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Read report here. Through the apostlesyou watch over us and protect us always. You made them shepherds of the flockto share in the work of your Son. A ruler and a shoe? Are we measuring foot sizes today?. From Tim Fasano: I was alone in this important watershed where the skunk ape has been reported. Wooroosa has finally finished the Corona doily. She was a little worried about those chains, but it turned out beautiful. A provocative title indeed. They've posted the testimony and supporting documents here:. The paper should cover an interest group in American Politics. Using the web and news sites and newspapers, describe your group and how they operate. Proper MLA format for the paper is required. He was wearing a blue, mechanic-style jump suit and armed with a knife. The Sheriff's Office would like to return unclaimed bond money. keysso. It is also posted on the Sheriff’s blog at floridakeyssheriff. blogspot. If you're going to collect tools, this is one way to display them! Imagine this hung in a garage or shed. One reader suggested this would make a great fabric pattern. I agree!. cottonink-shop. Happy shopping! xx. I wanted to do a short post, and show you my ad on Folt Bolt. What is Folt Bolt you ask? Basically an online advertising agency out of Australia. I also wanted to show you this photo of a client's husband receiving his birthday present. I love when a client takes the time to express how pleased they are with their new painting. The little girl, who is the subject of the painting, looks pretty happy too.

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CarolSchiffStudio. etsy. Kan bare håpe det holder nå som det er blitt varmt og særlig som det blåser. Særlig gjelder det bønnene, de er seinere enn seinest. Nå har jeg satt nye igjen om lørdagen slik at det ikke skal bli helt tomt. Noen av de gamle har vist seg men på langt nær alle. Jeg hadde ikke mer enn kjøpt de nye bønnene så kikket noen av de tidligere opp. Kan ikke helt skjønne hvorfor de er så treige i år. As a result, he will not be a part of MGM's "The Three Stooges" and Universal/Imagine's "Cartel". Asger Leth directs the later which is already moving ahead and will recast Penn's role. I'm certain you are already familiar with Deep Space Sparkle, the awesome blog created by Patty? If you aren't, you're missing the boat!! Here's a "Sparkle" lesson we did recently, and I loved the results. The messiness, in my opinion, made the artworks all the better. We talked about the fact that prints can be more interesting when they're not perfect copies of the original. Crocodile tears don't get any more disgusting than this. By her stubborn dismissal of the thousands who petitioned Labour MEPs to rethink the issue, and her actions in voting in favour of the TPD, she ensured that every e-cig which effectively helps people to switch from smoking will be illegal next year. Willmott's retarded approach to the issue can only have the effect of ensuring that millions of UK smokers will continue to enjoy tobacco instead of e-cigs. As such, she is the very last person in the world to weep about lung cancer. I don't think I'm the only one out there who woke up this weekend and said, omfg it's August. It's just fascinating how time flies.

And I cannot wait to experience fall in the South.

And there is one room that just exudes fall, and it's Sarah Richardson's Farmhouse Living Room - one of my favorites:The crest is my favorite part. If only I can find something so great for our living room!I love the colors and textures she chose. Luxurious velvets in warm colors. When I think of Urban Outfitters, I think of a trendy teens to twenties clothing. I really like the store, but often many of their clothes are just too trendy for me. I'm a simple girl and I could never pull off most of their stuff. When I grow up, I want this velvet ottoman in a walk in closet. I would sit on it every morning when I put on my shoes. See the little tree motif on this chair? Pure love right there. I'd buy four of them and put them around a round white kitchen table. This is an entry I posted some weeks ago at my old blog. One very good blog is: wonderful Pixie from was interviewed by the blogmaster of cherryredrepeort. One was about cornertime. Beeing sent to bed at an early bedtime would be my personal nightmare. Male voters: bottom. Female voters: bottom. I've made it half-way through Pat Sloan's challenge to sew every day in July. The layout was inspired by Camille Roskelley's Niner pattern. I'm planning to use up all my saved binding scraps. Here is another page from my current mixed media book. This is a weekly feature for readers to show us their favourite place at home. Thanks to Sue and Angie for this week's photos. Both ladies are in the United States. Attached are two photos of my favorite place, which is my front garden. For many years this was a typical front yard with a lawn, yew trees and hostas. My passion for growing my own food grew beyond my back yard traditional vegetable garden and I started thinking about how I could turn my front yard into an edible landscape. I removed all the plants and lawn from the two spaces either side of the path leading up to the house, installed two brick diamond shaped walkways and planted two gardens which are the mirror image of each other. The garden consists of over sixty different varieties of plant of which eighty five percent of them are edible. As some of you may know, my friend KK who shops on driveways with me is an artist. One of the things I love about thrifting is embracing imperfection. When I buy something in a store, new, retail price, I expect it to be pretty darned perfect – which can certainly lead to disappointment. But the secondhand…we expect imperfections, and they let us relax. Really, perfect is a pain in the butt. One must be careful around the perfect. These musings were brought on by some of the vintage linens I picked up last week from a free box. Especially this lovely hand crocheted panel. It had a glob of black shiny something stuck to it that I decided was melted plastic. I was able to get the big glob off, but nothing I tried would remove the remaining marks. Do I throw away this piece because of its imperfections? Heck no! I’ll do a little mending where the glob left a hole, and I’ll drape the piece over one table or another, and maybe I’ll place a strategic vase or plate, maybe not. Fowlmere - Jack Snipe, Redpoll sp. Well folks, Duck Dodgers gave you the "bird" several days ago, and today is my turn to do the same.


I have a confession to make. I really don't like this cartoon. This cute craft is brought to you by our lovely library lady. I think that he loves Mrs. D. , so she motivates him to be creative, which is great.

For most of them, I just traced the original to get the body's shape.

However, she wanted one baby owl, so I drew a smaller body. Update: Many more photos of the purported Blue Grosbeak have surfaced, and the bird is now believed to be a Purple Finch. Original photos appeared to show, and it was to my knowledge that field observers saw, bluish feathers on the bird. I believe that most of the observers are now in agreement that these were artifacts of the stage of moult. This troublesome critter made feeder appearances on Aug. Photo: Ben Keen. I love how beautiful the satin ribbon makes bows. Die-Cuts: Nestabilities Circles/Scallop Circles and Sizzlits Scribble Swirls Dies. Punches: Martha Stewart Lace Heart border punch.


never-wire-money-to-strangers. , are scams from West African scammers mainly from Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana etc. .