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Good morning! As some of you may know I have been working with Perfect Paper Crafting for awhile now. I have been intrigued by these markers for sometime now and was pretty excited to get a set to try out. They are MUCH different than coloring with other markers. There is a barrel that has a solution in it that lightens the pen color. Basically what you are doing is tip to tip blending. They definitely take some getting used to and some practice. There are some great tutorials out there to help you along. I also utilized the Perfect Layers Mini tools to get my pink matte around my image. Notice: The following is this author's opinion and may or may not reflect the opinions of anyone else. In the end, I suggest you make up your own mind based on your own research. Now, on with the story. At the end of November I posted an opinion on the initiative that Interbike has proposed to include bike shop's "better customers" at the annual trade show in Las Vegas. Here are a couple of photos from last night. The tank mounting bungs came from Hugh's Handbuilt and the stainless steel hex screws came via egay.


Remnants of a rich Maori culture exist even today in New Zealand. Consistent efforts to preserve and revive Maori traditions, have made it possible for us to be witness to a way of life that evolved sans 'civilized' influences. The Maori people are native to New Zealand. The tragic Maori history includes years of bloody battles against the British government and European settlers, who hungered after their land. Maori Tribes Maori lineage is described using the term Whakapapa, which means to place one's antecedents layer-wise, one upon another in proper order of genealogy, starting from the first. They trace their ancestors back to the first Maori who arrived in canoes from Polynesia. The most famous wakas or canoes were the Arawa, the Tainui and the Mataatua. Interestingly, the term waka also means 'tribe', as the members of each waka separated into iwis or tribes. Jane made a yellow chain with ruffled picots and then did inverted tatting in red around that chain to made a yellow and red flame lily. I was thinking about this man because he is going to die unless we find a way to help him. He is paralyzed from the neck down, has one working lung and that lung has enough blood. ". Debbie Ln. Additional parking for the Bistro is located in the back of the building. Note: much of what you read below is my opinion, not the opinion of any B-B-E staff member. It's what I call the act of a very heavy-handed state government. I am anxious to tell Governor Dayton what I think about Big Brother knowing best!!! What's fascinating is how the Department of Education is allowed to lie about their decision-making process. Flat out lie. It boggles my mind. Seriously! They are the "department of education" which somehow implies they should be modeling what we want our kids to know or learn. Hey, people!Just wanted to give you guys about a month's worth of heads-up. ‎. Batman, Robin, Batgirl, The Joker, Catwoman, The Riddler, and The Penguin If you know me, you know I'm a pretty big Bat-fan. I was a fan as a kid and I love all things Batman even today. I loved the wild, colorful craziness of it all. Batman and Robin made an appearance on the Simpsons and I figured it would be a great fit to do more characters in this style, and I'm really happy with the way they turned out.

These are some of the first Punx I did, and they were so very fun to do.

Don't be surprised to see more Bat-themed Punx in the future!. E' stata convocata l'Assemblea ordinaria dell'Associazione Cappero delle Isole Eolie DOP. I did get up to the Attic Window Quilt Shop today and found some interesting things. I always do. A couple teachers had stopped by to pick out some patterns/books and fabric to get samples ready for the next session of classes. Above is a purse sample that Lee Ann made for the shop. Don’t you just love these winter fabrics in these bright blue colors. Everything isn’t just red and green anymore. An investigation has been launched by the Prosecutor’s Office after the AUC administration reported the case to the authorities in March. Last Tuesday, the administration sent out a press release verifying reports of “what appears to be the theft of antiquities,” yet refrained from any mention of the arrests. Hi Everyone! It's time for a peak at what we have for you in Paper Camellia's January Kits. Our January kits are filled with a mix of the newest products from Teresa Collins, Crate Paper, Amy Tangerine and much more. With shades of corral, pink, kraft and a touch of gold this is a very versatile collection. And now. here is a peak at what we have for you in January. I came to Mexico to experience the rush of getting up each morning with very little idea how I was going to get through the day. Mexico has kept its side of that bargain. This is day two of our Barra-Filipino fiesta. For me, it started early in the evening. I met my former landlady, Christine, at a restaurant that has recently re-opened under new ownership. She told me that the food was very good.

The selling point was her announcement that they serve home-made tortillas.

