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Pope: Money Crisis Shows Importance of BibleSays Economy and Material Things Will Pass AwayVATICAN CITY, OCT. - The current economic crisis shows the importance of building our lives on the firm foundation of the Word, Benedict XVI affirmed on the first day of the synod of bishops. "We see it now in the fall of the great banks," the Holy Father said. Five years ago today, on a Saturday morning, I finished up some paperwork at the P. D. It was quiet. The radio was dead. I toiled on. I hadn't paid any attention to the fact that the oldest space shuttle in our fleet was landing that morning. Flag is made from polyester and printed in bright colors to make an attractive flag. Each flag is individually sewn around the edges. At my Nov. See my Nov. courtesy of mingpao. This her marriage to Pang Shun experienced a storm. Two days ago when she saw Hui Yu Wan's wedding she grew sentimental, saying that marriage required courage and strength. JesseL. she stayed there for a long! She is our only shoulder-kitty, and she's the sweetest cat I have ever had. I love it when she snuggles in like this. Dear Friends,Cheers and warm wishes for a very happy holiday season!Peace to all,Eric Carle.

For this card I choose to use the masculine paper pack Passage and add some blue and floral to it.

I also used some masking to create the "F" focal point. To Boldly Go Where- Wait, X-Men and Star Trek? Seriously? ‎. I was trying to make something interesting out of our kitchen utensils. The background is a layer of fruits and veggies. Plus it would make for a nice wallpaper if I kept going. Centonovesima puntata.

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This is where we get the idea of “fear of God. ” It makes sense. oddstuffmagazine. mlkshk. A sermon without application is like a joke without a punchline. What's the point?Our pastor's sermon yesterday could have been a newspaper headline. In fact, I think it was. But let's deal with Ron's sermon first. The man born blind. If life were a bowl of cherries, I swear mine would be a bowl of plums.

Not too far off but just enough to make you wonder.

Do you ever feel like that? Right now I'm just shaking my head and trying to laugh. Not so, I guarantee you. For the next two weeks, I have the pleasure of having various workers painting ceilings and replacing hardwood floors. Sweet lamb and mama resting. Have a great weekend - everyone!.

I love music! Like many other kindergarten classrooms we sing and dance as much as we can! One of the songs we use in the beginning of the year is called Alphabet Sounds by Barbara Milne.

I like the song because it's really mellow and the kids do hand motions for each sound so it keeps them active. We start out the year learning this song as a group on a PowerPoint presentation. I got the idea from Kelly at Kelly's Kindergarten. The slide transitions are already programmed in with the song so all you have to do is start the slideshow. I also made a little book that they keep in their independent reading bags. "Oh, it's home again and home again, America for me! I want a ship that's westward bound to plough the rolling sea To the blessed land of Room Enough beyond the ocean bars, Where the air is full of sunlight and the flag is full of stars. I'm posting that picture as I received some e-mails about how many Prim Alpha letters are now available. So.

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Happy stitching!.

Hi sweet friends. I'm excited to share the new kit of the month with you. take your time I had such a hard time deciding which image to use first. So many were calling to me. LOVE the new year, new you saying. The great girlfriends stamp with the today stinks saying. The adorable roly poly snowman made me want to pinch him. This movie is a romentic drama film it is directed by Imtiaz Ali and Produced by Sajid Nadiadwala. g. the meatheads were all for it. They cheered and cheered. Because every one of them knew that the Evil Liberal Moon was the source of every one of their problems. Because they had heard it on Fox News and Hate Radio one million times. And Trump promised to blow up the Evil Liberal Moon and replace it with a much bigger and more awesome Moon which would cost them nothing and solve all of their problems. And the cheered and cheered even louder. But it turned out the Randite genius super-heroes the meatheads elected to actually blow up the Evil Liberal Moon did not have the slightest fucking idea how moons or tides or gravity or blowing-things-up actually work. And now that giant flaming chunks of their big, stupid dream are beginning to fall on their heads, they're starting to run in circles, flapping their arms, and swearing that nobody told 'em that blowin' up the Moon might be, y'know, bad. perhaps the entire year. From ioTWReport: So Now We’re Really Effed – By CW I was fairly happy to see all the Republican gains on Tuesday night—until I saw Kevin McCarthy tell Megyn Kelly that the House did not want to repeal Obamacare until they had something to replace it with. He said that on an election night of a Republican landslide when almost ALL of them winning ran against Obama and Obamacare. What just happened? At first, I just rolled my eyes. Then, my blood boiled. Then, I exploded. read the rest. Inspirational Quote Of The Day: "A philosopher is a sort of intellectual yokel that gawks at things that sensible people take for granted. " - Alan Watts Look around, leaves are brown, there's a patch of sand on the ground. Smoke sits and makes haze while the sun shines. A quiet morning that shall not remain so, as high temps drive souls to the coast and nerves towards the always frayed edge. Parking is plentiful, even with abandoned taco trucks on Occupy status on the avenue. Time is indeed a flat circle. Here are just a few of the things that CC is loving right now, darlings!Ray-Ban Aviators. These Camilla Skovgaard suede and metallic leather ankle boots. These Giuseppe Zanotti ombre python pumps, at intermixonline. These Rag & Bone high waisted bell bottom jeans, at shopbop. Photo: Chicken Mandy RecipeDelicious Lebanese Recipes - The home of tasty, healthy and easy Lebanese recipes & Middle Eastern food recipes invites you to try Chicken Mandy Recipe. Enjoy cooking Arabian meals and learn how to make Chicken Mandy. In the Gulf countries mandy is made from either chicken or lamb. I have also made a video so that you can see how we smoke rice for this dish. Watch it here. Here in Saudi Arabia we love to serve Salata Hara with meat and rice dishes. You can find that recipe below. You also want to make sure the skin is left on the chicken. I had some old wicker furniture I still wanted to use but it was looking worn. It used to be a bright cedar color but now it was a dull gray.

With the bosses out of the picture, we were able to catch up on the hot job and hopefully have the hottest of the three out the door in the morning.

Three more due by Wednesday, but we have a big start on them. Nothing like doing a two week job in a couple of days. It will feel good to get back to just plain hectic state again. Five AM start time today. Don't like mornings, and five in the AM just makes them a bit worse. It is nice getting off early though. The schedule is out and I actually get a whole day off. The weather is back down to chilly, but it is still a day off. Yesterday was mid seventies, today, chilly and we had big snowflakes falling. Huge flakes. Fortunately the ground is warm enough to melt them on contact. I am off Sunday and have to decide between helping at the club spot shoot, or heading to Indy for the gun show. Or, I could just lounge around the house. All sounds good. They found the nutty cop and ID'ed his body.

The search is over.

It ended in a cabin that was on fire. The news drones on and on repeating story. Breaking news interrupts their banter finally. It is the police department stating there is no body, they have not entered the building and have no idea if there is anyone in there or not anymore. They don't know how the misinformation got started. Do they not fact check anything at all. Then, the first of the evenings annoyances, the police department has a translator reiterate the report in SPANISH, yes SPANISH, for those illegal democrat parasites that slithered across the border and won't leave. LEARN THE LANGUAGE OR GET OUT. B. C. U. .