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Why this Question Matters. In Ia q. We recall from there that the properties in God are what belong to each person, as a person, which allow them to be distinguished one from another and that the notions are these distinguished characteristics inasmuch as they are known by us. It is the notions that allow us to know of the distinction between the persons. In the rest of Ia q. Aero wheels- Not aero bag Today I introduced a new wheel set from HED Wheels on Gravel Grinder News that is so new for HED, they haven't given the set a proper model name yet. You can hit the link to see all the tech on them. Tomorrow, my review proper will hit that site. What I wanted to discuss was one of the main features of this wheel set. That being aerodynamics. Until I was contacted by HED late last year about doing that review, I hadn't given aerodynamics a second thought for gravel grinding, much to my shame. Really, it should be a seriously considered facet of this type of riding when you stop to think about it. I know some riders who have given it serious consideration too. My father was a draftsman and, as a child, I was fascinated by the drawing tools that he had around the house. I remember being particularly intrigued by his set of French curves—curlicued plastic templates for piecing together arbitrary curves from appropriate fragments. A large rendition of a French curve, covered in tile, serves as the centerpiece of a garden at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

Each white tile on the sculpture's surface features a black number, creating numerical sequences that meander all across the French curve.

In Bochner's eyes, the French curve at the garden's center also resembles an artist's palette, in effect bringing together the worlds of the engineer and the artist. The square tiling was inspired by black-and-white Roman mosaic floors discovered in the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Photos by I. Bisexual Husbands is now available for purchase on Amazon or directly on Digita Publications, Violet Blue's store where readers can find her self-published works and buy them direct. It looks like Toni gets to keep making a little extra change. It's still a mystery for who we are going to give it to, but we'll let the cat out of the bag soon enough! All of the fabrics for the top of the quilt are by American Jane. Get MK's look. + Seraphina CZ Evil Eye Hoop Earrings + Acne Rakel chunky-knit angora-blend sweater + Vero Moda Rib Sweater + Theyskens' Theory Farchy woven wrap mini skirtGet Ashley's look. i can't wrap my mind around it. sorry for the hiatus. my father was just diagnosed with cancer and my world has been flipped upside down. i will be back soon. please have him in your thoughtsxo. Jose Guerena's murders lock down the scene of their crime. "They killed my dad! Police killed my dad! Why? What did my dad do?" To the extent the question posed by that traumatized child dealt with a moral justification for the killing, a good and sufficient answer would be: "Nothing.

" Jose Guerena was killed because he had the temerity to defend his family from a criminal assault carried out by armed strangers.

m. Two fire extuinguishers ride on the truck bed, with the nozzles located in the back doors. The small size was useful for getting on and off of the track quickly, without endangering spectators. On a personal note, my father lived in France as a child, and he remembers vans like these driving around the city!. Jill recently showed off this beautiful quilt at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. She just picked it up from her quilter, Carol Huster. Jill said that she has to get the binding on real quick because it is for her God Daughter who graduates this month. While I was at the shop, Jane brought in this awesome king size quilt for Carol to quilt. If you are interested in having Carol quilt for you, contact the shop. Once you replace negative thoughts withpostive ones, you'll start having positive results. Willie NelsonAll the days of the afflicted are evil, BUT the cheerful of heart has a continual feast. Er det mulig, finnes det nså tøfft? Arisaema amurense, jeg satte den i forrige høsten og sommeren som var ga meg denne overraskelsen.

Helt enkelt skjønn! Men det er klart, den nesten helt sorte sjokoladeblomsten er ikke langt unna… Flere blomster med X – faktor finner du på Moseplassen.

Jeg har fått en utmaning fra to hold de siste dagene, fra både Troen og Håpet og Hagen på Granheim. Utmaningen er en del i sitatstafetten til Petunia. Utfordringen går ut på at vi skal presentere et sitat/ordtak med et bilde som passer til. Reglene for sitatstafetten kan leses her. “NØDEN LÆRER NAKEN KVINNE Å SPINNE” Synes den passer bra nå som det er så kaldt! Dessuten så er det noe av det jeg har tilbragt de siste ukene til å få til, jeg lærer meg spinne!! Jeg har lyst til å utfordre Kay Olav Winther d. e. /Hagekroken og Nora / Mina trädgårdar til å anta stafettpinnen, husk å melde ifra til Petunia også. It is being continuously updated every day. All information are gathered from Style. it, NYMag. Gosh. a whole week and it has disappeared on me. I have been playing with some large jigsaw pieces that are for a swap. the theme is Alice in Wonderland so that is what is all over my work desk. We are moving right along with the renovation over here. Here are a few rooms. The foyer view from the living room. Standing in the kitchen looking into the family room. Rosie is trying to give a tour. The living room. Rosie was fascinated by the shadows. There's my girl! She loves the new floors too! The view into the family room. More fun accessories added to my etsy shop!. Yesterday we saw a fine example of the dire state of British journalism and politics. There was this scandal at PMQs, doncha know. The Mirror brought us this earth-shattering news, you see. A Tory MP heaped praise on the e-cigarette industry at PMQs today - but didn't mention he'd been treated to a lavish day out by a global vaping giant. It appears that it's fine to wander around naked in San Francisco, but not if you want to sit down. Nope, in health-obsessed SF, that's just too shocking. And, as the vid says, all proposed by someone called 'Wiener'. OK, it's an eye-opener - as are many in the film - but that's not the funny part. this is. “San Francisco is a liberal and tolerant city, and we pride ourselves on that fact,” Wiener said in a statement. Hence we created an xml file with all the document library names and folder names and fields inside that. Powershell script will read the xml file contents and based on that we are creating the folder structure in document library. SharePoint. SharePoint. Reflection. Nothing of great import went down, but it sure was a lot of maintaining and everyday business. Hay was taken off the truck and set by the side of the house, out of any possible rain. The fence was acting wonky, so I walked the line looking for places where metal might touch electric wires. Water was taken to nearly-empty tubs, lawn mowed, hedges trimmed, dinner was cooked on the grill. I have been getting into this routine of non-stop work in my waking hours, and it seems to be the only time I truly focus when I'm not writing. I do the work, and when I step back onto the road and look at the place, it looks like sheep eating by a fence, a truck parked, and a normal lawn. I wonder if people driving by know it takes an army inside a woman to keep it from tumbling into a wreck. Very sore and tired tonight. embed-container iframe,. embed-container object,.

