my Mom that I wanted to wear THIS outfit out on the lake, and she was like. okay!. so I wore it today!"Such a lovely day to be out on the boat!She enjoyed watching Johnny & Marcus jump into the lakeGenna helping Kevin & Grandpa fix the wheel on her carI think the puppy kemosabe is trying to tell us to change her diaper. Today's thought: Today is Snack Saturday. At the end of the week you may be feeling a little crunched for time or just plain tired. Seriously, the weekends are a chance to recover a bit. So on Saturdays I'll have you use your snack bags for an extra helping of inspiration. Grab your snack bag and scrap whatever your little heart desires. It's freebie day! Make some room in your own skin. Not one of my better pages but I'm getting ready to leave for Disney World tomorrow and just wanted to get it done.

When it should be cool and dry, it is cool and wet.

Some would even say cold and wet. Because my mother raised me to show at least the semblance of kindness, I have avoided pointing out that if my fellow expatriates wanted warmth without rain, they should head down to our little village by the sea. Most of December has felt like September. By that, I mean it has been very hot and very humid. But without rain. I am glad I avoided the temptress Hubris. Because we are once again knee deep in water here in Melaque. The rain started on Thursday night, and it has been raining off and on each day. It cuts through the heat like relief troops at Bastogne. Rain always brightens the locals. They don’t realize that there are hundreds of books and many, many thousands of articles written on the authorship topic, mostly all by non-Stratfordians. So I’m always encouraging people to try and maintain an open mind, and preferably develop an educated opinion by reading quite a bit. It’s one of those things that has to kind of grab a hold of your interest. WE THE PEOPLE CAN BRING THE CHANGE Are we Nagpurians prepared for Smart City ? Recently, our Maharashtra Government has proposed to make Nagpur as a Smart City. This Government is accountable, within no time it has even started the work and that day is not far when our city will be a smart city. Looking to the present scenario we must think, whether we Nagpurians are really prepared for smart city ? The answer is simply NO. In progressive India everybody desires to make progress on all count, like our Maharashtra Government too, but we the people at large does not have reciprocal actions for our Government. It is said that, A city is known from the traffic rules followed on the streets. Just look at the traffic mess, we Nagpurians created to our city. In our society the number of persons following law is very less than breaking the laws. I'm sure most of you know of Susan B. Anderson, the designer and author of the clever, sweet Itty Bitty Book Series published by Artisan. Susan is just as nice and kind and friendly as her books are. She is so talented and I look forward to her blog posts, as I am sure many of you do. On top of it all, she is a Mom to four beautiful children.

My head spins when I see all the things she knits.

Today is her birthday and she's having a fabulous giveaway. Stay safe. Hello my friends, I'm working very hard setting new designs for ST CHARLES, middle of August , I'm ready with few news and working on my animal series now!! Just taking a break I wanted to sit and crochet a little bit. so here were!!! I made those lovely pumpkins with wool, aren't they so sweet? Grey, dark green and green orange, just perfect as pincushion to keep in our workbasket. It's always time for a pumpkin even Fall is still far away. suzanne kasler does an amazing job w/ upholstery details. in fact, i think she nails it. one of my favorite things about suzanne, is the fact that she can make a room look fabulous by the smallest touches. for instance, by adding a small tape banding behind the nailhead of a dining room chair, you get a truly custom looking piece.

or take an alternate fabric and create a banding at the bottom of a sofa or chair skirt- so easy but it takes the piece to the next level.

or say you fall in love w/ six dining room chairs in a store. they are upholstered in a great neutral linen. Today we celebrate the studio table: uncensored, unedited, and most likely unkempt. When the studio table is full. The garden really is the queen of all seasons. After all our summer salads, she makes way for all the hearty and nourishing winter vegetables for soups, casseroles and hot winter warmers. We have our main citrus crops over the winter months - mainly lemons and oranges as well as passionfruit and strawberries late in the season. We never grow enough peas or carrots to freeze, they're all eaten fresh. One year we grew enough cabbage to make sauerkraut but most of the time it's just enough to eat fresh. We always have jars of red cabbage and sauerkraut in the stockpile that we buy from Aldi during their Oktoberfest sales. I'd love to grow swedes/rutabaga but it's not cold enough for long enough.

link: Race Motor.

Last week we talked a little about Superheroes and their chest hair. At first I had a picture of the Batman in mind and I even got as far as doing a little sketch. But the more I thought about those wonderful DC heroes the more I wanted to draw a team. If this were a contest I'd ask you, dear reader, to name the members from left to right. but it's not a contest so I won't. s. Over the weekend, Hannity, and a lot of someones just like him, were at it again. A year ago, a federal judge told Bundy to stop grazing his cattle on the federal land. He ignored the judge as thoroughly as he had ignored the grazing fees. So the Bureau of Land Management started seizing his cattle. Which is about when everybody went crazy. Loesch has been promoting the Bundy cause with conspicuous enthusiasm. This, my dear readers, is a peek inside the pretzel logic, equivocating, and sheer insanity of a liberal's mind. Note to Tamara: Ditch the ugly glasses and get a big girl hairdo. Neither one is doing you any favors. I'm going to draw a distinction that may not change the YEC/OEC debate, but it introduces some conceptual clarity into the definition. It seems to me that there are basically two different ways to delineate the duration of a day. One way is to begin with the definition of a day. On that definition, the duration of a hour is relative to the duration of a day. An hour has no fixed duration. Not only has this one been left out of Marvel's recent What If. I was needing a Pure Innocence "fix" and reached for the adorable Don't Open Until. by My Favorite Things. Coloring is with Copics on Neenah Classic Crest Solar White. The papers are from the Tickled Pink collection by My Mind's Eye. Details include stitched borders on the circles, a punched butterfly trio, orange twine, an MFT Open Scallop Border die-cut topped with some Tickled Pink bling, and some super fun turquoise felt ricrac from MME's Tickled Pink trim card. Disclaimer/Warning: I will get wordy in this blog and go on and on forever. I will try and include a few short blogs, I promise. This will not be one of those. New to blogging, I don't really know where to start.

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Bob Costas has done it. Oprah has not—yet, though she may want to. Now local celebrities and personalities are going to do it. And they will henceforth and forevermore be known as The Voice of God. The musical based on the classic film “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” has a section in which The Voice of God is heard, extolling mighty words to The Knights which has a lot to do with their journey. .