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I do not visit Sandy enough, and she is such a lovely lady, with such a big heart, and such a talented artist. A while back, I won a giveaway of hers, and received this lovely shoe, tag, and box. Thank you again Sandy for blessing my world with your talent. It has taken me so long to share this with you all, in fact I have been MIA in general. I do hope you will visit Sandy's blog as you will find a kindred spirit and gentle heart. "nothing with a pair of testicles attached to it can ever be truly beautiful," Daily Mash Certainly true in DZ' case. Israel was founded by signs and wonders. The Jews required a sign as proof. What was it? That would be an interesting Bible study. BPSPX. Trend is quite mature. Good Luck today!. More here. courtesy of singtao. ccAngela Yuen Lai Lam, C AllStar member King and others yesterday attended a film event in Chai Wan. Yuen La Lam played the lead in her first film, did she have a lot of bad takes during the shoot? She said, "A roof scene had a lot of bad takes. We would advise each other. " As for intimate scene, she said, "Only a kiss on the cheek. I gave up my first 'on screen cheek'. " Yuen Lai Lam also revealed that she will work on a drama with a Japanese actor. ". m. : After consultation between the Monroe County State Attorney’s Office and Sheriff’s detectives, Stuart James Collins has been further charged with attempted second degree murder. Other charges against him include arson with great bodily injury and arson with property damage. The North Carolina Man who allegedly lit a truck on fire early today, severely injuring a man inside, will be charged with two second degree felony counts of arson, according to detectives. Initial investigations lead detectives to believe the two men had words in JJ’s Doghouse bar just prior to the fire, possibly arguing over a woman. Collins lit the truck on fire using a gasoline can which he overturned and lighted. The work truck, owned by Florida Paving and Trucking, had a tank of diesel fuel and a generator on it. The chickens had a nice day out on Monday. However, we had a warm spell over New Year's and most of the snow melted, so the cluckers were happy to go outside for a couple of hours on Monday. Errol Flynn taking care of his ladies! He's going to be very handsome when his big tail feathers grow back. I think the black hens have been pulling them out! They are mean to the roosters. Buttercup enjoys a walk. Bleaaaghk! Do you remember all the snow we got last winter? I still haven't recovered. I am not ready for this. Last year I saw one mouse in the kitchen, then no mice all fall and winter, except for a dead one in the basement, clearly a botched assassination by one of my cats. Alex and Julius, the feline hit squad, were obviously doing their job last season. I didn't even see mouse POOP all winter, never mind living, breathing mice. Country homes mean country mice, and if the cats hadn't been at it, believe me, we would have found mice here, there and everywhere. The best way to get around Europe is by train. Yun and I did a bit of it. Vienna to Salzburg and Salzburg to Prague. Of course the best way to travel by train is to bring booze. I bought this fancy schnappes and ended up drinking the whole thing. Then I did these two paintings, a little drunk. I had me a few of those too. Gusty winds early this morning, but dry. Days like that make me truly love this amazing city I live in. Happy Monday, folks- here's to a good week!. Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. William James Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love. Or, if you wish to be removed, let me know and I will. Your email address will not be shared with anyone. Another of my very favourite things are quirky little tables! 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I saw this Nivea print ad with Ashley Yao in it in the pages of French Elle the other day and after some online searches, I found the same photo on Nivea France's website. Apparently, this ad appears in France only.


it’s a cute and a quick craft that suites as a wonderful gift. fill it with painted eggs or yummy candies, and once the holiday is over, reuse it as a place for keeping tools and crafts. felices pascuas!!!! ☀. Observation:As is normal in all the life of Joseph, he gives honor and praise to God for things that were terrible experiences. He realized that God was in control of his life and that even the bad things that are God working in our lives for our good. Application:It is so easy to get upset and frustrated when things don't go our way.

We tend to feel like God has abandoned us because we don't see good things all around us.

We feel like when things go wrong, it must not be God, but God is faithful and you can trust Him with your life. Joseph trusted God through some really bad experiences that probably would have left most of us denying God even exists. Instead, he grew from it and walked with the Lord through it all. Link to painting auction: . Here in the Valley we are knee-deep in summer and harvest. Five children are at home, two of them sacking seed, which involves large amounts of food. When I bought a pack of monster hot dogs, Ben, packing his lunch for his shift at the warehouse, said, "Thanks for getting those quarter-pound hot dogs, Mom. That way I only have to take three of them. " And Jenny has found that whenever she has her heart set on that last piece of pizza or anything else, it's already gone. But today I took off for a wonderful afternoon of tradition, friendship, femininity, and tea. We do this every year. The winner is. There are four big windows in our master bedroom, and this is my favorite corner. It overlooks the back garden and the back porch. I put this little electric stove in the corner to cozy it up. It's the perfect spot to sit and relax and dream. Now if I could just find the time to enjoy it! Stop back tomorrow. I hope to show you my dining room. If not, then certainly by Wednesday. She wants to spray it with snow for a Christmas craft project.

Week ONE: Use this to help you write your action sequence for your story.

You can use any of the ideas below. It was dark.

We were trapped in darkness.

Darkness curled around the house. The moon glimmered in an ink-black sky. Night fell like a velvet curtain. The grey air darkened. The sun threw luminous streaks across the sky, like dying embers. Some have tried to make this look as if it were a Sunni reaction for the scandal of Jadiriyah detention center and as an operation avenging the tortured prisoners. In fact, the torture scandal will have serious consequences on the current government and actually the members of the Sheat coalition are already shocked by Jafari’s call for investigating the incident which may end up with charges against members of his own alliance in “a test for Jafari’s credibility and integrity” as many Iraqi papers described the case. In my opinion, these attacks are not a Sunni reaction as much as it represents a continuation for the terrorists plan to provoke a civil war in Iraq because attacks against mosques are not something new and we’ve seen many of such attacks in the past two years but the torture scandal came as a motivation for carrying out more attacks and making them look like a reaction rather than an act of aggression. These attacks are obviously aiming at dragging Iraqis into a cycle of revenge and exchanged violence and that is the perpetrators’-and their allies-main objective. The current government is in a very bad situation and political rivals who are looking forward to winning the elections are waging a relentless attack on the government even before the results of the investigation have not appeared yet. - Our wedding is two weeks from today, and things are getting pretty hectic. My laptop crash certainly hasn't helped, and I'm just not the type to make major purchase decisions without the proper due diligence. So the saga is stretching out longer than necessary. Anyway, between the big event and the honeymoon which will follow, please don't lose faith if I suddenly disappear until sometime around the baseball season opens!I got nuthin' on the Fountain of Youth later on today. I know it's cool to cash on a horse in one of these preps, especially at a nice price. But, given the global village that betting on racing is these days, there's gotta be easier wagering opportunities throughout the nation's racetracks today. For me, finding time is amongst the most challenging aspects of handicapping, and I think I can invest it in better ways than trying to decipher that particular race. It's not like there won't be high interest in watching it without a bet. And besides, betting on the Derby preps can lead to emotional attachments that can cloud one's judgment as the Derby approaches. Funny thing is that the bettors were wary enough to make him the second choice, even though he really did stand out on paper off the prodigious drop in class. What can I say about these scans from photos by Per Bernal?I'll just let them speak for themselves. .