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The Bratch being what it is, with hidden side-ponds as reservoirs between the three locks, you have to be careful about the order and timing as you operate the paddles. It's the only structure we've encountered so far where they are colour-coded – blue for the paddles on the top gates, red for those on the bottom gates. You can maybe just see the paint in the photos. As ever, he was cheerful and helpful and made sure we didn't drown. Thanks, Andy, you're a star! So we've made good progress retracing our steps northwards, in spite of having to get down the weed hatch at one point to remove bits of plastic bag and half a ton of grass cuttings from around the propellor. I told this little fella what had been happening, as we passed, but he seemed to have his mind on something else. Most of you are very familiar with this. Some aren't. However this is like playing whack-a-mole. Discussion continues about some of the strange things encountered during bigfoot investigations in Tennessee. We continue our discussion with Tennessee bigfoot investigators Mark, Larry, and Shelley. We talk about some of the encounters they've had and how they go about collecting evidence. Bear and Coonbo tell a few booger stories of their own as well. Yesterday, Mitchell felt led to do an informal video sharing his views on voting BIBLICALLY instead of voting out of FEAR. Watch the above video to hear what God has been showing him. This video was shot in one take with my phone so it is very simple, but the message is straight out of God's Word. Please open your heart to hear what the Lord may be wanting to show you. This second video was sent to us by someone just the other day. It is SO MUCH TRUTH and so good that we wanted to share it here as well. It is a bright, cool and sunny morning here in Augusta Maine. We had some rain, that changed to snow overnight, so it is slimey out there. You need to drive like its December. We are under a winter storm warning through Sunday with a heavy and wet snow possible from Saturday through Sunday. With leaves still on the trees, power outages are probably in the offing, so you need to make sure you have gas for the generator, and hit the grocery store before tonight. Dang I love this show! pics from daikoube. Don't worry if you've been missed, you will be in the next update.

Please note: the participants are not in the same order as they are in the list-I don't think it matters, but I'm just sayin'.

Anika shares with us her thread dyeing techniques. Jess shows us a bookmark she designed. courtesy of mingpao. Recently at the Malaysia premiere he was asked if he looked forward to winning the Hong Kong Film Award. He said that he would not think about it too much. He joked that the career of anyone he has slapped, like Chow Yun Fat, Jackie Chan, Huang Xiaoming and Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, has taken off. He believed that Huen Suen will follow suit as well. cc Sandra Ng Kwan Yu two nights ago attended the Dionysus Contemporary Theatre Second Anniversary celebration, as did Karena Lam Ka Yan with her new hairstyle. Due to her character her mood has been very heavy. She hoped to change her mood with a new hairstyle. This is where I will introduce the Yakan culture. Yakan's are a group of people who originally branch off from the southern Philippines.

they are a very loving and family oriented culture.

Men work and hunt, while the women are at home tending to the children. I always thought that guys who enlisted in the Navy would be excellent swimmers. My cousin Chuck. He was in the Navy. He is a woodcarver. During carving this week he talked about his Navy swimming experience. Turns out he was not a swimmer when he enlisted. The Dezeen offices are in a converted doctor's surgery in Stoke Newington, north London. Despite being a global website we are very proud of our neighbourhood and try to work with local people whenever we can - our graphic designer and our developer both live nearby, for example. Philippe Malouin, a designer who also lives in Stoke Newington, did the interior design for us using off-the-shelf materials and bespoke fixtures.

The idea was to create something glamorous and dramatic on a very low budget.