As promised I'm back today with a new sponsor and fabulous giveaway. Jeni is the proprietress of Fancy Schmancy Tutorials, a terrific little Etsy store where she sells oodles of amazing, no-sew tutorials for all manner of flower embellishments. Her inspiration for creating these tutorials came from a desire for more different kinds of hair accessories and bows for her own little girls. Though I love the idea of these as accents in a little girl's hair, I can also definitely envision these little fabric gems as terrific embellishments for a cardigan or dress and a way to use a small amount of a much-loved fabric. Jeni has sent me several of these tutorials and they are super thorough, well-illustrated, and include suggestions for using your beautiful fabric creation. Plus she's got loads of different tutorials, so there's something for almost any occasion. Did I also mention that many of the finished flowers are modeled on some seriously cute kids? That alone is worth browsing her store. Are you psyched to check out Fancy Schmancy Tutorials? Here's a wee bit more enticement. Another wallet for etsy!. Because I do. Inspired. z on Instagram or email visualwork.

I do so because they like Mr FOIA have moral courage and that’s a lonely road to walk when you’re forever going up against all the big battalions.

It would be so much easier for them, their careers and no doubt their families if they just shut up, gave up or submitted to the relentless intimidation. They don’t, they hang on in year after year and they take a lot of elective bullets for that integrity. They are our true heroes. History will be kind to them and it’ll be at the expense of their detractors, to adapt a very fitting quote. That day is not as far away as people might think. ". wardrobe was quite fetching. OctobreTORTUS ANDRÉE JARDIN. Instead of going to the DTMC shindig this weekend I opted to be in the shop.

Asssssssembly is going well but feels slow.

It is the basic condition of life, to be required to violate your own identity. At some time, every creature which lives must do so. Everywhere in the universe. ” ― Philip K. really. Clear and sunny skies, mild temps and no wind. High pressure system is here with temps. Still have a lingering NW swell in the water producing surf at the Patch in the thigh high range. There are waves at the Groin and Channel today in the thigh to waist high range as well.

Across the way at Seadrift there is a small right and left that is breaking today.

Still looks like a longboard will work best as the wave is soft but smooth and rideable. These words have been rolling around in my brain for days, weeks, months. Snippets of sentences really because I can't seem to string enough of them together to make paragraphs, much less a coherent essay. I think/examine/wonder. When my daughters were little, mothering seemed more concrete. Feed. Bathe. Teach. Repeat. I made sure we had everything we needed when we walked out the door. I've not yet seen Thursday's much anticipated allowance race at Gulfstream. Thanks to Magna for pulling their races from Cal Racing, nice job there. Seasoned Grassfed Angus Patty, Truffle Spicy Guacamole, Gruyere Cheese & Applewood Smoked Bacon. Hi, this is me. I used to blog over there. Our menu is new and we're just learning, so bear with us while we get the hang of it. The cables provide self-shaping, and the shawl collar is picked up and knitted around in one piece, so it is super easy to make. NOTE: Instructions given for a large and a small size only.

If you want to upsize or downsize the pattern, reduce or increase the number of stitches between the cables, and adjust the number of back stitches to match.

Begin back neck shaping. This is a fake job scam! There is no job! Do not send documents or money! Read and you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is Always a scam! BRUTES CONTRACTORS. Third,Al Quoz, Dubai. P. O. A. You likely spend quite some time erasing parts with a soft brush, softening the edges, so it doesn't look like you blended a rectangular picture etc. Sometime it can really help to use an extra large mask on your picture first. Then the edges are already taken care of and all you have to worry about is what blend mode you like best and maybe erasing parts of the background that you don't like. It has been nice out all week, and now that I get a weekend off, it's cold and rainy all day. I did get out to the home improvement center and get a quote on new countertops. Not bad at all. Getting the under mounted molded in sink with it. Probably stop back in tomorrow and put in my order. Just had to pick out a color. Took some sample chips home to try. Going to get a slab cut for in front of the fireplace too. Way too many colors to choose from. Hoping on a nicer day tomorrow so I can get some things done outside and in the garage. Rain moved in today so I thought I would sit down and catch up on the slow moving GCR/RV train. I see I did not miss much. I did however find three great causes I added to my fixit list. The first one came to me from the grandson of the founder, who was my roommate at the hostel. The group is called Farmers For Autism and it led me to this list of others doing the same.

It is an older article about the programs that are out there.

Looking forward to helping them all! The second came from a large group of college kids who hung out with us fireside for a night. They lived together in a co-op and as a group were working on a proposal to help feed the malnourished children of several countries. What a great bunch of optimistic, we can do it type kids. .