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The biggest giveaway is that it uses shortened links. The messages refer to a video of you or other things like that. Don't open the link. If you are infected the only way you will know about it is if one of your friends tells you that you sent them something that you did not send. . Jul. Rob recently attended a Metric's concert in LA. Pictures of him leaving El Rey were posted here.

Otters Who Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch: A Visual Examination.

central New Hampshire. central Maine. "He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. " - Martin Luther King Jr. Following his death the Castro regime and its agents of influence sought to slander Orlando's memory. However, activists who knew Orlando had already spoken on the record as had Amnesty International. Zapata was killed slowly over many days and many months in every prison in which he was confined. Topic: Too much attention is paid to and too much money is spent on keeping pets, while people throughout the world are starving. Discuss the arguments for and against keeping pets. To what extent do you agree? People and animals are living creatures. Too much emphasis is put on animals and may be consider negatively. In contrast, much of the world population is starving. Thus, people should be considered as a priority for support. Based on research, animals have been used to cure people psychologically.

This prewrite may be done via text input, or you can upload files, so if you want to take photos or make scans of a prewrite on paper, you can do so.

ph: ZimbioGet the look. + Linda Farrow for The Row Leather Cat Eye Sunglasses + A. L. C.

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iPhone users looking for the beauty of an aluminum case should consider Taiwan’sEsoterism Embrace bumper. Made from CNC milled, aerospace grade aluminum and anodized with a protective finish, the Esoterism Embrace bumper is a tool-less design that wraps and safely protects the iPhone via a top single screw closure. A non-conductive inner liner “floats” the iPhone within in the aluminium shell. via. Hello, anyone home? My Ed Lee piece wasn't so much about Ed Lee. What it was all about was an indictment of our so-called "investigative reporters" in this city that don't do a lot of investigative reporting, remember that age-old relic? The good old days, damn right, when there was actual reporting and oversight over the financial doings at City Hall, you know, that small stuff where a notepad or simple phone calls or e-mail is exchanged. This really isn't necessarily all about Ed Lee. It's about the nitty-gritty ideals of old-fashioned, old-school reporting. And were there any quid-pro-quos just to make sure, things like that the public depends upon. Sure, it's not very sexy but it used to be an essential. A bond that citizens could rely upon until newspapers began to die and budgets were slashed. Today, we have "special", "Investigate Units" with splashy promos and TV/radio glitz. The premise is good enough although too many times it's more style over substance. dir. Dwight Little Though it's set in Washington, DC, the movie was largely shot in Toronto, Canada. Thanks to Reel Toronto for identifying the Toronto locations. Last week I had a flash of inspiration, so I sat down and finished the sampler this weekend. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. You can read about Ella on my blog: With My NeedleNow it's back to 'It's Berry Time' for me!I hope you all have a good week filled with hours of productive stitching. Ann in Baton Rouge. Can you identify what JF film the image which forms this collage is from and who the actors are?. The phenomenon is known in meteorology circles as the more sober “wet microburst. A thunderstorm runs into a dry patch of air that sucks some moisture away. The air underneath the storm cloud cools, making it more dense than the air around it. The cooler air begins to drop into even warmer air and then accelerates. It deflects off the ground and pushes winds outward, at or near tornado strength. More details about this event in Phoenix at Bloomberg. Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. William James Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love. Or, if you wish to be removed, let me know and I will. Your email address will not be shared with anyone. Introducing PootieFact, an occasional feature in which our roving reporter Pootie seeks to separate the factual from the fatuous. Our first guest, Mr.

Newt Gingrich, has kindly consented to be interviewed in the interest of affordable publicity.

In this election year, many are asking why Americans should trust the Republican Party with our economic recovery when it is the Republican principles of deregulation and tax reduction that got us into trouble in the first place. The problem here, little dog, is that the deregulation and tax reduction have not been tried long and hard enough. Americans want a president with a firm grasp on our rising fortunes. For noen år siden kjøpte jeg en plante med fyllte hvitveis. I år er det blitt noen blomster. Disse kommer visst mye seinere enn de andre, anminnelige, som alle rede blomstret over. Så spørs det da om disse sprer seg like mye?. I am pretty sure that I am workaholic and am also pretty sure that the feeling of constantly wanting and needing to create and take on new projects is something I am going to have to keep in check- its just not healthy to be addicted to work- even if its art! Anyway, I have been consistent with my goal of carving out time each day to just paint pictures and I have finally added some new art to my shop. Mary Rose Amelia We're so excited to be introducing Mary Rose Amelia to you! We know this has been a much-anticipated collection, and it's available now at Shabby Fabrics! Dark Rose Set Cream SetSage Set Mary Rose Amelia is a very feminine collection filled with antique roses and accents. From quilts to table runners, aprons to bags, and wall-hangings to apparel, you're sure to find the fabric that's perfect for your latest project! Mauve SetCocoa SetPink Set We are pleased to offer Fat Quarter Sets in all the colors shown above, as well as yardage. A friend of mine told me some time ago that her husband reads two authors: Louis L'Amour and me. I mean, wouldn't you?Oh wait, I guess I did read a great Western short story last year when I taught a writing class and out of the clear blue one of Steven's friends that you would NEVER have expected to do this handed in a wonderful, detailed story about a young hero who got on his horse and "lit a shuck for Denver" and later shot the bad guy at the saloon and rescued the beautiful young lady but in an uncharacteristic plot twist didn't marry her but moved to some place like Missouri and fulfilled his dream of having a little house with a rose garden in the back. Seriously, folks, keep your eyes open for Western novels by T. Yes, anyway, as I was saying.

