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I have done many JCP, all but two of them as a Domme. I have always had 'the fear' before the day, building up until the moment I am secured and waiting for punishment. Nothing worried me quite as much as the Singapore cane. I have never tasted it before but I know the pain it emits is a dull thud and not the sting I love and crave. For this reason I was convinced I would, for the first time, not make it to the other end in one piece. I was in some was correct. The prisoners were Ellen-May Davis, Nicky Montford, Slayer, SJ, and myself. Bearing & Power Transmission Distribution - Essential Industrial. essentialindustrial. co. Hello and happy Wednesday! I got out an older Studio Calico kit for this one. It was so fun! I stamped this doily border stamp up and down the card base in Versamark for a subtle background. These awesome Cosmo Cricket letters worked so well with the wood veneer sun from Studio Calico. I actually used my Tattered Angels mist for once. Even if you don't want to.

I am working so hard.

So just smile, and the card and I will stop talking.

I bought a few things at the school's silent auction the other night. I really didn't want the items, but I bid on them to get the bidding going. As it turns out, no one else bid on them so they were mine. Naturally, I didn't win the things I really wanted. I knew that with a little paint, I could make them "mine". As long as the paint was out, I grabbed an old checkerboard from my Americana days and a little pedestal from TJ Maxx. I bought the pedestal yesterday not realizing it was chipped and hoped a coat of paint might disguise the imperfection. "Hanalei Bay" is one of Steve's recent pieces I went with red on the candlesticks because red fits with most holidays. When I put the blue and white striped candle on one of the candlesticks Steve asked me what I was doing.

Now I just have to start searching for more striped candles - maybe green or yellow in addition to blue.

LINK. Good morning Augusta, if you don't have to get up this morning, don't. This morning it is vile out there with overcast, ice pellets, rain, then a chance of rain in the afternoon. Tonight it will remain overcast with rain showers, then a chance of rain after midnight.

Fog overnight.

Gregory Wong and Justin Cheung have to put a lot of effect in order to make a dent on the vehiclecourtesy of mingpao. The actors first went to a parking lot for a "car smashing" ceremony. In a yoga look Coffee climbed on top of a mini bus with Wong Kwong Leung to smash the vehicle together. I am a tom boy and athletic, but I have never broken glass. At first I was a little scared, but I liked the thrill!" Another actor Cheung Kin Sing said, "Busting up a car like this, I feel like I am playing STREET FIGHTER. Earlier the advanced screening audience response was great, with a lot of good reviews and few slams. The lack of negative review instead scares me a little. As you can see, they had a lot of fun!. Today i will tell you a story. Unlike his classmates, he was a very active and a bit naughty in the class.

His class teacher, Gloria used to scold him for not being quiet in the class.

He became calm for a while after every ‘course’ of scolding. Eventually it became a regular scene in the class. One fine day Gloria was too embarrassed by MARK and she put a surgical plaster across his mouth to keep him quiet. MARK was moved by this act and he turned to be very calm on that particular day. But you know it is MARK, who can’t hide his inner instincts for long and he was on full swing the very next day itself! It was towards the end of their academic year the students got an assignment from Gloria. Get the look. To get the look, try. ◈ These round sunglasses from House of Harlow◈ This orange scarf from Theodora & Callum◈ This cable sweater fro Doo. Ri◈ These boyfriend jeans from Current/Elliott◈ These short moto boots from Dolce Vita. I used the Happy Thoughts stamp set and that GREAT wooden swirl die cut- Have a HAPPY weekend!!. That's only part of the pain for Nikolai Reutov. Read all about this case and plenty more fisheries enforcement news on The Brig. The human eye is shaped like a ball, and it rest on a layer of fat, in the eye-socket. It reacts to light, and as a conscious part of the human’s body it permits vision. The human eye works in similar way to a photographic camera, with the help of the eye lens, retina, receptor of retina, a message is sent to the optic nerve to the brain, that now interprets the image. The doctor asked the man what had happened. A week or so later the farmer was back with a series of bites on his buttocks, and the doc queried him as to the cause.

“Well,” says the man of the soil, “I was standing up on the fence of the pigsty getting ready to give our special little pig his eats, when the new Avon Lady called round, you know, the good looking blonde who wears the low cut blouses , and I was just admiring the view when I lost my balance and fell.

