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This latest story was reported by Reuters and Bloomberg.

Virtual legal tech is a free webinar focussed on technology of use to law practice. Attendance can earn CLE credit in some jurisdictions. virtuallegaltechshow. by Ajike Akande It’s Earth Day and in honour of Earth Day, I thought I would share a bit about my relationship to my children’s relationship to the earth or the ground or the dirt. Winter has been… you probably don’t need me, along with everyone else, to describe exactly how this past winter has been. So while, I am still wandering around in a proper winter scarf and a lighter version of my winter jacket much to my friends and family’s dismay, I am thrilled to be outside with fewer layers and bigger smiles. I am so very glad that snowsuit season is done for one more year, but after a long weekend with several trips to our local park, I just have to get a few things of my scarf-adorned chest. We live a block away from arguably the best park in our city. m. The store manager spotted her taking the items and called the Sheriff’s Office. When he confronted her in the parking lot, she gave back the stolen items and left the scene. Introducing Bayberry Cottage by Pink Paislee. The first sneak peek is up and here is a little bit of the line. Please check out the rest of the papers here on the Pink Paislee blog!The colors are really amazing, I will be honest and tell you that I wasn't sure about the purple/mauve color. I'm not a big purple fan. BUT. of this:is. Today I finally found some time to do a new layout. Credits: Bodaciously Brown and Boldly Black kits from the Celebrating Color Collection by Gina Marie Huff from Weeds & Wildflowers Design available at ScrapArtist. They're not even broadcast people. And thus, their contempt for broadcast people in radio is self-evident and explains why they have systematically destroyed radio not only here, but other markets as well. Cumulus' hierarchy is about money and consolidation. To hell with the product. Basically, they are content whores whose sole desire is to make money with the least amount of financial expenditures. Mean and lean. This, from a guy who insists he never reads blogs. Live from Texas:. British MuseumEditorialThis issue presents the latest results from British Museum fieldwork at Elkab and Hagr Edfu, along with an article re-assessing the Great Enclosure at Naukratis. This site is currently the focus of a large research project in the Department of Greece and Rome, which will include the systematic cataloguing of artefacts from the site, both those housed in the British Museum and at other institutions. Vivian Davies and Elisabeth R. O’ConnellThe Egyptian temple and settlement at NaukratisA. Jeffrey Spencer. "To see more, visit Mrsupole's meme. So you have failed? You cannot fail. And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts…. - Det er mindre snø iår enn i fjol, sier jeg til gamlefar i huset.

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Altså får jeg begynne med en tilstandsrapport. Forrige vår har jeg dessverre ikke tatt bilder av tommelstokken så da begynner jeg nå da. If you're a fan of incorporating open displays of your home accessories, think open shelving in the kitchen that displays a collection of vintage dishes, then you're going to love this round-up of bathrooms with open bathroom vanities. Apartment Therapy viaThis open bathroom vanity is simple, clean and elegant. A marble counter top and chrome accents create an airy look in this bathroom. Store spare linens and soaps in a couple of wicker baskets beneath the sink.

Elle DÈcor viaAnother wonderful aspect about open bathroom vanities is the continuation of floor space.

The more I stay in the market, the more I realised that being calm and steady is the only way to win consistently. I've dealt with higher volatile instruments before and the conclusion is that you don't want to be too happy when you win and too sad when you lose. In the short run, what you see is the variability of your system, not the returns. A short run of good wins will be interrupted by a short run of bad losses. Since today is Hohoho day, I use the opportunity to hammer in some reminders for myself with regards to my love-hate-relationship with the market. Be zen. Treat both your wins and your losses with equanimity. For the boh tak chek, equanimity describes the unattached awareness of one's experience as a result of perceiving the impermanence of momentary reality. It is a peace of mind and abiding calmness that cannot be shaken by any grade of both fortunate circumstance and unfortunate one. The Parish Times is a newspaper given away free to parishes. Stories are written by local parishes and focus on the regular events in the life of a parish. Bernadette, which collected apx. Our Lady of Lourdes students who pray daily for our Active Duty Members. St. Martin parishioners who conducted their first Life Walk Prayer Procession. Our Lady of Mercy remembering Ken Augerger, a long time usher and greeter. St. If you are cast in a different mould to the majority,it is no merit of yours:Nature did it. Charlotte Bronte I was a Bronte girl. In the bookworm years of my youth, one was either a Bronte girl or an Austen girl, and I was enough of a dreamer to fall solidly into the first camp. The wild, romantic visions of Emily and Charlotte caught my fancy early on and held me firmly in their grasp. My more pragmatic friends continually extolled the virtues and sagacity of Jane, but I preferred to wander on the windswept moors of the Bronte’s gothic imagination. As I grew older, bit by bit, the quite remarkable wisdom of Miss Austen began to gradually reveal itself to me. How did a two hundred year old spinster author know so much about humankind today? As I considered her characters I began to realize that they actually appeared to be prototypes of every sort of individual walking around. Class this week with Danny Gregory was another adventure for me. My favorite part, as always, was when he shared photographs of his pages. This time, pages from several travel journals he made while on vacation.

Right up my alley.

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