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The original shoes were made for kids, which can be found here.

I converted these for older age groups.

I also lowered the polycount on these from the kid's version. Editor David J Phillips does not hold a financial interest in any stocks mentioned n this article. Steve Fuller rode over from Des Moines. The second Geezer Ride was instigated to get the two yahoos I created the deal for over to actually participate. The recon was based in Grinnell, so that's why the second Geezer Ride happened there as well. April- You never know what you'll get for weather. Who knows? I was certainly concerned what it may turn out to be, but I cannot decide or change the weather, so whatever it was to be, it would be. Unbelievably, it actually turned out to be one of the best Spring days I've ridden on in years. A while back I mentioned using a syringe to place glue. The intent was to make a battery dispenser - I knew there were already battery holders available - I even bought one. But I thought I could do better. This is how it started out. Yay, I'm excited. I have been somewhat disappointed with my other blog site, so we are trying this one out for a little while. I haven't been able to figure out how to add favorites, etc to my other blog and well. here we are. Hello! It is time to share some last minute Halloween inspiration from our Flickr group! We love seeing all of the cards and layouts popping up in the Flickr group. m. and headed to LAX for a flight to Dallas, Texas.

I don't count airport stops.

I did not actually see much of Dallas until last night when we left the Hilton Anatole and took a taxi to McKenny Avenue for dinner. Dallas is a happening spot! In the afternoon, I just got to see the hotel. After meetings all day, I needed some exercise and I walked around the hotel and grounds. meet me and my new helmet with bubblevisorthanx kay for the picture!.


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Supplies from CTMH-Cocoa CS, Juniper CS, pattern paper from perfect day, cocoa brads, hemp, sparkles, foam squares, Juniper ink, cocoa ink, June word puzzle stamp set, Gone Fishin stamp set, colored pencilsHave a great weekend!.

There are times when I want to draw but I am somewhere that literally offers me nothing. One weekend Yun and I took her niece to the bay near my parent's beach house. I drew the kid's bike but then I was stumped.

Nothing else was around so I really had to reach into my bag of tricks to try and make something happen.

Don't get me wrong, there were a few little bits of garbage around but nothing that will help me make an interesting piece. I started to draw every stupid little thing and then labeling them. I whipped out the old colored pencils and started to work my magic. The finished work is nothing that I set out to do. "Goodness, Truth, Beauty," yet another fabulous print available from Keep Calm Gallery. How to play: Just upload a creation using this week's sketch to your online blog or gallery. Then leave a link to your project in the linky widget at the bottom of this post. Our challenge is open to everyone, Verve stamps are NOT required to participate, and you can enter as many times as you want. As always, if you don't have a particular shape, feel free to substitute. Please type your name or screen name in the Caption or Title field, then choose the link and photo you'd like to enter. VOA NewsThey are among history's most famous lovers - Antony and Cleopatra, the Roman warrior and the Egyptian queen. From Shakespeare to Hollywood, their story has been told many times.

Now, Egypt's top archeologist, with his own touch of Hollywood style, says he may be closing in on Cleopatra's tomb.

On a recent sunny day west of Alexandria, Zahi Hawass strides across the rock and rubble of Taposiris Magna, a Ptolemaic temple overlooking the shores of the Mediterranean. He says the team has located the original main entrance and uncovered a series of pharaonic-style entrance blocks. There is also a statue, which Hawass, giving the headless torso a playful pat, says is likely that of Ptolemy IV, one of Cleopatra's ancestors. "That is really important discoveries " he says,"in the search for the beautiful, magical queen - Queen Cleopatra. It was another one of those signs that was posted up over a split in the road - but it is SO big and easily viewed from the other road it makes you think THAT is where you should be. Anyhow, we somehow ended up going through the harbour tunnel, had to turn around and go back over the harbour bridge, took a wrong turn again, and finally picked up Murray - he drove home from there.

WhewI am looking forward to going to the states and I am happy that I have a full week to help with the preparations for my sister's wedding and to just see everyone - HOORAY!.

Dietrich. So far I've upgraded this one and Frauengefängnis and have been very happyily impressed with the upgrades. Dyanne Thorne, Lina Romay and the always underrated Tania Busselier lead the cast in this sordid tale of women in prison, with one of Uncle Jess' most inventive plots in this kind of scenario. This film really stands out as one of the first Jess Franco films I saw growing up as a teen on VHS. Lina's performance in particular is a real stand-out. cinemadrome. yuku.

A special emphasis will be placed on some of the lesser known Bunuel titles which are, however, very much worth experiencing.

The snow seems to have ended, and the sun is bright. It looks like about eight inches. I was just shoveling snow, I cleared my sidewalk and driveway, not as neatly as I'd like, but there's a good, clear path. After all, it's going to leave a mound of stuff for me to clear away anyway. The Pseudis Paradoxa is the Benjamin Button equivalent of the amphibian world.

ending up as a small tropical frog, about a quarter of its original size.

When biologists discovered the paradoxical frog in the South American wild,they were understandably confused. At first, they thought the adult frogs were actually the babies, which later grew into giant tadpoles, exactly the opposite of how every other frog species in the world develops. odditycentral . We had a visit today from the industrial schreders. Part of my Spring parish de-junking project. Sennacherib taunted the God of Israel and said that other countries had trusted their gods and Judah was no different. He said that no god could stop his army and Hezekiah knew exactly how to pray in this situation. He did not just pray for victory, but, in that victory that the world would see that God is Lord of all the earth. He prayed for victory, not so he could be seen as a great leader, but that the world may see the awesomeness of the God of Judah. ANOTHER DAY, another Dear John letter. She says her marriage is being threatened by boats. Can I help? Well, Susan, it’s not often that I’m asked for advice in marital matters, but some years ago I received a similar plea from a boat widow in California, and this is what I told her. I hope it will help you, too: DEAR JOHN – I need your help. He has started secretly looking at boats. I do my best to satisfy him in every way, but I have found a yachting magazine hidden under the cushions in the den. He also keeps a well-thumbed cover from Good Old Boat magazine in his wallet. bigcartel. Featuring the aesthetic of Darth Vader's burnt and crushed helmet/faceplate, seen in the recent "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" feature film, and the object of Kylo Ren's idolatry.

Please refer to the number on the image when purchasing.

It reminds me of that Italian movie "Life is Beautiful," which won multiple Oscars, including a best-actor statuette for Roberto Benigni. No, "Slumdog" is nothing like "Life is Beautiful" - except in the way it became an undeservedly huge hit in the United States, while many other, far better foreign films got ignored. He also was in a wonderful Jim Jarmusch film quite a few years earlier called "Down by Law" - those of you who saw it may recall that he was the same in that one, too. Pokemon Marowak papercraft created by the PaperPokes.

Scout Creative's Calendar of the Month Club features a mini chicken coop that you can display on your desk, hens and chicks included ^^.

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Dan found this Singer for me!.

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