I just managed to stop myself from falling right on my back, and as I was scrambling back over the fence, that pig done bit me on the backside. ” The farmer departed with his new wounds cleaned and bound and the doctor made a further entry in his medical notes. A week later, the farmer came in great gashes down his arms and his shirtsleeves in shreds. “Right”, said the doc. The state MENA news agency and court officials said the five had been found guilty of "causing the theft of the painting," without giving further details. I don't think I ever appreciated what a burden writers have to their craft. Whether the truth of their work is sci-fi, fantasy, or historical drama, they have to nail it exactly right, the way it sounds in their heads, or else it's all trash. Old Army saying: the maximum effective range of an excuse is zero meters. So, despite myself, here I am. Take that, demon typewriter. Though I didn't keep a copy of what I wrote last time, I have been thinking about it. Trying to figure out if I am somehow enlightened or wiser. I guess epiphanies take time. If you cannot speak Spanish, you will never live in Mexico. The corollary is: You may reside in Mexico, but you will never live there. Language is a tricky topic. I will skip over the theory of what language is and get right to the practical point. Until you can speak in that language, you will miss out on everything that people say in that language. Until you can think in that language, you will miss what people really mean. Only when you learn to think in Spanish will you be able to understand the Mexican culture. Observation: The Psalmist tells us to wait for the Lord. He says we should be strong and take heart while we wait for the Lord. One of the greatest problems we have in following Christ is truly "following" Christ. It is hard or us to wait. Human nature likes to move forward and see progress. When we don't see anything happening, we tend to take things into our own hands. Application: We have to learn to be strong and take heart while waiting on the Lord. Sometimes I get frustrated because the dreams God has given me don't seem to be taking place in my timetable. I’M GLAD TO SEE that the hysteria over osmotic blistering of boat hulls has greatly died down over the years. There was a time, early on in the fiberglass era of boatbuilding, when a diagnosis of osmosis was considered to be the equivalent of a death sentence. But since then the truth has seeped in gradually — like cancer in humans, osmosis in boats isn’t necessarily fatal.

Osmotic blistering of the hull, or what used to be known as the dreaded boat pox, affected about one in four boats, although fewer modern boats are affected now.

It’s caused by the migration of water vapor through the gelcoat into the laminate of glass fibers and polyester resin that we call GRP, or glass-reinforced plastic. The blisters usually manifest themselves in the outer one-tenth of the GRP. Consequently, most cures involve nothing more than drilling out the blister site with a conical bit, letting the hole dry out, and then filling it with epoxy and filler. Most people love themselves more than others. It is entirely understandable, though it is self centred and egoistic. Human nature perhaps. For the sake of this conversation, let's just call him Ajit. I felt that Ajit is the one at fault here because he is being selfish and irresponsible. I've been doing my share of work but he didn't and the fact that he's constantly sick, and therefore can't be healthy enough to do his fair share of work is just ridiculous to me. I always think that if you don't mind, it doesn't matter. Sianz. My stocks very funny one. If market crash, they tend to do better. Esp Swiber. Swiber goes up when general market is down, but goes down when general market is up.

It's at about this time of evening that I usually crack my knuckles and write something witty turgid and incisive clunky, but with all the seasonal gubbins going on, I have things to do.

Presents don't wrap themselves, you know. I attended and it was good-natured, down-to-earth, political entertainment. Speaking to Mark afterwards, he was keen to hold further one on one interviews such as this, but wondered if there are any other politicians entertaining enough for such an informal approach. And if they do, they will almost certainly point to another country where such a thing is a great success. Somewhere like Maine, USA, perhaps. A new law that goes into effect Sept. Happy Sunday!!! It's Stephanie here hope you all are having a wonderful weekend so far!!! I am here to share this weeks Stamp Of the week. You can check out how to join here. Here are a couple samples using this sweet stamp set by our amazing DT. Robyn Shilo Have a great day!!!. Here are all the Vinz sister's together. It's been a while since we have been able to get a picture with all of us together! And here are a few of the brother in laws and my dear Dad. Don't they look sooo relaxed! Then here's my nephew Kian and niece Lauren and my two girlies.

Thanks for letting me share! Great time with everyone.

Love it when we are all together and everyone is having fun! xoxo. I have a confession, I am a crafter. Not a cute etsy crafter that always has a cute little house full of homemade projects. No, I'm the cluttered craft room full of unfinished projects kind of crafter. I've tried my hand at everything, from making paper to making soap. I have a half-finished dollhouse in my house. Let's be honest, whoever heard of a movie about crafting? Which is really an untapped market. Cool Choppers Magazine cover collage by Chris Haynes!. And he's worked more than those who underestimate him, and who thus have no clue as to what they're up against. But they still consider themselves managers and leaders. Remember this from the other day?Injustice is served. Government: Securing the Blessings of Liberty since. uh. - Looks like Lawyer Ron was up to his old tricks in the Super Derby. Whereas he seemed to relax easily in the St. Louis Derby, this time, as at Oaklawn in the Arkansas Derby earlier in the year, he pulled jockey John McKee to the lead. “He was rank,” Lawyer Ron’s trainer, Bob Holtus, said. “He didn’t want to relax. The third-quarter mile is what did him in. He’s only had one race in five months. He beat himself. You know, through all my years of being a mother, some things never cease to amaze me. When my kids were small and I sometimes thought I would lose my mind because I never got a break from the job, I would fantasize about having an entire day to myself. Then, in the very rare times that something would happen when my kids would be gone for several hours or the entire day, I could not figure out what to do with myself. I would miss them terribly and worry that they were okay. That's what happened to me yesterday. I had planned on going to some thrift stores and farmer's markets. Maybe even see a movie. .