And this evening when I was home alone with Jenny, who isn't feeling well, I started reading it.

Dear me. Okay, so basically the words, "I'm going on tour" make me feel important. Like I'm one of those superstar authors who have a book tour in my contract. But I am part of an awesome book tour. And this is even better because we get to pick the locations! Our first stops are in Kentucky. starting this weekend! I'm so honored to be touring with these women. Yes, you read that right! Generations of kids have grown up reading Debbie Dadey books, including this series: And now this one: Gail Nall is a young adult and middle grade author with books published by Simon & Schuster and HarperCollins. I have been thinking for a while about my next miniature project. I thought about an adult bedroom, then a little girl's room, but finally decided on a nursery. Once I made the decision, I could hardly wait to get started. Here is what I have so far. The canopy crib arrived first. I need a baby blanket and perhaps an itty bitty mini quilt too. Here's the rocking chair and I found this adorable Raggedy Ann and Andy pillow too.

But I think my favorite is the rocking horse.

Your weekly Dose of Spurgeon The PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from the lifetime of works from the Prince of Preachers, Charles Haddon Spurgeon. On the grounds of law no mere man can dwell with God, for there is not one upon earth who answers to the just requirements mentioned in the succeeding verses. The questions in the text are asked of the Lord, as if none but the Infinite Mind could answer them so as to satisfy the unquiet conscience. So many blogs. so little time. So. last year I started an annual treasure hunt. I’m Becky Pogue, and I’m a stay-at-home wife and mom to three amazing kids. I make hair accessories and miscellaneous other items for a local children’s boutique. I’m very involved in my kids’ activities and am constantly taking them to and from baseball, football, and dance. My blog address is EnVoguePogue.


Today, the last Thursday in October is "The Fete". Now well into the next generation and at the current location of Wynyard east of Culverden this big day on the North Canterbury calendar will have thousands of chattering women in thousands of cars on the roads of the rural hinterland that can have anything the spring weather offers. Culverden can and does top the daily temperature charts, it also is where the Nor West wind can wreak its destructive force as many idle pivot irrigators proved a couple of years ago. Originally this event was held in the grounds of the historic homestead of one of the Amuri Wool Kings, Duncan Rutherford at Leslie Hills and much of the initial impetus came from family and friends of the four women by word of mouth. Boy has that been overtaken by events. You have been warned, North Canterbury is no place for uninterrupted travel today, the quiet rural roads with fleets of milk tankers as the main users will have gridlock in places. Time for the first entry in the Chuck Jones' Claude Cat VS Frisky Puppy trilogy. I love how Claude tris subtle ways to get rid of the dog and then decides to just kill him chasing him around the house with an axe and with an homicidal look in his eyes. Betwen this and "No Barking" there's one of the most boring cartoons Jones ever made. Light rain with showers predicted into the weekend. SW winds as well which are no bueno for good surf conditions. High tide and going higher with no real swell activity at the moment. Will update later if improvement is noted. CHANNEL: A sloppy mess. Only Bridget out but she has no choice if she wants to keep her daily streak alive. That’s a pretty bold statement and it might be true, but not when the pistol is in my hands.

This baby sings but a better producer than me could undoubted get it to sing tighter.

There was a very strange grip safety located on the front strap and she fired the now obsolete. Last summer, Neil finished building a backyard cottage in Bellevue that I had designed for a client of ours at Ross Chapin Architects. One of the owners of the existing house wanted a cottage for her mother. We ended up doing a major modification of one of our GoodFit plans, the Betty Cottage. S. A. ! It's all drawn up right-purty by Sal Buscema and Mike Esposito, and it's right here. It's a twist on the tried-and-true "evil double" plot by author Robert Kanigher, penciler Rich Buckler, and inker Mike Esposito. Always remember, Grasshopper. Are you ready for the. "Night of the Living Dead!"? Was that awesome, or what? Neal's the real deal!!. This seems to have been a very oddly bet race. Looking at his form, I don't think anyone would have been shocked if he went off at his morning line price. Perhaps the bettors thought that he would replicate his stakes winning form on the Poly at Keeneland on the Cushion Track. That number plate might just about nail the year of the photo. .