He also has a book available now: Dezeen Book of Ideas. I'll be there for the leftovers and that's not the food if you know what I mean. It's beautiful. Most of the varieties were tried and true favorites, but one was a total gamble: Isis Candy Cherry Tomatoes. I'm not sure what inspired me to try them. Either way, I LOVE these tomatoes! The plant is huge and rangy and growing all over the driveway like crazy bonkers, and it's full of tomatoes. The Isis Candy tomatoes are bigger than the traditional cherry tomato, and they are orangey-red in color. With so much wrong in the world and so much bad news filling my days, it is indeed refreshing to encounter some good news. I suddenly feel thirsty. Plants for salesCupcakes for sales. Don’t you just love this Cat? It is from a Pumpkin Spice Espresso Goblin Kit and is available at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. Be sure to stop in and take a look. Really cute. Remember when the gals were making the cat quilt? Julie didn’t make the entire quilt. She said she thought her block looked so much like her cat that she made it into a pillow for her. This is a picture of Pooch enjoying her hand-made gift. They do look alike, don’t they? Great job Julie! This quilt is Blooming Rectangles, a sample that Colleen made for the shop. The Attic Window has kits available. President Jennifer Mack present Beth Paterson with her Honorary MembershipRENFREWSHIRE LADIES COUNTY GOLF ASSOCIATION held their AGM last night. Beth has a life long association with golf. She was born and brought up on the isle of Arran. Member of Whiting Bay, Brodick, Eastwood and the Ladies Golf Club at Troon. C. Junior convenor and Past Captain of Eastwood G. C. Today I wore my new free pair of Earnest Sewn jeans. Check them out:I wore the wrong top to show them off, but I love them. I got them at Ruelala. Joining is free, but you must be sponsored by an existing Member. Today's boutique was Marc by Marc Jacobs! Swoon. So it seemed like a good idea to go visit Emily. And to try going to Colorado Springs so I wouldn’t have that long drive from and back to Denver. I found a nice cheap ticket. It had a strange route, Portland-Minneapolis-Denver, which is kind of like going to Missouri by way of New York, but oh well. Paul took me to the airport, a rare treat, because usually I drive myself up and park in the long-term lot.

I flew to Minneapolis, which is only two hours from my parents’ place.

I texted my brother Marcus to tell him I was kind of in the area. “So close, yet so far away,” he sent back. Join me every Sunday when I share some of my favorite links I discovered in the previous week. Earlier posts in the series can be found here. by Phil JohnsonThe following is excerpted from a chapter I contributed to John Calvin: A Heart for Devotion, Doctrine & Doxology. ohn Calvin excelled in every ministerial duty he ever set his hand to. His proficiency as a teacher of theology was likewise superior to all who came before him. His influence as a discipler of young men bore fruit that is still multiplying today. In the words of William Cunningham, "Calvin was by far the greatest of the Reformers with respect to the talents he possessed, the influence he exerted, and the services he rendered in the establishment and diffusion of important truth. "But of all Calvin's extraordinary gifts, his aptitude as a writer is the one that most amplified all the others and secured Calvin's position in history. I started off my dish cleaning duties as a young girl when my sister and I had to dry when mum washed up. It's a nice memory to have.

So now I'm back at the sink, this time as the washer, with no dryers and no electric dishwasher.

That is sitting outside the back door waiting to be sold.

It feels good to have made the decision to get rid of it - yet another thing we've simplified. Position vacant: where the dishwasher once stood. This space is waiting patiently for Hanno to be well enough to make some shelves. I will make a little curtain to cover it and it will hold some of my recycled jars and bottles. "I'm OK with it. Tomorrow it will be something else. Yes, in this family we go all out for the holidays. On Tuesday evening, we gathered at Ma and Pa Curry's house for a Boo-tiful Halloween costume contest. Posted in:. Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! One of the wackiest, most far-out features of the Groovy Age was Joe Simon and Jack Kirby's Sandman. The Golden Age team-supreme did one ish and parted ways. DC revived it months later with writer Michael Fleisher and Ernie Chan. Chan did one more ish, then co-creator Jack Kirby returned to draw Fleisher's scripts. Check it out!. I love bottles, and jars and all manners of appealing vessels for lotions and potions and food and, well sometimes just to look at. I’ve been decanting stuff into pretty bottles ever since I can remember. I have also been known to choose one product over another because one was in a pretty re-usable jar/bottle/vessel. Yes, that’s me! Somehow my bottle/jar/vessel love took a bit of a back seat while the twins were toddlers. Maybe for obvious reasons, like most of my pretty bottles/jars/vessels are quite fragile. Some more than others, but none of them are exactly toddler proof. But in the last year or two, it has returned to me and many a plastic containers has once again made way for mason jars, glass bottles and pretty pottery. Another thing that returned, is my love for “making it myself” all the way. Before I was married and had kids, I would make my soap, lotions, potions, toiletries, etc. myself too. Readers, this was forwarded to me via email. If you receive it, please disregard it. Thank you. I am writing to you today regarding your Dinar currency. .