have a happy weekend.

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Impossibear papercraft from MrQqn, a follow-up to his Catbug model, both are based on the Bravest Warriors animated series.

I'm not sure what's gotten into me. I finished another quilt today. When I was attaching the binding today, I was struck by the irony of using low volume prints in Bright Hopes blocks. It was the perfect finish for today.

My day started out pretty low, but I knew there would be a bright spot to look forward to.

Being a childless couple is not easy because most couples have children. As many of you already know, being childless was never a choice for us, it has just been a heartache. I never imagined not having children after I married, but it's a reality I have had to learn to accept. But the fact is, the heartache of being childless never really leaves.

When we meet new couples, it's one of the first questions we are asked.

When you tell them you do not have children, many look at you as if you are some kind of a freak.

Sometimes people ask why, and that is awkward too. I cannot begin to count the number of times when I have said that we were just not able to have any. Most often people will let it go at that, but there are some who will keep pressing to know all the details. One evening a woman who asked me why we didn't have children and when I told her it wasn't our choice, but we were unable, she just kept asking why we could not and why didn't we adopt and every time I thought I had sufficiently responded to her question, she just refused to let the conversation drop. I have a new Dill Blossom layer cake to make up for April. not sure what I want to do with it yet. It's called Pickety Sticks and is from a jellyroll book by Anka's Treasures!And if there's any time left, I hope to quilt that fall panel quilt from my previous post!Wish me luck! What are your plans for April?. I was feeling relaxed and focused as I went about my work yesterday. I pottered around the house doing this and that, and then worked on Shane's quilt in the afternoon. Hanno went to the dentist in the morning so morning tea was had, just me and the dogs, on the front verandah.

It's my favourite place to sit and stare into the trees and think about life, the universe and our place within it.

We are fortunate people, we are happy living here. Just breathing this air fills me up and I know that if we continue living as we are now, working away at lives that are home made and filled with work and the satifaction it brings, our happiness will continue.

I find the simple things we surround ourselves with and the work we need to do to live this way brings us the kind of contentment we never felt when we visited shopping malls and paid for our happiness.

An increasing chorus is rising on the speed of the rebuild of the Village of the Damned. Excuse me it will take a lot longer than the numpties who want it now, consider timely. Remembering that much of what survived was created in the absence of the wet dreamers who inhabit City Planning today.

Some people with the resources and the ability to move sufficient people and resources to build something, just did it and if it was useful it survived, if not, it perished.

Now since "The Clearances", any replacement premises will be rent prohibitive. The bells of the St. For the first time in six years, Iraq did not find itself as one of the five most corrupt countries in the world in a new report on the topic. This year however, Iraq finally moved up the list to being tied for the eighth spot. Transparency International ranked countries according to several different assessments and surveys on corruption. It calls its report corruption perceptions, because actual corruption is usually very hard to discover. Following the release party, we'll have a fun blog hop re-cap. But before we get to all of that, we have our final day of MFTeasers! I've worked with Clearly Sentimental About Babies. I love this sweet sentiment paired with the vintage imgery in the Lullaby Lane petite papers collection by Webster's Pages. I think everything else is pretty straightforward. The point to Lost and Found is to level the support playing field. When LFCA works correctly, the newest blogger with the smallest readership can receive the same level of support as the oldest blogger with the largest readership. Please support the list as well as anyone posting announcements below.

Connections AboundMISCELLANEOUS NEWSNewKirtsy'd Pick O' the Day: Please vote for this one from Mrs.

Spit Spouts Off. A fantastically honest post about feeling like you can't fit in no matter how hard you try. And send me stuff!New Game: Last chance to sign up for Blogger Bingo. This is the second post of the day. Be sure to scroll down to see the beautiful project that Nancy has made for us today. Thank you so much for hopping along with us this month on the Really Reasonable Ribbon's Ramblings Blog Hop. I think the majority of you are up for anything on Valentine's Day as long as you can spend the day or evening with someone you love. Of course if your honey wants to cook for you - all the better!! Now, on to our winner who will receive the January Ribbon Club Assortment from Really Reasonable Ribbon. Here's the third in a continuing series of puns. I like unusual puns but don't often think of them, so the vast majority of the ones you see in this series are donated from friends or readers. It's not a paying gig, it's just for giggles. The most challenging thing about the ones above was rendering the college professors in chocolate. The whole mindset down here baffles me. They don't believe in salt or snow removal. Yes, you do, you just wait for mother nature to remove it. The last real wet weather we got was over a week ago, but the cold temps stayed. .